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Die by the Drop by Kaia Bennett
Hi everyone! My name’s Kaia Bennett and I’m an erotic author making the leap into my first love, the paranormal genre! My first erotic paranormal thriller, Die By the Drop (Shivers and Sins Volume 1), is coming soon and I’m so excited to share an excerpt with you. But first, the synopsis and a warning for this dark read: I’d fought to lead a normal life, despite being anything but. Until the night three monsters forced me to fight for survival instead. They turned a short walk through the woods into the road trip to Hell. The leader made me his, made me dread pleasure and relish pain. Made me want things I’d once feared. They wanted to break me, bleed me drop by drop. They picked the wrong witch. WARNING: This is a dark paranormal read full of sex, violence, non consent and multiple partner scenes. If you’d like to be the first to read a sneak peek of SIX CHAPTERS of Die By the Drop, or if you’d like to keep up with me and my work, feel free to sign up for my Newsletter (http://bit.ly/2aB3hU4). Die By the Drop will be my first paranormal erotic thriller, but certainly not my last! Hope you enjoy. Die By the Drop Excerpt: Footfalls thudded behind me, gaining with every stride. I flirted with my own dementia as I ran. Maybe I’d lost my mind again. Maybe my nightmare would end if I could just force myself awake. Wake up! Wake […]

Book Preview: Die by the Drop by Kaia Bennett