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Breaking Headboards and Resolutions! Happy New Years to one and all!   With the best of intentions, we ring in the new year. We resolve to better ourselves, sometimes physically, other times mentally or emotionally, but it’s always with the best of intentions. Of course, as with many of us, by the end of the first week, our will isn’t quite what it was on January first, and we struggle to keep all those wonderful resolutions we’ve so recently made. Come have some fun as your favorite heroes and heroines start Breaking Headboards and Resolutions! Our romance book Heroes, and Heroines may seem larger than life, but in reality, they aren’t all that different. Check out these author websites to find out what Resolutions those sexy Alphas are going to be breaking this year! So here’s a little breakdown of the prizes. You’ll notice that the prizes aren’t defined as to where they come from. Well, there’s a good reason for that. The winner of each prize will get to choose if they want their prize awarded as a gift card from Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, ARe, or PayPal. Yes, that’s right, you can even get the cash in your PayPal account. If there’s a retailer not listed here that you would prefer, and it is within my power to do so, I will gladly consider them as well, but be aware that it may not be possible, and I make no promise to be able to fulfill those […]

Breaking Headboards and Resolutions!

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Interview with author Ani Gonzalez! I had the pleasure of interviewing, Ani Gonazalez, author of Banshee Creek series. Having read Must Love Ghosts, I look forward to reading more in this set! If you have any questions, or would like to leave a comment, for Ani, please feel free to do so. We love author/reader interaction here! And remember, to subscribe to our newsletter in the sidebar to the right to receive first-hand news about special promotions and great deals in your inbox. Welcome to PNRLovers, Ani.   Tell us about yourself. When you’re not writing all the awesome words, what are you doing? What kinds of things do you like to do for fun? Fun? What’s that? Just kidding. I love folklore and mythology so I love ghost hunting and taking day trips to places with stories and legends. That’s why I created the Banshee Creek series. It’s a town I’d love to visit. My readers would too. Most of my reviews say something like “I’d love to live in this town.” I also love to cook, so that’s something I do for fun. I think that’s why there’s so much food in my books. I have ghost cupcakes and Halloween sangria and all kinds of quirky (but delicious!) recipes. In my new release, Snowbound with Ghost, my protagonists are stuck in a cabin for the weekend so they have to cook. Lily, the heroine makes rocky road brownies and, Sebastian, the hero, makes pasta puttanesca (or, rather, tries to make […]

Interview with Banshee Creek Series Author Ani Gonzalez!