Battle of the Beasts Finale graphic

Battle of the Beasts- Week 4: Battle of the Champions!


Battle of the Beasts Finale graphic

Welcome to our final Battle of the Beasts competition- Battle of the Champions!

*** Voting for this competition is now over! Thanks to everyone who participated! We will be announcing the winner on Monday, October 31st- Halloween! ***

For the month of October, we’ve been holding a new Battle of the Beasts competition each week, pitting your favorite characters against one another and you choose the winner! The characters to do battle come from a variety of popular paranormal romance titles from some of today’s best-selling writers!

Here is the schedule for the upcoming battles:

Week 1: Vampires- This competition is over with author C.E. Black’s Lucas Christenson character from Enduring Kiss winning!

Week 2: Werewolves- This competition is over with author Olivia Arran’s Cole from Guardian winning!

Week 3: Beastly Creatures- This competition is over with Author Lisa Blackwood’s Gregory from Sorceress Awakening winning!

Now we are at the final week where there are only three choices, each representing the previous three competitions. The winner of this final battle will win for their author the grand prize of an “Author Spotlight” package from PNR Lovers and bragging rights! The winner will be announced on October 31st.

How To Participate

To participate, simply look over the possible choices on the page below. Once you have decided who you want to vote for, click on the cover or the box containing the cover. Your vote will be tabulated and added to any other votes made for that particular character. You will only be able to vote once so make sure you choose the one you want to win!

Each battle begins on Monday, ending on Friday at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time with the winner of the week to be announced on Sunday. Each of the characters battling in the competitions were submitted to us by their respective authors.

These battles are intended to be fun! Please respect other people’s selections and only vote once per weekly competition. Thanks and have fun!

After You Vote

You will notice each choice below contains the book’s title and the author’s name. You can click on any of these links after you vote. The system being used to tabulate votes only allows you to vote once so clicking on another book title or author’s link will not affect the outcome.

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Battle of the Beast Amazon Gift Card graphic ** Battle of the Beast Amazon Gift Card Rules **
The contest begins on October 3rd and ends at midnight on October 31st. Participants who click the above Amazon Gift Card graphic and subscribe to the Paranormal Romance Lovers newsletter will be automatically entered to win the $25 Amazon Gift Card. The draw for the winner will be done on November 1st. The winner will be notified by email on November 1st. This contest is only for new subscribers of the Paranormal Romance Lovers newsletter.

14 Replies to “Battle of the Beasts- Week 4: Battle of the Champions!

  1. Like dragons and bears, werewolves just about every shifter there is really but I still like vampires ,demons and all other mythological creatures

  2. Definitely a Vampire!!! I’ve always been into the paranormal genre and vamps just have the greatest attributes of them all!!! Of course living forever is a plus!!! But to have lived back when men and women first walked the earth…I love history, so that’s another plus for vampires…and of course most are smokin’ hot and have some very wild relationships!!! That’s all I’m saying about that!! 👿👀👿 Witches are also right up there with vamps…oh to be a character in a book!!! That would be awesome!!!!

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