Breaking Headboards and Resolutions!

Breaking Headboards and Resolutions!

Happy New Years to one and all!


With the best of intentions, we ring in the new year. We resolve to better ourselves, sometimes physically, other times mentally or emotionally, but it’s always with the best of intentions. Of course, as with many of us, by the end of the first week, our will isn’t quite what it was on January first, and we struggle to keep all those wonderful resolutions we’ve so recently made. Come have some fun as your favorite heroes and heroines start Breaking Headboards and Resolutions!

Our romance book Heroes, and Heroines may seem larger than life, but in reality, they aren’t all that different. Check out these author websites to find out what Resolutions those sexy Alphas are going to be breaking this year!

BreakingResolutions_Option3 copy

So here’s a little breakdown of the prizes. You’ll notice that the prizes aren’t defined as to where they come from. Well, there’s a good reason for that.

The winner of each prize will get to choose if they want their prize awarded as a gift card from Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, ARe, or PayPal. Yes, that’s right, you can even get the cash in your PayPal account. If there’s a retailer not listed here that you would prefer, and it is within my power to do so, I will gladly consider them as well, but be aware that it may not be possible, and I make no promise to be able to fulfill those request. All prizes are awarded in US dollars.

So… now for the nitty gritty! What do  you have to do to get your name into this awesome contest?


How to participate in the Breaking Headboards and Resolutions Contest!

  • Contest starts on January 4th, 2016 and ends on January 10th, 2016 at midnight EST. No entries will be accepted for any reason before, or after that time. Any entries entered before and after will be automatically deleted.
  • Locate the Google Form where you will be submitting your responses. (Hint: It can be found just below these instructions.) By following the link, you will be directed to an easy to use form where you can enter your responses. Please keep in mind that each answer must be submitted in the correct order to qualify. Make sure to double check your contact information so we can notify you if you’re one of our lucky winners.
  • If you keep scrolling, you will find the link to the first stop in our Breaking Headboards & Resolutions contest. Each participating author should have this list of links, so it should be easy for you to keep moving, but if for some reason it’s missing somewhere, just come back here and keep going.
  • Each author’s website will have a distinct graphic posted somewhere on their site where you will find a New Year’s Resolution that will most likely be broken. It won’t always be on the front page, and you’ll have to really look for some of them, so go digging around! (Hint: the graphic will look very much like the graphic you just saw with the prizes posted above.) The resolution on that graphic is what you will be putting into the above-mentioned form. Please be as clear as possible. We will not disqualify entries for typos, but the answers must be correct.
  • Once you have found your answer, you can move on to the next author website. You may notice that some of the authors are holding their own contests. Yay! Feel free to enter those as well by following their specific instructions. Just be aware that those contests are at the author’s discretion and are in no way the responsibility of in execution or the awarding of prizes.
  • Once you have all the correct resolutions logged onto your form and have submitted it, you are officially entered in the contest.
  • Having issues getting to one of the websites? Is a site down for maintenance, or not loading? Don’t worry. Come back to PNR Lovers and click on the next link to keep moving. Please notify us at to let us know which site is not loading, or giving you trouble so we can contact the author and have them fix it.
  • Have fun!


The fun starts here



And now for the boring, but legal, mumbo jumbo. Please read carefully. I’d hate for people to be disqualified for something silly.

Only one (1) First place winner, one (1) Second place winner, and one (1) Third place winner per contest unless otherwise specified.
PNR Lovers, its staff, and its owners reserve sole and final judgment as to all matters concerning contests and interpretation of contest rules.

By entering any contest run by PNR Lovers, you agree to abide by the following terms.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with Facebook or any other entity other than PNR Lovers. Any questions, comments, or complains regarding the promotion will be directed to

How To Enter/Eligibility

No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or win our contests. Only one (1) contest entry per person, per contest unless otherwise stated. Duplicate entries will be removed.

Due to the nature of content of some of the works being drawn, contestants must be over 21 years of age. PNR Lovers  hosts are not eligible to enter the contest. Entries must be sent using the formats provided as instructed. Ensure your email address is current and filters do not prevent us from contacting you. If we cannot contact you by email, you forfeit your winner’s status.

Contest Deadlines

All entries must be submitted on or after midnight EST January 3rd, 2016, and on or before midnight EST January 10th, 2016. Any and all entries received before and after these dates will be disqualified.

