Author Erzabet Bishop

Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Erzabet Bishop

We recently spoke with popular paranormal romance author, Erzabet Bishop. Erzabet is the author of 60+ stories including the Alphas Unleashed series as well as contributions to some of best-selling paranormal romance box sets, some which are listed below: Paws and Claws (Alphas Unleashed Book 1)Take Me! (Alphas Unleashed Book 2)A Wicked AffairVampire Bites: Vampire […]

Paranormal Romance author Nicole Zoltack

Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Nicole Zoltack

Today we have an interview with popular paranormal romance author, Nicole Zoltack. Some of Nicole’s work include the following: A Question of Faith (Magic Incarnate Book 1)A Matter of Doubt (Magic Incarnate Book 2)A Balance of Power (Magic Incarnate Book 3)The Test Of TimeMasked Love (Beyond Boundaries Book 1) In this interview, Nicole discusses what […]

Guest Post

Guest Post: Top 10 Reasons You Need A Fire Elemental In Your Life by Jayelle Morgan

Hi guys, Jayelle here! My Elemental Warriors don’t bite, snarl, or shift, but while they may not be your normal paranormal, I’m here to tell you why you need these guys in your life. A Fire Elemental with a control problem seems like it could be…problematic, right? But there are advantages beyond being saved from […]