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paranormal romance book - a shift in the water by patricia d eddy
Title: A Shift in the Water Series: Elemental Shifter Book 1 Author: Patricia D. Eddy Genre: Paranormal Romance Pages: 426 Reviewed By: Buffy Caudell This book was provided to Paranormal Romance Lovers and the reviewer for free in return for a review.   Synopsis Cade Bowman lost his humanity to a fire elemental intent on revenge. Trapped as his wolf, his pack gone, he paces his cage day and night, powerless against his tormentor's charms. When a mistake gives him the chance to flee, he has one hope of escaping her. Hide out in a car headed off Orcas Island. Visiting her favorite beach for one last swim, Mara Taylor knows she'll die soon. The mysterious blood disorder ending her life resists treatment, and she's tired of fighting. But when she discovers an injured, emaciated wolf in her car, she finds something to live for. This animal needs her, and she'll nurse him back to health before the end.  When the two start to heal each other, Cade realizes that Mara isn't just the key to freeing him from the fire elemental's charms. She's his.  Can Mara free Cade from his wolf and save her own life in the process? And if she does, can they survive when they learn the identity of the fire elemental hunting them both? The Review This was my first time with this author and I was overly impressed with the amount of detail she puts in the book. She develops many characters, describes the […]

Paranormal Romance Book Review: A Shift in the Water by Patricia D. Eddy

paranormal romance book - ignite by tricia barr
Title: Ignite: A Fiery Paranormal Romance Series: The Bound Ones Book 1 Author: Tricia Barr Genre: Paranormal Romance Pages: 277 Reviewed By: Denise Keel This book was provided to Paranormal Romance Lovers and the reviewer for free in return for a review.   Synopsis Bound by fear, by fire, by destiny. When Phoenyx Blake meets Sebastian for the first time, it's in a dungeon where they and two others have been imprisoned. Together these four strangers discover that each one of their souls are attached to an element of nature. Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Their abductors belong to an ancient society that plans to sacrifice them for their powers during the upcoming solar storm. What’s more, Phoenyx and Sebastian find that their souls have a special history that spans centuries. Destined to love, fated to die, doomed to repeat. There is a much stronger flame between them than any she could conjure. Phoenyx and Sebastian, along with the other elementals, must learn to master their powers to escape. But Phoenyx is hiding from a painful secret. If she can’t find the strength to face it, she and her new friends will lose not only their lives but their souls--forever. Scroll up to get lost in the adventure today! The Review This is a Non-Spoiler Review. I really enjoyed reading Caloric, first in the Bound Ones series. It's my first Tricia Barr read and I can honestly say it won't be my last. I love when a story is so […]

Paranormal Romance Book Review: Ignite: A Fiery Paranormal Romance (The Bound Ones Book 1) by Tricia Barr

paranormal romance book - only the fallen by Tmonique Stephens
At the beginning of each month, we will inform you of upcoming paranormal romance titles which are available for pre-ordering! Some of the benefits of pre-ordering titles is you don’t have to keep tabs on when a particular title you’re interested in comes out because it’ll automatically be available to you when it does! Some authors offer discounted pricing for pre-orders and it does help the author themselves from a marketing standpoint. Authors- if you have a book coming out in the near future and would like to see it included in an upcoming Pre-Order post, just visit our Advertise on PNR page ( to find out how!

Paranormal Romance Pre-Orders for September 2017 from Tmonique Stephens and Angelique Armae & Candace Sams!