paranormal romance book a wizards choice maya tyler

Available for Pre-Order : A Wizard’s Choice: The Magicals Series, #2 by Maya Tyler


Available now for pre-order is the next release from Maya Tyler – A Wizard’s Choice, the second book in her popular The Magicals series! You can learn more about the book below along with links where you can purchase it. Thanks for visiting!

Some of the benefits of pre-ordering titles is you don’t have to keep tabs on when a particular title you’re interested in comes out because it’ll automatically be available to you when it does, some authors offer discounted pricing for pre-orders, and it does help the author themselves from a marketing standpoint.

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paranormal romance book a wizards choice maya tyler
A Wizard’s Choice: The Magicals Series, #2 by Maya Tyler
Release Date: July 17, 2019
Available for Pre-Ordering from
The wizards of The Circle are guardians of the supernatural world, protecting both magicals and humans.

Wizard apprentice Kurtis Warde doesn’t want to become a full-fledged wizard. Leaving The Circle would give him the freedom to follow his own dreams, and to pursue vampiress, Dee.

There is unrest in the magical world. A long-time feud between wizards and fairies threatens everyone Kurtis cares about, including his life coach, Alina, who has quickly become a close friend. Perhaps more.

Kurtis’ connection to The Annunaki, the ancestors of wizards and fairies, may be the key to peace in the future.

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