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Author Rosalie Redd
This week, we have an interview with Rosalie Redd, author of such books as the popular Warriors of Lemuria series, a new paranormal romance series, Feline Wars, and a stand-alone science fiction romance titled Angelo 13. In this interview, Rosalie talks about her past work, her life as a writer, what her advice to new writers would be, and she also gives us a preview of her new work, Unimaginable Lover. Some of Rosalie Redd’s titles available on Amazon include the following: Unforgettable Lover: Worlds of Lemuria: Earth Colony (prequel) Untouchable Lover (Worlds of Lemuria: Earth Colony Book 1) Untamable Lover (Worlds of Lemuria: Earth Colony Book 2) Come to Me: A Love in a Bottle Short Story #1: Worlds of Lemuria Series Tell us a little bit about yourself. My name is Rosalie Redd and I write PNR and SFR. I write in my office cave located in the Pacific Northwest where rain is just another excuse to keep writing. I’m a waterfall collector. I “collect” them with my camera, of course, and even manage to sneak one into each of my novels. What is your favorite part about being an author? And your least favorite? My favorite part of being an author is sharing stories of love and hope. We all need an escape now and then, and I like to share that there are happily ever afters. My least favorite part about being an author is that there’s not enough time to write all the stories in […]

Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Rosalie Redd