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Before you go hot warlock hunting at your local Firewick Festival, or any triad matching ceremony for mating potentials, and find your perfect pair of warlocks, you should be prepared. After all, warlocks are aplenty at these things, and you deserve the best magical and muscular goodies possible. Don’t believe me? Look in a mirror, you sexy thing you. For every negative body attribute you think you see, your perfect Alpha Warlocks will shove that negativity right out after some mystical sheet rolling. I have proof these Alpha Warlocks exist. As I’m writing this, mine keep pestering my curvy assets to come to bed and are distracting me to no end. In smexy ways that are almost too hard to resist. Okay, plenty hard to resist. Not to fret. I told them I’m focusing on witchy time with you then warlocky time with them. What would those twins ever do without me? Now, trust me. I know the first set of warlocks you see will have you swooning and drooling. I don’t think ugly warlocks even exist over here in Kala West, Florida. But contain yourself and witch up. You’ve got all night and plenty of warlocks to test out. These guys are like magical Harleys. You want one, but you’d love two. In fact, you need two to complete your Mystical Triad, which involves a lot of magic, hot sex, and…Well, you’ll have to wait and find out for yourself. Don’t want to spoil all the surprises. Until then, I’ve put together six things you must […]

Guest Post: The Curvy Witch’s Guide to Snagging Sexy Alpha Warlocks by Carmen Brixton

A new feature we are trying on the site is the Question of the Week where we ask you, our readers and visitors, a question pertaining to paranormal romance. We encourage everyone who wishes to participate to leave their comment(s) in the Comment section below. Remember, there’s no right or wrong answer so have fun! This week’s question is: What Is Your Favorite Paranormal Romance Setting? Is it the city? Or medieval times? Or in the country? Or is it somewhere else? Thanks for participating and we look forward to seeing what you think!

Question of the Week: What Is Your Favorite Paranormal Romance Setting?