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In one short day, our first annual Festive Countdown begins! What is the Festive Countdown, you maybe wondering. Think of it as a naughty advent calendar for paranormal romance fans for the entire month of December! With 45+ authors participating, there will be something for everyone! Beginning tomorrow, December 1st, Paranormal Romance Lovers will feature one or two books that are either free or just .99 cents. The discounted price(s) could either be for one day or longer. In addition, some authors whose books are featured will be offering their own goodies in the form of a drawing or prizes for you! Some of the authors participating include: Elianne Adams! Erzabet Bishop! Kate Rudolph! Bethany Shaw! Jenny Schwartz! Emma Ailsyn! Auriella Skye! Decadent Kane! Kristen Strassel! Anna Lowe! Olivia Arran! Lori Whyte! Rachel L Smith! and many more! Remember- the Festive Countdown runs everyday from December 1st all the way to December 31st so be sure to check out our Festive Countdown every day or you could miss out on a great deal! * Please note Paranormal Romance Lovers is not responsible for any prizes or drawings being offered / held by the participating authors. Address all concerns and/or questions to that particular author. Thank you.

Paranormal Romance Lovers’ Festive Countdown is Coming!

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When was the last time you built a snow lantern on your front lawn? In Finland, candles and snowballs are part of a special Christmas tradition. When the temperature and snow is just right, snowballs are made about the size of an apple. These snowballs are then hollowed out in the middle to allow space for a small candle. Once the candle is lit, these snow lanterns can be placed outside homes and along gateposts to light a path. Several snowballs can even be grouped together to make a bigger, brighter snow lantern! On Christmas Eve, people in Finland also put up a Christmas tree and decorate the dinner table and windows with more candles. The warm glow creates the perfect, cozy atmosphere for a family dinner, singing and laughter. After dinner the famous Santa Claus or Joulupukki arrives to give out his presents. As Santa Claus lives in the northern part of Finland called Lapland or Korvatunturi, he delivers all his presents in person throughout Finland. I had a lot of fun researching Finland Christmas for my latest release, Cloaked in Christmas. A tale about wolf shifters, fighting for the ones you love, and a sprinkling of festive magic. Here are a few more details I discovered while researching: – Joulupukki also means ‘Christmas Goat’, which was a traditional Yule Goat who demanded presents from people! Over time, Santa Claus became the gift-giver, but the name hasn’t disappeared. – If you have been naughty, you could end up with […]

Guest Post: Author TF Walsh takes us to Finland for Christmas!

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**** Please note the Cyber Monday deals for the books listed below are over! You can still use the links below to check out individual books on Amazon! **** Where else can you can get the hottest deals then here at Paranormal Romance Lovers! For one day only, you can get these great paranormal romance titles for the low price of .99 cents each! Even Wal-Mart can’t beat that!

Cyber Monday Book Blast

Author Rosalie Redd
This week, we have an interview with Rosalie Redd, author of such books as the popular Warriors of Lemuria series, a new paranormal romance series, Feline Wars, and a stand-alone science fiction romance titled Angelo 13. In this interview, Rosalie talks about her past work, her life as a writer, what her advice to new writers would be, and she also gives us a preview of her new work, Unimaginable Lover. Some of Rosalie Redd’s titles available on Amazon include the following: Unforgettable Lover: Worlds of Lemuria: Earth Colony (prequel) Untouchable Lover (Worlds of Lemuria: Earth Colony Book 1) Untamable Lover (Worlds of Lemuria: Earth Colony Book 2) Come to Me: A Love in a Bottle Short Story #1: Worlds of Lemuria Series Tell us a little bit about yourself. My name is Rosalie Redd and I write PNR and SFR. I write in my office cave located in the Pacific Northwest where rain is just another excuse to keep writing. I’m a waterfall collector. I “collect” them with my camera, of course, and even manage to sneak one into each of my novels. What is your favorite part about being an author? And your least favorite? My favorite part of being an author is sharing stories of love and hope. We all need an escape now and then, and I like to share that there are happily ever afters. My least favorite part about being an author is that there’s not enough time to write all the stories in […]

Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Rosalie Redd

Tempted by the Gargoyle cover
Tempted by the Gargoyle by Lisa Carlisle Reader Reviews: “Omg! Omg! Let me start by saying that! This book is exactly what I have been waiting for!… These two characters had such great chemistry, that I can completely see a future for them in series form, and I for one cannot wait for that to happen!” “This is my favorite Gargoyle story from the author yet.” “Wowzer I’m in love with this author, she had me hooked from the beginning and there was no way I was putting it down.” “So thrilling, action packed, and romantic. I can’t wait for more.” “…a good hot steamy mysterious read.” The eclipse of the red Supermoon sends crowds into Boston for an evening hyped up for a night of passion, one not to be missed. Police officer Larissa Riley wants nothing to do with the media-driven event, but her friend convinces her they need a night out to move on from the bombings. They visit a new gothic-themed club where Larissa is disturbed by the attractive stranger eying her. Roman, a gargoyle shifter and commander of the Stone Sentries, patrols from the rooftop of a club on the night of the eclipse. The Supermoon bodes danger and he puts all his sentries on watch. When a blast of dark magic soars past him, he searches for its origin and fixes on a brunette. Something about her is different, demanding all senses be on high alert. Is she dangerous? Or is she in danger? […]

New Release: Tempted by the Gargoyle by Lisa Carlisle

Lost to the Bears cover
Lost to the Bears by Ariana Hawkes Found badly injured on a lonely forest road, Rockland Cooper can’t remember anything at all. All he knows is that he needs to stay away from cops and hospitals, and that he owes his life to an angel named Paige Flanagan, a feisty, curvy rock chick. As Paige takes him to a safe place and nurses him back to health, it’s not long before things start to heat up between the two of them, but his fears that he might be mixed up in something dangerous put the brakes on their mutual attraction. Paige’s sarcastic, fun-loving personality has long been repressed by a life of enforced solitude with her eccentric mother, who has banned men from their lives. And then she comes across the handsome, terribly wounded amnesiac on her way to work one day. She doesn’t hesitate to help him, even though it could mean the end of her relationship with her mother. Sharing a small room with a complete stranger is everything her mother warned her about, but it’s also an opportunity to get to know each other without any preconceptions. And the more she learns about the fun, charismatic, tender-hearted guy, the less she can believe that he has any bad in him. Will Rockland’s discovery of who he is put an end to their budding relationship, or will it enable him to make a choice between a life in the shadows and a life-long love with the most incredible […]

New Release: Lost to the Bears by Ariana Hawkes

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17 Brand-New, Exclusive, Stand-Alone Paranormal Romances Celebrate the festive holiday season with hot stories from some of your favorite USA Today & New York Times Bestselling authors! Burly bears, prowling panthers, charming cheetahs, winter witches, and fiery dragons are waiting to heat up your sheets. Make it a Merry Shiftmas with the Bundle of Joy! Bundle of Joy is available now at the following: Amazon Here are some of the stories included in Bundle of Joy: Dragon Baby by Milly Taiden – Thane will do anything to protect Lily and their baby, including killing anyone who threatens their existence. Wolf Mate’s Secret by Bella Love-Wins – Robin’s ski slope encounter with gorgeous playboy, Dr. O’Halloran, turns into a smoldering night with unexpected secrets, and gifts that keep on giving. Burden by Elianne Adams – Beaten, imprisoned, and even starved, Violet has reason to be afraid of any male. But with a baby on the way, she has to decide whether she will live in fear, or risk her body and heart to claim her true mate. The Dragon’s Christmas Baby by Anya Nowlan – A dragon will do anything for his fortune. Even more so if the fortune is a curvy, sassy woman and a baby he didn’t even know he had… Tempt Me Cowbear by Liv Brywood – Recently divorced, Donna is ready to finally live her own life. But when she meets cowboy Brody at Curvy Bear Ranch, she has to decide if she’s ready to give up […]

