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Hello and thanks for your interest in our paranormal romance book marketing opportunities. We offer authors a variety of options to promote their new releases, pre-orders, books on sale, and themselves!

We offer authors affordable and effective marketing opportunities which are broken down into two categories: our Newsletter Service and On-Site Marketing. Both will reach your target audience: fans of Paranormal Romance, Sci Fi Romance, Urban Fantasy, and Reverse Harem Romance eBooks!

You can contact us with any questions you may have regarding any of our services.

Newsletter Service links

We currently offer two different newsletters which go out to our dedicated mailing list. Each newsletter offers you the opportunity to market your book depending if it is a pre-order, a new release, on sale, and so on.

Our dedicated mailing list continues to grow month-after-month. Below are our 2018 mailing list statistics:

Average Monthly Newsletter Open Rate for all newsletters: 39%
Average Monthly Click Rate for all newsletters: 5%

The two above statistics are above-average based on the figures discussed in the following

What Is A Normal Open Rate? (from Mailjet)

How do we compare? 2019 Email marketing statistics compilation (from Smart Insights)

Our mailing list subscribers are dedicated paranormal romance readers AND buyers. Get your book in front of fans of paranormal romance who want to learn more about your book and potentially buy it!

PNR Deals newsletter
(Click here to view one of our last PNR Deals newsletters)

Author Spotlight
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On-Site Marketing links

The opportunities listed below are marketing avenues we offer on the Paranormal Romance Lovers website.

Submit your book for our Free eBooks page (NEW!)
Five Questions With… (NEW!)
Banner Ads on PNR Lovers

Be sure to check back here often because we will be rolling out more marketing opportunities periodically!

Paranormal Romance Lovers' 2019 Sexy Halloween Sale banner

Submissions are now open for our upcoming 2019 Hot Halloween Sale at Paranormal Romance Lovers!

This sale will be running from Monday, October 28th till Friday, November 1st, and will feature books and box sets / collections priced between .99 cents and $2.99!

Marketing features of this sale include:

>> You are welcome to submit new releases and books available for pre-order

>> You can choose to have your book promoted on the 2019 Hot Halloween Sale page

>> You can also opt to promote your book in one, two, or all three of the promotional newsletters going out to our dedicated mailing list during the week

>> Get a discount by promoting your book on both the 2019 Hot Halloween Sale page AND in one of the three promotional newsletters

>> Have you book promoted during one day of the week-long sale

>> Include your Amazon UK, Audiobook links along with your Amazon, iBooks, B&N, and Kobo buy links

>> Each submitted book’s author’s name can link to either your website’s front page (the front page only, please) or your Amazon Author Central page for added exposure

We have more marketing features which you can learn about and / or submit your book for our 2019 Hot Halloween Sale using the link below. Please note- placement in both our Hot Halloween Sale page and all three newsletters are on a first come, first serve basis!

2019 Sexy Halloween Sale form


Are you subscribed to The Writing Assistant Newsletter?

The Writing Assistant Newsletter is a bi-weekly newsletter for new and established authors from Paranormal Romance Lovers. Each edition contains content curated from different sites which we feel would be of interest to authors, such as marketing, publishing news, writing, and more.

The newsletter will also contain special promotions for our marketing services which will only be available to this newsletter’s subscribers. You will also be the first to learn of any new promotions or services we will be offering.

Click here to get the next edition of The Writing Assistant delivered to your Inbox! (<<< Click To Open)


PNR Deals Newsletter — Cost: $20US per submission (UPDATED JULY 23, 2019 WITH NEW OPTIONS!)

On July 22, 2019, our Featured New Release and Pre-Orders Newsletters were discontinued as individual newsletters. Both have been incorporated into our PNR Deals Newsletter. As a result, the format of our PNR Deals Newsletter has changed which we will cover further below.

The PNR Deals Newsletter is open to Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Reverse Harem, and Sci Fi Romance titles that are available for any of the following:

>> For Free (as long as the book is available for download from any online book vendor like Amazon or from your website WITHOUT having to sign-up for a newsletter.

>> On Sale

>> A New Release

>> Available for Pre-Order

>> Priced UNDER $2.99 US

This newsletter will only go out on Fridays with any advertisements being placed at the end of the newsletter.

Some of our marketing features include the following:

1) A bonus feature we are offering is the opportunity to submit your title in multiple PNR Deals Newsletters at a discounted price! For each submission of one title after the initial submission, the cost drops to $10.00 US for each additional submission of that same title.

