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This excerpt is part of our New Release Excerpt series where authors send us the first chapter of their new release so you- fans of paranormal romance fiction- can sample before you (hopefully) buy! Rescued by the Berserker by Lee Savino Available at Amazon | B&N | Kobo Release Date: March 26, 2017 Synopsis A short, steamy, standalone shifter romance starring a huge, dominant warrior and the female he claims for his own. Knut: I’m a Berserker warrior, one of the best in the pack. So when the Alphas send me on a mission, nothing will stop me from tracking our enemies down and bringing them to justice. Then Hazel runs across my path… A flower in the wilderness, she is young, and fragile, and afraid. She’s on the run from an evil mage who wants her power for his own. She’s mine. She just doesn’t know it yet. Chapter 1 Knut “I do not like this place.” Leif stood at my side, axe raised, ready to strike an unseen enemy. I grunted in agreement and frowned at the wilderness, a tangle of overgrown brush and briars. The forest had given way to sandy soil and the few trees were twisted and malformed, their showing roots bleached white. “There is something wrong with the air,” the redheaded warrior continued. “I do not wish to linger.” “Nor do I,” I told him. “But we press on until we find the traitors.” We’d been tracking three wolves who’d stolen from the pack. […]

New Release Excerpt: Rescued by the Berserker by Lee Savino