New Release: Shifters in the Snow: Bundle of Joy by Various Authors

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Hedging Her Bets by Erzabet Bishop From bestselling and award-winning author Erzabet Bishop. The first in a new series complete with shifters and all things sexy that go bump in the night. 99 cents for a limited time! Grab your copy today! Natalie Erinaceus is a woman on a mission: find her own mate. Enter Shifting Hearts Dating Agency. Lucas runs Scarlet Ink, a tattoo shop across from Ventures, a sexy as hell BDSM club. Jonathan is a bear shifter looking for love. When he finds Lucas, it’s one step in the right direction. He has one mate but can he convince a stubborn hedgie she’s ready to be claimed by not just one mate, but two? Hedging Her Bets is available now at the following: Amazon || Add to Goodreads Enjoy this excerpt from Hedging Her Bets… Chapter One “Paige, where in the hell did you put the password log book?” Sylvia groaned as she flicked on the computer and the logo for the Shifting Hearts Dating Agency flashed across the screen. The agency had been open for six months, growing a little more every day. Their wall of successful matings and marriages increasing making Sylvia eager to check out her newest applicants and see any potential matches. But she always forgot the password. Either that, or Paige was always changing it. She bet the latter. Tricky damned cat shifter. A descendent of Aphrodite, helping others find love was in Sylvia’s blood. Nothing made her happier. One day she’d […]

New Release: Hedging Her Bets by Erzabet Bishop

Today we have an interview with Vella Day, author of such popular paranormal romance series as Weres and Witches of Silver Lake, Montana Promises, and Pack Wars. In this interview, she talks about her life as a writer, which pieces of her work she recommends to new readers, what she’s currently working, what she has coming out in the near future, and an exerpt from her upcoming book, Protecting His Wolf. Some of Vella Day’s titles available on Amazon include the following: A Magical Shift: A Hot Paranormal Fantasy Saga with Witches, Werewolves, and Werebears (Weres and Witches of Silver Lake Book 1) Catching Her Bear: A Hot Paranormal Fantasy Saga with Witches, Werewolves, and Werebears (Weres and Witches of Silver Lake Book 2) Surge of Magic: A Hot Paranormal Fantasy Saga with Witches, Werewolves, and Werebears (Weres and Witches of Silver Lake Book 3) An Unexpected Diversion: A Hot Paranormal Shifter Story (Hidden Hills Shifters Book 1) Bare Instincts: A BBW Paranormal Bear Shifter Romance (Hidden Hills Shifters Book 2) Training Their Mate (Pack Wars Book 1) Claiming Their Mate: Paranormal werewolf military unit (Pack Wars Book 2) Tell us about yourself. I am the least likely person to be an author. I have a masters degree in math and one in business. I hated to read until after I graduated from college. Then I found romance and became a book junky. Reading was one thing, but writing?? Hell no. I even chose to take more courses in my […]

Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Vella Day

Author Lea Kirk 2
This week, we have an interview with author Leah Kirk whose work includes The Prophecy series and stories in various sci-fi paranormal romance box sets. In this interview, she talks about what inspired her to become a writer, why she finds romanctic scenes to be the toughest to write, what she has planned for the future, and much more! Please tell us about yourself. Hi, I’m Lea Kirk. For those of you wondering, it is pronounced Lee, not Leah. (Like sea, tea, pea.) My first love is Science Fiction Romance, although almost anything in Paranormal appeals to me (especially Dragon Shape Shifters). Currently I am working on a Sci-fi Romance series called The Prophecy Series, for which I have written two novels already: Prophecy and Salvation. The third book, Collision, will be out in 2017. There are also two short stories set in the Prophecy universe available, All of Me, and Space Ranger. Space Ranger is currently part of the Pets in Space anthology. On a personal note, could you tell us a story (or some random fun facts) about you that we wouldn’t otherwise know? This is a difficult one because I’m a pretty open person. But, most people don’t know that I spent the majority of my childhood in Japan (military family). My heroine from Salvation, Sakura Yamata, is a tribute to my younger years. Her name means cherry blossom, and I spent a lot of time every spring climbing in the blooming cherry trees on base. We […]

Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Lea Kirk