Winner Selection and Notification

The odds of winning are dependent on the number of qualifying entrants.  Winners will be chosen at random using All winners will be notified by email only. The decisions made by the judges regarding the contest are final and binding. A qualifying entrant is determined by their correct responses to all required fields on the contest form provided.

Winner Disqualification

If a winner cannot be reached after a reasonable amount of effort has been made to notify the winner of the prize, the winner forfeits his/her rights to the winning prize. If a winner does not get in touch with the prize sponsor(s) within 7 days of notification, the winner forfeits his/her prize. If an email returns undeliverable, the winner forfeits his/her rights to the prize. While we do send emails requesting follow-up information to each winner, PNR Lovers assumes no responsibility to ensure winner response.

General Conditions

No purchase necessary. Making a purchase will not increase your chances of winning a prize. All decisions of PNR Lovers are final. By entering, participants warrant and represent that they agree to be bound by these contest rules and the final decisions of PNR Lovers. All taxes on any prize won are the sole responsibility of each winner, including, without limitation, any federal, state, or local taxes, which may be deemed applicable in such winner’s jurisdiction of residence.  Winner(s) shall be solely responsible for the reporting and payment of all taxes incurred by acceptance and use of the prize(s) (or any portion thereof), if applicable. PNR Lovers reserves the right to cancel contests at any time for any reason.

PNR Lovers reserves the right to modify the dates and/or terms of contests at any time without prior notice. Prizes will be awarded as described, and may not be substituted or transferred by any contest/sweepstakes winner and a winner may not receive cash redemption equal to the value of the prize in lieu of the prize. PNR Lovers reserves the right to substitute alternate prizes of equal or comparable value. Prizes are offered “as is” with no written, express, or implied warranty. Any draws held on each individual author’s website is their sole responsibility and in no way the responsibility of PNR Lovers. PNR Lovers is not responsible for late, lost, illegible, misdirected, mutilated or incomplete entries. Anyone using fraudulent means to participate and/or win the contest will be disqualified.


PNR Lovers reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, modify or prematurely conclude a contest should any computer virus, malfunction, fraud, tampering, unauthorized intervention or other cause beyond their control corrupt the administration, security or proper operation of the contest.

In the event a contest is canceled prematurely for any reason, PNR Lovers will use reasonable efforts to pick an alternate winner, but in the event an alternate winner cannot be determined, the prize(s) will not be awarded.

Contestant Releases

Acceptance of prize constitutes permission to use winners name, city, state, and winning entry for promotional purposes. Contest entry constitutes permission to use winning submissions on PNR Lovers website and its affiliated websites without further compensation. Furthermore, entry constitutes permission to archive your winning entries indefinitely on any webpage on this website.

Contestants agree that the sole and final judgment as to all matters concerning contests and interpretation of contest rules are at the sole discretion of PNR Lovers, its owners, and its staff.

Releases/Hold Harmless

PNR Lovers, its owners, its staff, its affiliates, its advertisers, and its prize donors are not liable or responsible for: any claims, damages, losses, including any third party claims, arising from or relating to, in whole or in part, any contest, including entry and participation in any contest and acceptance, possession, use or misuse of the prizes, entries that do not follow guidelines, entries and responses to winner notifications that are illegible, incomplete, late, lost, misdelivered, or undeliverable, any technical or human errors, malfunctions, failures, etc. resulting in participation of contests.

Prize Releases

PNR Lovers, its owners, its staff, its affiliates, and its advertisers are not liable or responsible for:

donors (sponsors) who do not follow through with delivery of prizes, prizes that are lost in the mail, arrive damage, are defective, or have other unforeseen problems, substituting another prize in lieu of the original prize.


We will not sell your address or personal information. Your address is required so that the contest sponsors may send your prize, should you win.

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60 thoughts on “Breaking Headboards and Resolutions!

  1. ps. since the last author isnt on the google form and I cant find michele bardsleys pic at all and ive been at this all night and shes the only one i cant find. I am just going to put the missing author Katie Delongs resolution in her spot. I hope thats ok.

    1. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. I have added Katie DeLong’s name to the bottom. Your entry will be valid as I have made a note of this for you.

      I’m trying to contact Michele Bardsley to have her post her broken resolution as well. Again, thank you. 🙂

    1. This problem has been fixed. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. No one will be penalized if they missed it.

