And the Winners Are…. 2



The correct answers in the order they were required:

1. In Lost in Magic, Mari has not one, but two mates. What kind of shifters are they?

Answer: Phoenix and Jaguar

2. What followed Kara and Gabe home from a weekend getaway?

Answer: Ghost (something or someone)

3.What does retired hunter, Kate Riley do when she runs into Michael at a graveyard?

Answer: She protects him.

4. Where does Virginia meet Anando?

Answer: A dance club, On The Edge.

5. Which state is the setting for the Black Mesa Wolves series?

Answer: Colorado

6. What is Sulwen called in Book 2 in the Enmortals Series? (anyone who couldn’t access this due to site maintenance were not penalized)

Answer: The Star Child.

7. What does Heather see beneath Cody’s carefree facade?

Answer: A real man struggling to break free

8. In Elizabeth Varlet’s Odren’s Unrest series, what is Finn’s crippling fear?

Answer: Being unworthy

9. What gives Brad the opportunity to show Julie how he can look after her and protect her in Lori Whyte’s A Werewolves Curse series?

Answer: a fierce blizzard

10. What is Vax’s half brother’s name in Elle Thorne’s Always After Dark series?

Answer: Rafe

11. What is Holly determined to do in Kristen Strassel’s series Cirque Macabre?

Answer: Holly is determined to set the city on fire.

12. What is Audrey unsure of in The Werewolf Proposal by Michelle fox?

Answer: she’s unsure of Tao’s intentions

13. What happens to Kalena when she is caught snooping around in the laboratories at Silex Pharmaceuticals in Amber Ella Monroe’s Wolves in Exile series?

Answer: “the guards label her a spy” another suitable answer: “captured and tossed inside of a barricade filled with wolves”

14. The third hunter highlighted under the “Meet the Hunter” section of the site is Talon from Code Black. What is his occupation?

Answer: Special Agent – Paranormal Crimes Division and Team Leader for District 13

15. What is Cori caught in the middle of in Sydney Somers’s Pendragon Gargoyles series?

Answer: a bitter feud and a centuries-old greed for Excalibur

16. What chases Natalie Haltom all over town in book twelve of Michele Bardsley’s Broken Heart Series?

Answer: a ghost cow

17. When Eva’s capture goes awry, what must Saber face to get her safely back to the resort?

Answer: birds, beasts, hungry natives and Eva’s own penchant for escape

18. Every 20 years the Shadow Pack comes into Bleed City, Nevada for a special event. What event do they come for?

Answer: the Choosing

19. What does the Elitist Faction, in Sylvina Storm’s Destined, want from Ryleigh?

Answer: to use her to open the portal home.

20. Author Bethany Shaw features sexy werewolves in The Werewolf Wars Series. What is the title of book number ONE.

Answer: Out of the Shadows

21. In Renee George’s Midnight shift, heroine Benie has a special ability. What ability does she have along with her skills as a fighter, that makes her completely kick ass?

Answer: Her chameleon-like abilities (shift her skin until she blends in with her surroundings ~ also acceptable answer)

22. In Kim Faulks’s Love and War, part One, the hero, Creed, is in mourning. Who is he mourning?

Answer: Lila, his consort

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2 thoughts on “And the Winners Are….

  • Wanda Mayhue

    How do I find out if I won something from the authors I only remembered a couple of them and found I won a GC with Michele Bardsley and I contacted her, lol she could not find me. So if you can send me a list of the authors or a list of all the winners it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Elianne Adams Post author

      Good idea, Wanda. Actually, what I’ll do is post a list of the websites you visited so you can go and take a quick peek. It will take considerably less time to do that than to gather all the info from each of the authors. 🙂