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Author Liza Street
This interview is part of our Paranormal Romance Author series of interviews where we interview some of today’s top paranormal romance authors! Be sure to check out our past Paranormal Romance Author interviews to learn more about various authors working in this growing genre! For this week’s interview, we talk with Liza Street who burst onto the paranormal romance scene with her fan-favorite series, The Sierra Pride. She soon followed that series with another, The Corona Pride which will have its second title, Savage Lost, released on April 5th! Today, Liza talks to us about how she got started writing paranormal romance through ghost writing, about the genesis of her The Sierra Pride series, how it ties-in with her new series The Corona Pride, and much more. We also have an excerpt from her latest release, Savage Yearning!   For those who are new to you and your work, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Happily! I’m a wife to a supportive husband and mom to two kids. I’ve been writing for years, mostly paranormal or fantasy romance. I love me some monsters and magic. Is it true you did some ghost writing in the past? Yep! I still do it on occasion. I started out editing, which is primarily what I do when I’m not writing. One time an editing project came in, and the ghostwriter had done a very poor job—just, cringe-worthy writing. I had to tell my client that it would be better to […]

Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Liza Street