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Is your WordPress site protected against malware which could not only infect your entire site making it near impossible to fix along with possibly infecting the computer of those who visit your site?

Are you too busy to maintain your neglected WordPress site, knowing it needs some much needed attention and updating?

Do you know how your WordPress site’s SEO is performing? Have you done everything you can to ensure your site ranks with Google for keywords associated with your site and brand?

Do you have a backup and security plan in place for your WordPress site in case it is ever hacked or goes down?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then we can help!

Author Services is aimed at authors with a WordPress site / blog. Many authors use WordPress to run their site but not everyone knows how to properly setup a WordPress site or know which plugins to use or how to optimize their WordPress site for security, speed, SEO, and the list goes on.

This service features packages geared towards alleviating a lot of frustration and time for authors while improving and securing their WordPress site. Each package focuses on a certain aspect of a WordPress site such as security, SEO, site optimization, and such.

Each package features a list of tasks which are carried out with the results being analyzed. Any problems discovered will then be fixed if they are covered by our services. Once we have completed all the tasks, we will send a report to you, our client, listing what services were performed, what problems were found, which were corrected, and suggested solutions to fix those problems which require more work or a specialist.

These services are provided by Wesley Green, a web developer with 10+ years professional experience with WordPress (including installations, maintenance, and security) and general web design and development. He also currently runs and manages Paranormal Romance Lovers, a site which continues to rank high on Google for keywords associated with the site, has never been the victim of malware or hackers, and continues to increase its inbound traffic month-after-month.

Below are 6 packages, each focusing on a different aspect pertaining to running a WordPress site. All are priced at an affordable rate that provides a high-level of quality and piece of mind. More information about each package can be found on the Request for Author Services form

Package 1: Website Evaluation

This package focuses on your overall current status of yourWordPress site. It covers the overall performance of your WordPress site, how fast it downloads, is it mobile friendly or not, and how it performs in regards to SEO (search engine optimization).

Package 2: Site Optimization

This package is designed to determine how efficient and optimized your WordPress is along with determing what areas need further optimization and improvement. This includes updating WordPress and plugins (includes testing for compatibility), backing up your complete WordPress installation, image size reduction, and database cleaning

Package 3: Installation of 10 Free Must-Have Plugins

There are hundreds of WordPress plugins available. Who has time to sort through them all to find the best ones! The free plugins found in this package are some of the most popular plugins available and should be part of any WordPress installation. These plugins will be installed and tested to ensure compatibility with your current WordPress installation

Package 4: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Is your site bringing in the traffic you think it should? Did you know your images can help increase your site’s search engine optimization? There are many things a site owner can do to help draw in traffic to their site. This package will not only help increase your site’s traffic, it will also do the hard work for you!

Package 5: Security & Backup (Monthly Retainer)

This package is for those who wish to have their WordPress site protected and updated on a monthly basis.

For those who are interested, simply head over to our form to fill out your information and select which package(s) you are interested in having done for your WordPress site. You can access the form using the link below:

Request for Author Services form