For example, Author B has a book on sale for a couple of weeks. They can submit their title for that Friday’s PNR Deals Newsletter at a cost of $20. Then they could have the same title run again in the following Friday’s PNR Deals Newsletter for an additional $10. For $30, you can promote the same title in two separate PNR Deals Newsletters!

This is also an excellent way to increase your pre-orders especially if you have a pre-order scheduled months ahead of time. You could begin promoting your pre-order in the PNR Deals newsletter each month before your pre-order goes live and save money doing it!

Please note this bonus feature can only be used for one title at one time. For example, you can’t submit Title A then submit Title B on the same form for $10.00. The bonus feature is just for one title.

2) You can include up to two (2) reviews of your submission. Social proof is a great way to sell your book! Each review you submit must include a short review (under 20 words), the name of the reviewer, the name of the site where it originated from, and a working link to the page where the link is found.

3) Your author name can now link to either the front page of your web site or to your Amazon Author Profile page!

4) If your book is available in audio format, you will be able to include the link for it.

5) You can include links for Amazon UK if your book is available for purchase from the Amazon UK store

To submit your title for our PNR Deals Newsletter, just click the link below and fill out the short form:

PNR Deals newsletter submission form (<<< Click To Open)

Once we have checked your submission, we will send you a PayPal invoice which must be paid before your submission is added to the PNR Deals Newsletter.

Author Spotlight newsletter — Cost: $30US

“Just wanted to let you know that by lunchtime my Newsletter Sponsorship newsletter had paid for itself and I had 90 new subscribers to my mailing list. Definitely worth it–thank you!”
Liza Street (author of The Sierra Pride series & Corona Pride series)

The Author Spotlight newsletter is a newsletter solely dedicated to one author- you!

This newsletter is a great marketing tool for promoting yourself, your social media accounts, your newsletter, website, and up to four of your books! Many authors have used this newsletter to promote a series sale with great results!

Now you can specify if your book(s) are available for pre-order, on sale, or for free! If your book(s) is on sale, you can also list when the sale ends which can lead to even more sales due to urgency!

We send this newsletter out on only once on Thursdays. You can learn more about this newsletter by clicking the link below.

To book your Author Spotlight newsletter, just click the link below to view our booking calendar for this newsletter to see what dates are available. Once you have selected your dates, you can click the link below the booking calendar to fill out the new and improved Newsletter Sponsorship newsletter submission form:

View the booking calendar (<<< Click To Open)

Once we have checked your submission, we will send you a PayPal invoice which must be paid before your Author Spotlight newsletter is scheduled.

Submit your book for our Free eBooks page – Cost: FREE!

One of our most popular pages on Paranormal Romance Lovers is our Free eBooks page! Authors know how important it is to entice a new reader to try one of their books. Giving away a free eBook (especially the first book of a series) is a very reliable way to not only do that but to also generate future sales!

Submitting your book is easy. If you have a permafree book or a book that you will have available for free for over fourteen (14) days and you want to have it available for download from our Free eBooks page, just email us the link(s) where visitors can download your book- that’s it! We’ll grab the cover and synopsis from your listing. If your book is not permafree, then please include the date the book is no longer free so we can add it to the listing.

Please note- we do not accept free eBooks which are only free for less than 14 days. If you are wanting to promote a book this is free for a short period of time, consider using our popular PNR Deals Newsletter.

Email your links to us at and please enter “Free eBook submission” in the Subject line. In the body of the email, please list the links to be used, if it is permafree or the day it will no longer be free.

Once your book is added, we will promote it now and in the future on our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram).

Sorry but no links to a site where the visitor has to sign-up for a newsletter will not be accepted. The links have to go to an online retailer or to a page on your site if you are giving it away for free with no catches (we will be checking!).

Five Questions With… – Cost: FREE!

Five questions With … is a new feature at Paranormal Romance Lovers’ where authors who have a new release coming out or have a new book that just came out within the last four weeks are sent the same five questions which pertain to their new release.

This is a great way to expand upon and promote your upcoming / new release to our dedicated audience. Each question will give the reader more information about the book, better informing their purchase decision. So this is your chance to really sell your new release to those who may be new to your work or on the fence about buying it.

The only rule we have is your new release has to be less than four weeks old. This interview feature is for your most recent release- not a book from a couple of years ago.

This is totally free to do. Every Five Questions With… interview will be posted on Paranormal Romance Lovers and promoted on Facebook. Your new release will also be promoted in the interview with an Amazon link to where people can pre-order or purchase your new release. The cover of your new release will also be featured in the interview.

If you’re interested, simply click on the link below to fill out the Five Questions with… questionnaire.