  2. Elianne, I can’t find yours, Erica Reeder’s or Kallystens, anywhere on y’alls sites. And the direct link to yours is broken

    1. We’ve been through the hop, and you should be able to find them on there somewhere. 😉 A hint for mine.. look at my books.

      1. Hi Ashley!

        I hope you were able to find it. It’s there.. but it’s hiding pretty well. You’ll have to dig a little to find it, but I did find it. 🙂 Good luck.

      2. There’s a hint on where to find it just below my banner… And here’s another hint – you don’t have to go any farther than the second post on my main page…

    1. This problem has been fixed. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. No one will be penalized if they missed it.

  3. Elianne I can’t get your page to load at all, just getting a white screen. I even sent the link to my husband he is getting the same thing. I have everyone elses. I am going to keep trying for the time being.

    1. Ugh.. that’s been a problem all day. I’m not sure why it’s doing that. My husband/web admin is looking into it for me. I’m hoping it’ll be fixed very soon.

    1. Hi Jodi,

      I’m sorry you’re having a hard time. If you click on the link for the Breaking Headboards and Resolutions promo, it’ll take you to another page with a hint on where to find it.

  4. I have been unable to find the Breaking resolution on Erica Reeder (1st on list I’ve spent 4 hours looking for it) website nor can I access Elianne Adams website (2nd on list). All I get is the URL and it just never loads. Is there a particular browser that must be used. I use Google Chrome.

    1. Hi Terri,

      I use chrome too, and normally, I have no issues with my website loading. We’re looking into it and will hopefully have it operational very soon.

      As for Erica’s resolution, it’s up there. I was able to find it. I hope you can/have, too. 🙂

  5. Hi! Were you able to contact Michele Bardsley to have her post her broken resolution? Is it up? She’s the last one missing! I’m afraid if I wait I might forget to enter at all. Thanks!

    1. I sure did. You’ll have to do a bit of clicking to get to it. She was pretty creative with the way to get to her graphic. When you get to her site, follow her directions, and you’ll get there. It all starts at the Broken Headboards and Resolutions graphic. 🙂

  6. Sylvina Storm’s website is down and I can’t find the graphic on Eric Reeder’s website, so I can’t fill in the form if it’s to be done in order.

        1. Oh, this one is a little tougher to find. J.k. Harper is a great author. Have you checked out her Black Mesa Wolves series?

    1. Hi Hazel, you can skip from one to the other, just be sure to enter the answers in the right spots.

      Sylvina Storm’s site is up again, I was able to get to it and find her resolution.

      I was also able to find Erica Reeder’s graphic. 🙂

      I hope you can find all your resolutions. Good Luck!

  7. Annie Nicholas’ site seems to be down now and I simply cannot find anything on Kate Rudolph’s site (funny that the smallest one is the hardest to find something on). Help! Hint!

    1. Annie Nicholas is up again. I’m not sure what happened, but I was just there, and I saw her resolution. 😉

      Funny thing about Kate Rudolph. (lol that’s all the hint I can give without giving you a direct link) I know it’s not much, but believe me, her resolution is there for all to see.

          1. I keep trying it on Chrome (and once explorer). I’ve tried it on my phone with two different browsers (yup, geek) and all I get is a long wait and a time out message. I have gotten absolutely everything else, but this one continues to elude me.

  8. I can’t get on your website either, Elianne! I’ve tried numerous times on Firefox (my usual one), then also tried Google and Edge (the new Microsoft 10 one). Feel better to see that I’m not the only one having problems with it. I guess I’ll try again later. Frustrating that these have to be done in order and we’re stuck on #2.

  9. Thanks for a great Resolutions hunt! All the links worked for me, and the Resolutions were fun and easy to find! Now my TBR pile is perilously high! 🙂

  10. I’ve looked everywhere for JK Harper. Her site doesnt have a lot on it so I’ve checked all places. Wondering if she hasn’t put it up yet? I’ve found everyone elses ok though.

      1. lol Her resolution is up there. 😉

        Have you guys checked out her Black Mesa Wolves series? It’s really great.

  11. Ugh, lots of white pages. I just keep trying!
    BUT Ani Gonzales sends you to #17 Anna Lowe, not to 15 Kare Lockhart.
    I have ended up with a ton of new books and I am only on #19!

          1. I found it finally lol it was Jk Harpers site I was having trouble it I lol looked for it for over 4 hours lol

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