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Better late than never! I was due to do the author interview this week, and totally lost track of time, and now it’s Friday. How does that happen? For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Elianne Adams, and I write sexy paranormal romance!

side-view-large-203x300Anyway, a few months back, a friend of mine *cough Elle Thorne*, asked me when I would be featured in an author interview. She hadn’t done one yet, so I told her I’d do one if she did. Of course, she did, and now it was my turn. Problem is, I’m the one who usually does the interviewing, so I needed some questions. My friends, being the helpful bunch that they are, came up with these ones. I hope you enjoy them.

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Sylvina Storm asks:

Have you ever based a character off of someone in real life? Which character? How are they different from their real life counterpart?

To be perfectly honest, none of my characters have ever been based on someone in real life. Once I start writing, I get sucked into my imaginary worlds where men the characters are just as real to me as any person in real life. When my heroine’s heart gets broken, I cry real tears (I’m not even kidding—I cry). And when my hero acts like an ass, I get pissed off at him. It helps that I know where he’s coming from, but the poor guy gets the cold shoulder for a bit.

Lori Whyte asks:

Do you do anything to “set the mood” when you write?

RotP-3I do actually. I’m very ritualistic when I’m writing. For just ordinary writing, I have to have a red candle burning on the right side of my laptop. Something about the flickering flame just gets my muse in the right frame of mind.

Now, if I want to write something heartbreaking, I put some music on. I listen to songs that really tug on my heart strings. For example, in the scene in Rise of the Phoenix, when Evan dies (sorry for the spoiler for those who haven’t read it yet), I listened to Say Something by A Great Big World.

Writing sexy is something altogether different. I tend to be more visual. There are a few people on Tumblr that provide me with all the sexy fodder to make my imagination take flight.

Elle Thorne asks:

Do you think of the same person with every love scene you write.

The only people I’m thinking of when I write love scenes are the characters I’m writing them for. I try to take in their personalities and their personal quirks into account. Sometimes they surprise me and display a little kink that I hadn’t anticipated, so I just roll with it. Who knew the sweet and demure Mari would like the dirty talk so much?

Decadent Kane asks:

Do you write fully clothed? pajamas? half naked?

Lol  I should have anticipated this kind of question. Well, I don’t write half naked. I have a 10 year old who would undoubtedly not appreciate my care free lifestyle. 😉 I do write fully clothed, sometimes in my pajamas, but more often than not, I get dressed. My most comfortable outfit is jeans and a soft, warm sweater.

Kim Faulks asks:

What’s the first thing that draws you too a character?

The first thing that draws me to them is their hearts. I have to figure them out to know what makes them tick. Once that’s done, I fall in love, and I want them to find their happy ever afters, and will do whatever it takes to make sure they get it.

Selena Blake asks:

Which of your characters would you love to have dinner with?

EALiMagic-RtA-200x300-1-200x300Oh, good question. That answer would probably change on a week to week basis. Right now, I’d love to have dinner with Aiken, Mari, and Rogan, and if Rogan wanted to bring his hunky brothers along, I certainly wouldn’t object. The triad had to go through a lot, and I’m sure they must still struggle from time to time. I’d be interested to see how they’re getting along now that they’re mated.

Michelle Fox asks:

What were the books you read that got you started writing in your genre?

I love all paranormal romance, as well as other romance sub-genres. I love Christine Feehan’s Carpathian series. If I had to choose one book, I’d say probably Dark Prince, the first book in that series. I’ve read most of her stories.. several times, and the only reason I haven’t read the last few is because I’ve been too busy writing.

Andra Jenkin asks:

Do you have a ‘book boyfriend ‘ and does he influence your mmc?

I do have a book boyfriend. His name is Cole Parker, and you’ll be totally shocked to know that he can’t be found in a PNR! *gasp* I know, it still boggles my mind. Ainsley Booth, a friend of mine wrote Hate F*@k!, and it I swear, I fell in love, and lust, with Cole from the first chapter.

Cole is a typical alpha male, only he doesn’t shift or have any special powers other than melting panties just by being in the room. 😉 As hot as he is though, I don’t think he really influences my mmc. My characters are all pretty alpha in nature, so they do have that in common, but they’re all unique and have their own personalities.

Erzabet Bishop asks:

What are three things on your desk right now?

Luckily, my desk is pretty tidy right now (it’s not usually so well organized). Three things on my desk… my Kindle, my red candle to please my muse, and a water mug that my husband and 10 year old bought for me when I was in the hospital having surgery last spring.

Ambrielle Kirks asks:

If you were to be sent to a deserted island and could only take 1 book character (from any of your books) and 2 items with you, what would they be?

Okay, I have to think this through. Which character would I bring with me… hmmm… that’s tough. I think I’m going to go with Markus, Rhia’s brother. He’s been through a lot and is still hurting. Maybe I could help him forget his heartache for a while. 😉

I don’t know what items I’d bring. Since most of the things I use on a daily basis need electricity, I think I’d have to say I’d bring a book, and maybe an inflatable raft? I’m going to assume that Markus will be able to hunt for food. Lol

Jacqueline Sweet asks:

What’s one story you’d love to write but might be too weird or off-market right now?

I have a Sci-Fi erotic romance that I wrote for NaNoWriMo two years ago. It’s totally unedited and needs work, but I still love the story. It’s just sitting on my hard drive, waiting for me to let it see the light of day. It’s a futuristic/post-apocalyptic story. The heroine has been badly abused, as have the female soldiers she leads, and the hero comes in with his men to save the day. One of these days I’ll just have to bite the bullet and put it out there and see what people think about it.

Kellie Coakley asks:

Which character is most like you?

I think I’m going to go with Katy for this one. Drake’s sister is strong, and independent, but she’s also got a heart of gold. She’s going to make one of my heroes very happy someday. Now the question, which of my heroes is going to be man enough to rein in her fiery personality while still let her shine?

Erzabet Bishop also asks:

Are you a plotter or a pantster?

I’m a total pantster. For the life of me, I can’t plot a book. And believe me, I have tried! I swear, my mind tells me that plotting is a good thing, and that the story would be better if I could just plot it out ahead of time, but each time I try, I get bogged down with writer’s block so hard I can’t write any words at all. When I write, my characters tell their story through me, and as soon as I try to plot things out, they slam on the breaks and give me evil looks. It just doesn’t work for me.

What’s new for Elianne Adams?

I have two new boxed sets out. Naughty, Nice, & Paranormal, and Sugar, Spice, & Shifters. Both are amazing Holiday sets that will be sure to put you in the right mood for the Holidays! You can get Naughty, Nice, & Paranormal here: http://amzn.to/1LrgKUP, and Sugar, Spice, & Shifters here: http://amzn.to/1LrgQeY.

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Where can I be found online?

You can find me at my website: www.elianneadams.com.

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elianne.adams

On Twitter: @ElianneAdams

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