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sci-fi romance book - Arkvar (New Earth Flames Book 1) by Cara Wylde
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New Sci-Fi Romance Release: Arkvar (New Earth Flames Book 1) by Cara Wylde

paranormal romance book - mated in treason
Title: Mated in Treason Series: Kan Asma Vampires Author: Christa Paige Genre: Para Pages: 339 Reviewed By: Buffy Caudell This book was provided to Paranormal Romance Lovers and the reviewer for free in return for a review.   Please note this review may contain spoilers!   Synopsis Welcome to the world of the Kan Asma Vampires. The Kan Asma are genetically modified humans who've become vampires. For centuries, the Kan Asma lived symbiotically with their human neighbors until the government recognized something had increased their life spans. Scientists and militia stormed their quiet Abkhazian village and betrayal followed. Many vampires experienced brutality and torture. Others died from experimentation. After a perilous journey, the surviving Kan Asma fled their homeland and settled in West Hollywood, California. The refugees cling to their sacred traditions, holding their mating rites above all others because without them, their numbers would diminish. There is no love or emotion in their Council-determined matings. Now, their quiet lives have suddenly been turned upside down. Lines have been drawn between the wealthy aristocrats and an uprising determined to halt the unfair ritual keeping wealth and power out of reach. Those who are lucky to find love in these matches are very few, and they will have to fight with everything they have in order to claim their mates or suffer a broken heart for eternity. The Review Unlike other vampire novels, I found this one to have a very original storyline, fantastic creation of a vampire community that is […]

Paranormal Romance Book Review: Mated in Treason by Christa Paige

paranormal romance book review - love of the dragon by anna lowe
Title: Love of the Dragon Series: Aloha Shifters: Jewels of the Heart Author: Anna Lowe Genre: Pararnormal Romance Pages: 266 Reviewed By: Lenka Trnkova This book was provided to Paranormal Romance Lovers and the reviewer for free in return for a review.   Please note this review may contain spoilers!   Synopsis Dragons, duty, destined mates, and a deadly rival... Silas Llewellyn, the last of a once-mighty dragon clan, doesn’t have time for anything but work and duty. He certainly doesn’t have time for love — not with a ruthless enemy plotting to destroy everything he holds dear. When a priceless diamond — one of the legendary Spirit Stones — surfaces in New York, Silas knows the jewel is nothing but trouble…just like the alluring woman who refuses to relinquish the gem. Bartender Cassandra Nichols never asked to inherit a mysterious diamond, and she really never intended to come between two warring dragons. But with one near-miss escape after another, she has no choice but to choose sides. Before she knows it, she’s whisked by private jet to an oceanfront estate in Hawaii for her own “protection.” Is the enigmatic Mr. Llewellyn just another billionaire dragon who thinks he can claim anything he wants? Or is there more to the soulful stranger than meets the eye? The Review Although following some classical patterns observable in PNR books, this book has a feel that will simply pull you in and does not let go. Cassandra is a bartender that inherited a […]

Paranormal Romance Book Review: Love of the Dragon by Anna Lowe (Review #2)