Five Questions with… Questionnaire form (<<< Click To Open)

Self-publishing made easy at From eBooks, to Print On Demand to custom printed books, we love helping indies bring their creative efforts to the marketplace.



After some tinkering and retooling, Paranormal Romance Lovers’ is happy to announce the relaunch of our book review service!

What’s different this time around?

This time, we have a team of experienced and prolific reviewers eager to review your books!

Each reviewer has been writing and reviewing books for, at least, a year. Their reviews can be seen on Amazon, GoodReads, Facebook, and other social media channels.

Due to the number of reviewers we have, an author’s book can be reviewed by multiple reviewers if they wish!

How does it work?

Authors who wish to have their book reviewed have to first fill out our Book Review submission form.

Book Review submission form

Once the form is submitted, the author then has to email us the mobi file version of their book. We prefer to have a mobi and ePub file version of the book if possible. The file(s) can be emailed to with the Subject line “Book Review submission from AUTHOR’s NAME”. We will take care of the rest.

How much does it cost?

Each review is $10US. You can order up to four reviews for a single book.

What happens after I submit my book?

We aim to have a turnaround time of two to three weeks for a review. Once a review is turned in to us, we will post it on our site with links to purchase the book, on GoodReads, our Facebook page and group, Twitter, and Instagram. This will be done for each review done for your book! We will also be sending out a new newsletter to our subscribers called Paranormal Romance Lovers’ Recommendations which will include reviews with purchase links.

Additionally, our reviewers will post their reviews of your book on Amazon, GoodReads, and their own social media channels. So the more reviews you have done, the more marketing your reviewed book will receive leading to more name recognition and sales!

Sounds great! What can I submit to be reviewed?

We only accept books which are available for purchase (it can be a new release or one from your back catalogue) or pre-ordering. This means we can’t review any ARCs or books given away for free in return for signing up for a newsletter. We also are not accepting box sets. We have nothing against box sets. But they tend to have a larger page count and the content can vary making them difficult to review.

To submit your book, just fill out our Book Review submission form. The link is below:

Book Review submission form

You can send any questions to us at Thanks!

Banner Ads on Paranormal Romance Lovers — Cost: $20US per banner

Paranormal Romance Lovers is now offering authors the opportunity to promote your books on our site with banner ads at a very affordable price!

How It Works

300 x 250 banner ad example

Paranormal Romance Lovers is currently renting banner ad space in two locations:

The first location is a 300 x 250 banner ad location located at the top right, above the side bar. According to a study conducted by Google, this location is the most popular banner location based on the number of impressions and resulting clickthroughs. This banner ad displays regardless of what post or page you are on while using the site.

The second location is a 728 x 180 banner ad location found at the bottom of every post. This banner ad location is only visible when a user is viewing a post.

720 x 180 banner ad example

Because of the banner ad rotation system we use, Paranormal Romance Lovers can place any number of banner ads in these locations. Each banner ad has the same priority, meaning no one banner will be displayed more than another. Each banner will go into rotation with the other banners. This guarantees each banner will appear numerous times throughout any given day depending on the number of visitors viewing the site. You can expect your banner ad to appear well over 2,000 times in a 30-day period!

How Much Does It Cost?

Each individual banner ad location (300 x 250 and 728 x 180) costs $20 US for a 30-day time span. Your 30 days can begin at any time so you can have it run when you are having a promotion or a new release, for example. If you don’t have a graphic, we can create one for you for $35 US. This price does not include your $20 US for the 30-day banner ad period. You can view examples of our past banner ad work on this page. Email us if you wish to learn more about this service.

That sounds great! How do I get started?

The first step is to fill out this short form. Once filled out, you will then be taken to another page where you upload either your 300 x 250 or 720 x 180 banner ad and that’s it!

What happens after I submit my banner ad?

Every banner ad has to be reviewed before it goes live. We don’t foresee any banner ad being declined due to content. But to make sure it doesn’t happen, here are the reasons we would decline your banner ad:
Hate-related or Offensive imagery
We expect the banners submitted to us to be in good taste and very similar or the same as the covers used for your books. If your banner ad is declined, then we will contact you regarding why it was declined.

If there is no problem with your banner ad, we will send you a PayPal invoice. Once payment is made, we will add it to the banner ad rotation for that banner location beginning on the start date you selected. Depending on the number of banner ads in rotation for that particular location, it may take a couple of hours for your banner ad to appear. Just rest assured that it will.

To get started, simply fill out this short form. Please allow 1-2 business days for us to review and invoice you for your banner ad. Just contact us if you have any questions.

If you have any questions, you can send them to us at Thanks and we look forward to your responses!

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