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When was the last time you built a snow lantern on your front lawn? In Finland, candles and snowballs are part of a special Christmas tradition. When the temperature and snow is just right, snowballs are made about the size of an apple. These snowballs are then hollowed out in the middle to allow space for a small candle. Once the candle is lit, these snow lanterns can be placed outside homes and along gateposts to light a path. Several snowballs can even be grouped together to make a bigger, brighter snow lantern! On Christmas Eve, people in Finland also put up a Christmas tree and decorate the dinner table and windows with more candles. The warm glow creates the perfect, cozy atmosphere for a family dinner, singing and laughter. After dinner the famous Santa Claus or Joulupukki arrives to give out his presents. As Santa Claus lives in the northern part of Finland called Lapland or Korvatunturi, he delivers all his presents in person throughout Finland. I had a lot of fun researching Finland Christmas for my latest release, Cloaked in Christmas. A tale about wolf shifters, fighting for the ones you love, and a sprinkling of festive magic. Here are a few more details I discovered while researching: – Joulupukki also means ‘Christmas Goat’, which was a traditional Yule Goat who demanded presents from people! Over time, Santa Claus became the gift-giver, but the name hasn’t disappeared. – If you have been naughty, you could end up with […]

Guest Post: Author TF Walsh takes us to Finland for Christmas!

Author Electra Gajdos
One of my love is languages is the expressing affection through giving and receiving gifts, mainly surprises. For me, a surprise isn’t always something shiny in a box. It could be a picnic on the beach, a trip to the museum or an art fair, even a homemade card. How I see a surprise is, someone took the time to think about and sacrifice or applied their time and resources just for me. I get giddy and excited; an overwhelming sense of happiness flows through me with each surprise, and I feel cherished. In April 2015, my family was invited to attend a ball for the deactivation of my brother Shawn’s unit of the 4th BCT. Shawn died nine years ago in Iraq while serving in the army. It was at this event I had mention to my husband I was ready to start getting some of Shawn’s things out. When we got back from home, our hectic work, school, and sport schedule took over and I forgot all about getting into the storage where I had put away his uniform, all of his coins and medals to bring them out. This summer I received a gift in a shiny box, but the meaning behind the gift itself meant so much more to me than words could express. My wonderful and amazing husband remembered my words at the ball, and surprised me with a shadow box of Shawn’s medals, coins, and uniform. He took the time to dig through storage, […]

Guest Post: Sometimes a Surprise Can Express More Than Words Can Say by Electra Gajdos

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Hi guys, Jayelle here! My Elemental Warriors don’t bite, snarl, or shift, but while they may not be your normal paranormal, I’m here to tell you why you need these guys in your life. A Fire Elemental with a control problem seems like it could be…problematic, right? But there are advantages beyond being saved from the forces of Chaos, trust me. Top 10 Reasons You Need A Fire Elemental In Your Life 1. Firefighters are insanely hot. Firestarters are hotter. 2. You’ll never struggle to find a lighter or matches. Light the grill? Done. Pilot light goes out on the heater in the middle of winter? Done. Annoying ex show up at your house? Well done. 3. Wouldn’t it be nice if a liar’s pants actually caught on fire? …See Above. 4. Perfect burgers, every time. 5. He can burn your initials into a tree. So romantic, and no knives/blood/bandages necessary! (Or is that one just me? Yeah? Dang.) 6. That bod is smokin’ hot. In Levi’s case, literally. 7. You never have to worry about your coffee or tea getting cold again. Ever. You’re welcome. 8. Playing with fire has never been so much fun. Or so sexy. 9. He’s a panty-melter. Need I say more? 10. He’ll melt your heart, too. Your cold, hardened, depend-on-no-one heart. And you won’t regret it. <3 Many thanks to Jayelle for her guest post! And be sure to check out her new release, Burn: Elemental Hearts Book 1 available from Amazon! To […]

Guest Post: Top 10 Reasons You Need A Fire Elemental In Your Life by Jayelle Morgan

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Before you go hot warlock hunting at your local Firewick Festival, or any triad matching ceremony for mating potentials, and find your perfect pair of warlocks, you should be prepared. After all, warlocks are aplenty at these things, and you deserve the best magical and muscular goodies possible. Don’t believe me? Look in a mirror, you sexy thing you. For every negative body attribute you think you see, your perfect Alpha Warlocks will shove that negativity right out after some mystical sheet rolling. I have proof these Alpha Warlocks exist. As I’m writing this, mine keep pestering my curvy assets to come to bed and are distracting me to no end. In smexy ways that are almost too hard to resist. Okay, plenty hard to resist. Not to fret. I told them I’m focusing on witchy time with you then warlocky time with them. What would those twins ever do without me? Now, trust me. I know the first set of warlocks you see will have you swooning and drooling. I don’t think ugly warlocks even exist over here in Kala West, Florida. But contain yourself and witch up. You’ve got all night and plenty of warlocks to test out. These guys are like magical Harleys. You want one, but you’d love two. In fact, you need two to complete your Mystical Triad, which involves a lot of magic, hot sex, and…Well, you’ll have to wait and find out for yourself. Don’t want to spoil all the surprises. Until then, I’ve put together six things you must […]

Guest Post: The Curvy Witch’s Guide to Snagging Sexy Alpha Warlocks by Carmen Brixton

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A new feature here on Paranormal Romance Lovers are guest posts written by some of today’s popular paranormal romance authors! Today’s article is by Rachel Leigh Smith, author of  Ayen series of books beginning with My Name is Ayen. Be sure to leave your feedback in the Comments section afterwards! As an author, I stumbled into paranormal by accident. I’ve been surrounded by it in various forms all my life, but it always had a science fiction angle to it. Happens when you’re the daughter of a confirmed super-geek. When I dreamed about an alien four years ago, I wasn’t all that surprised. It was bound to happen at some point. It didn’t take long to discover the aliens of A’yen’s Legacy, the Lokmane, are telepathic. My first inclination was to find a scientific way to explain their telepathy. I found one. But then other things started happening with them. Things I couldn’t explain with science. So I quit trying, and embraced the paranormal. All the paranormal in the world of A’yen’s Legacy is related to minds and how they work. I discovered a man named Ro, who sees emotions as colors. He’s telepathic and empathic, and can also go into people’s memories. While he’s in there, he can also rearrange them, plant fake ones, and erase real ones. It’s a forbidden skill, and one he hates. Next, I discovered a couple of telekinetics. One of them can manipulate electricity and has a tendency to accidentally make pulse weapons explode. […]

Guest Post: Paranormal Meets…Aliens?