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Paranormal Romance Lovers is one of the more popular paranormal romance-related websites online today. Since going live in early 2015, the site has enjoyed continued growth both in the number of page views and new visitors each month. The same also applies to The Paranormal Romance Lovers’ Newsletter which has seen a signifcant subscriber increase month-after-month!

Paranormal Romance Lovers offers authors affordable and effective marketing opportunities which are listed below. All will reach your target audience: paranormal romance readers and fans!

Free eBook Page
Pre-Order Promotion Post
Newsletter Sponsorship
New Release Promotion
Banner Ads on PNR Lovers
Guest Post / Articles
Series Spotlight (NEW!)

Be sure to check back here often because we will be rolling out more marketing opportunities in early 2017!

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Free eBook Page

Beginning this February 2017, Paranormal Romance Lovers will have a page on our site where visitors can download free eBooks provided to us by you. These free eBooks can either be part of a series or a standalone book.

How It Works

The Free eBooks page will display the cover of your free eBook along with a short synopsis and links where readers can download it- and that’s it!

How To Get Started

If you are interested, simply send the following information to us:

    Your author name

    The title of your book

    A link where fans can download the free eBook (please submit no more than three vendor links for the same eBook. Sorry but we will only accept vendor links- no Instafreebie, Book Funnel, or any similar links will be accepted. Also note we only accept permafree eBooks.

    A synopsis under 200 words. Any words over 200 will be cut off so please ensure your synopsis is under 200 words.

Once you have all of the above, email it to us with “Free eBook Page Submission” in the subject line. We request you only email this information to us and not message us on Facebook with the information. Your cover will be downloaded from Amazon or wherever it is available by us and included with your free eBook listing.

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Pre-Order Promotion Post

When applicable, a new post will go live at the beginning of each month featuring pre-orders which are available during the coming month. This post will feature the cover, the book’s title, the author’s name, a short synopsis, and pre-ordering links for where the new title is available.

This is a great opportunity for interested fans to not only learn about your new upcoming book but to also pre-order it at the same time!

How To Get Started

If you are interested, simply send the following information to us:

    Your author name

    The title of your book

    A link where they can pre-order the eBook (please submit no more than three vendor links for the same eBook)

    The day it will be available for pre-ordering and the day it is officially available for purchase. Please note- it is your responsibility to notify us of any changes to your pre-order title. If you have to push back the release date or cancel it all together, please let us know and we’ll remove the title from the post.

    A synopsis under 200 words. Any words over 200 will be cut off so please ensure your synopsis is under 200 words.

Once you have all of the above, email it to us with “Pre-Order eBook Post Submission” in the subject line. We request you only email this information to us and not message us on Facebook with the information. Your cover will be downloaded from Amazon or wherever it is available by us and included with your pre-order listing.

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Newsletter Sponsorship

In addition to the regular PNR Newsletter (which has over 5,000 subscribers), we also send out to our subscribers a newsletter which is solely dedicated to one author!

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Author Bio example

This special newsletter goes out on Thursdays to our subscribers. In the newsletter, authors can promote up to four books, include an author bio, their social media links, information about their newsletter, and more!

For just $30 US, you can have your own newsletter sent out to over 5,000 fans of paranormal romance!

Check out our Newsletter Sponsorship form page to learn more!

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New Release Promotion

If you have a new release or pre-release which is available for ordering then we would love to help you promote it!

Submitting information about your upcoming or new release is free and easy. Just simply fill out this form with information about your new release. Once submitted, we will use this information to add your new release to our New Releases at Paranormal Romance Lovers weekly newsletter. We will also create a post just about your new release which will appear on the site. Additionally, we will promote your new release on both Facebook and Twitter.

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Banner Ads on Paranormal Romance Lovers

Paranormal Romance Lovers is now offering authors the opportunity to promote your books on our site with banner ads at a very affordable price!

How It Works

300x250-ad-example-150x150 Advertise on PNR

300 x 250 banner ad example

Paranormal Romance Lovers is currently renting banner ad space in two locations:

The first location is a 300 x 250 banner ad location located at the top right, above the side bar. According to a study conducted by Google, this location is the most popular banner location based on the number of impressions and resulting clickthroughs. This banner ad displays regardless of what post or page you are on while using the site.

The second location is a 728 x 180 banner ad location found at the bottom of every post. This banner ad location is only visible when a user is viewing a post.

720x180-ad-example-300x123 Advertise on PNR

720 x 180 banner ad example

Because of the banner ad rotation system we use, Paranormal Romance Lovers can place any number of banner ads in these locations. Each banner ad has the same priority, meaning no one banner will be displayed more than another. Each banner will go into rotation with the other banners. This guarantees each banner will appear numerous times throughout any given day depending on the number of visitors viewing the site. You can expect your banner ad to appear well over 2,000 times in a 30-day period!

