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Author Gwen Knight Shifter Luv! Check it out!

If you love shifters (and I know you do!), then check this article by Author Gwen Knight Shifter Luv out! You can find the original post, as well as other stuff to read at her website!

Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

Shapeshifters as a whole are my favorite paranormal breed to write and read about. Part of the appeal is the range in animals with wolves, bears, and dragons seemingly being among the most popular. But what about others? Since I’ve begun publishing in the paranormal world, I’ve seen an assortment of shapeshifters: gorillas, mongooses, even sharks! The werewolves of this world no longer hold a monopoly! So this post today is to find out what your favorites are.

I think werewolves will always maintain that special place in my heart, as seen by my latest publication Reach for the Sky.



But recently, thanks to authors like Jessie Donovan, R.E. Butler, and Ilona Andrews, I’ve begun expanding beyond the werewolf. There’s a big ‘ol world out there.

For those who have read the first novel in my Wolffe Peak Series, you might note that I only included wolves. The future books, however, will delve a little deeper. Book two (tentatively set for publication in April 2016) has a female mountain lion shifter as the heroine, and the third book a female jaguar shifter.

What are your favorite shifters to read about? Which animal calls to you?

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