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Alpha’s Déjà Vu (Book Three of the Lake Valley Shifters series) by Marie Cole The sex is hot, but does their threesome have the strength to last? Six years, six months, and three days. That’s how much revenge Liam Dewitt needs to rain down on the shifter who kidnapped Xavier, his wolf mate. And he plans to make it painful. Liam only wanted to be a normal alpha with normal alpha problems, but fate is a crafty witch. Ever since he was six years old, he’s been tormented by visions. Most of the time they’re useless, painful, and annoying…until one led him to Xavier Brady. His mate. But now there’s another shifter in the mix—a woman who isn’t a wolf shifter at all—and he can’t decide which of those two things is most surprising. Xavier has been through hell and back and has the scars to prove it. He knows Liam, the man who rescued him, is his mate, but he’s not ready to trust, not ready to love. Until he runs into the woman who completes the third element of their ménage. The rabbit shifter with the power to heal them both and make them all stronger than they would ever be apart… Tara Giles is just a rabbit shifter living her life when she stumbles upon her mate and everything changes forever. Only he’s a wolf. Not only that, but she seems to have yet another mate in the bad-tempered and gruff wolf shifter Liam. Her idea of […]

New Release: Alpha’s Déjà Vu by Marie Cole