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Unimaginable Lover cover
Unimaginable Lover (Book 3) by Rosalie Redd A shifter and a human together? Unimaginable… One careless decision. The colony betrayed. Tanen’s only course is a desperate hunt for justice, but his solo mission is cut short when he’s mortally wounded. Rescued by a sweet, innocent woman, he can’t deny the passion that burns between them. Now he must choose between his duty and honor or his desire for the precious, but forbidden, human female. Broken promises and ruined love hardened Sheri’s heart. When she finds an injured and extraordinarily sexy man on her property, she’s pulled into a world she never imagined. As she nurses him back to health and they bond over their love of books, she’s torn between the lessons she learned from her rough past and the need to seek solace in Tanen’s arms, but she must learn to trust him, and herself, in order to survive. Unimaginable Lover (Book 3) is available now from Amazon

New Release: Unimaginable Lover (Book 3) by Rosalie Redd

Author Mary E. Twomey
We kick off 2017 with an interview with Mary E. Twomey, author of such titles as The Undraland series, the Vemreaux series, the O’Keefe Family Collection, the Terraway series, and many others. In this interview, we talk to Mary about her writing habits, her thoughts on the future of paranormal romance, and we also learn about her unnatural love for actor Tony Danza. And be sure to read all the way through the interview to learn how you can download one of Mary’s books for free! Tell us about yourself. I live in Michigan with my husband and three adorable children. I enjoy reading, writing, vegetarian cooking and telling my children fantastic stories about wombats. I also write contemporary romance under the name Tuesday Embers. Can you tell us a couple of random fun facts about you that we wouldn’t otherwise know? I’m a Harry Potter nerd, complete with dressing up like Luna Lovegood to go see each new movie when it came out. I have a healthy addiction to Harney and Sons Cinnamon Spice Tea, and an unhealthy fear of whales. What advice would you give a novice writer to get them off on the right track when publishing romance? Write every day, even if it’s only a few sentences. As far as romance goes, don’t be afraid to capitalize on the imperfect moments. So many books spend their times focusing on the hair blowing out in the breeze, the toned musculature and the quintessential kiss. Sometimes the slipping […]

Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Mary E. Twomey