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first in series freebie giveaway on paranormal romance lovers 26
Sadly, our First in Series Freebies promotion has come to an end. The books listed below are still available but we can’t guarantee if they are still free. Thanks to the THOUSANDS of people who came by and picked up some great titles! Who’s ready for some awesome paranormal romance FREEBIES? We have brought together some of your favorite authors and gathered over 40 books for you to download- free of charge! Not only are each and every one of these books absolutely free, but each one is a First in Series book. That means that when you reach the end, you won’t have to wait to read the next story, it’s already written and ready for you to gobble up all the PNR goodness! Please be advised that a few of the books listed in this promotion may require you to sign up for the individual author’s newsletter. This special promotion runs from Wednesday, August 30 till Friday, September 1st! Paranormal Romance Lovers is not responsible for any incorrect pricing during the entirety of this promotion.

First in Series Freebies!