How Much Does It Cost?

Each individual banner ad location (300 x 250 and 728 x 180) costs $20 US for a 30-day time span. Your 30 days can begin at any time so you can have it run when you are having a promotion or a new release, for example. If you don’t have a graphic, we can create one for you for $35 US. This price includes your 30-day period. Email us if you wish to learn more about this service.

That sounds great! How do I get started?

The first step is to fill out this short form. Once filled out, you will then be taken to another page where you upload either your 300 x 250 or 720 x 180 banner ad and that’s it!

What happens after I submit my banner ad?

Every banner ad has to be reviewed before it goes live. We don’t foresee any banner ad being declined due to content. But to make sure it doesn’t happen, here are the reasons we would decline your banner ad:
Hate-related or Offensive imagery
We expect the banners submitted to us to be in good taste and very similar or the same as the covers used for your books. If your banner ad is declined, then we will contact you regarding why it was declined.

If there is no problem with your banner ad, we will send you a PayPal invoice. Once payment is made, we will add it to the banner ad rotation for that banner location beginning on the start date you selected. Depending on the number of banner ads in rotation for that particular location, it may take a couple of hours for your banner ad to appear. Just rest assured that it will.

To get started, simply fill out this short form. Please allow 1-2 business days for us to review and invoice you for your banner ad. Just contact us if you have any questions.

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Guest Posts / Articles

A great way for authors to promote themselves is to write guest posts aka articles for sites which cater to their audience. Paranormal Romance Lovers is always interested in having guest posts submitted to us to be posted on our site!

If you’re interested in submitting a guest post, just send us your guest post idea. Obviously, we’re mainly interested in guest posts which pertain to the paranormal romance genre but we are open to ideas as long as we feel our audience would enjoy your idea. The length of your submission should be between 250 – 500 words. We will reply back to everyone who submits an idea to us.

You can always check out our past guest posts / articles to see what we are looking for.

Once we approve your idea, simply write it, send it to us, and we will post it on the site! We may contact you if we have any editoral requests and if we have any questions concerning your submission.

What to send us with your guest post submission

Any graphics you wish to have included in your guest post. We strongly suggest you include a couple of graphics.

A date (if any) you would like to have your guest post posted on.

Your author bio and social media links. This information will be posted at the bottom of your guest post.

Your author picture. Readers like to put a face to a name. You can also submit your logo in place of an author picture if you wish.

Where to send your guest post

You can send it and any questions you may have to our main email address with the following in the Subject line:
Guest Post from (your name)
Any graphics should be sent as attachments- not as part of your guest post.

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Series Spotlight

Series Spotlight is a way for paranormal romance fans to learn about and / or discover new paranormal romance series.

As you know, the majority of paranormal romance titles are part of a series. Our goal with the Series Spotlight feature is to make it easier for fans to learn about a series as well as more about the individual books in each.

As an example, you can view our first entry, Return To Avalore by Elianne Adams

What Does A Series Spotlight Page Look Like?

Each series which becomes of our Series Spotlight will have its own dedicated page. On this page will be the following:
The series title
The series summary
Up to six books from the series. Covers for each book will be displayed along with a synopsis (including reviews) under each.
Links where each individual title is available for purchase or download. You are only allowed to submit links for Amazon, B&N, iBooks, and Kobo
The bottom of the page will focus on the author themselves. We will list any links to posts on Paranormal Romance Lovers which pertain to the author (such as interviews), their website link, their social media links, and their newsletter links.

How Do I Submit My Series?

A special form has been created where you can submit all of this information and send it to us. Follow this link to access the form.

There is no need to send us any images. Once you submit your series information, we will review it to ensure we have everything we need and that your submission is free of any errors. We will then send you a PayPal invoice which must be paid before we add your series to our Series Spotlight section.

How Much Does This Cost?

The cost per series submission is $20 US. This is a one-time fee for a page which will always be part of Paranormal Romance Lovers and will be advertised continuously in the sidebar of every page and post on the site. We will also promote this new feature in our newsletters, as well.

What If My Series Has New Titles Coming In The Future?

We will gladly add your future titles to your Series Spotlight at no additional cost. You will just need to email us with the new title’s information. This includes:
The series title
The title of the new book
Links where the new book is available for purchase / download
Synopsis of the new book (under 250 words)

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

We do have a couple of stipulations as to what is acceptable:
The series has to have, at least, two books already available through either Amazon, Kobo, iBooks, or B&N
The series has to be in the paranormal romance genre.
And that’s it!

To submit your series, go to our Series Spotlight submission page and just fill in the required information. If you have any questions, just send them to us. Thanks!