(Source: Anna Lowe’s newsletter) Great news! Lure of the Wolf (Aloha Shifters, Book 2) is now available in audio! The great thing is, if you own the ebook, you can get the audio at a huge discount on Amazon. If you’re an Audible member, you can get it with a credit if you like. If you’re new to Audible, you can get a FREE copy. It’s also available on iTunes, so get your copy today! Audio is great for listening while you drive, cook, or while taking a walk. You can listen to an excerpt with images inspired by the story HERE. She can’t remember her past. He wishes he could forget his.

News: Lure of the Wolf by Anna Lowe Now Available in Audio!

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To celebrate the upcoming release of Desert Roots (the sixth book of the popular The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch series), author Anna Lowe has two special offers to entice paranormal romance fans to check out her series. Till March 24th, you can get Desert Yule– the fourth book of The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch series- for free! Desert Yule is a Christmas story that covers all the couples in the series. It also focuses on Carly, a promenient figure in the series whose is the main focus of the upcoming Desert Roots The second special offer is you can pick up the fifth book of the series, Desert Heart, for .99 till March 28th! Anna Lowe’s The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch series has been a fan favorite since being released. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of these two limited-time deals. You won’t be sorry!

Anna Lowe’s The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch Limited-Time Special Sale

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Paranormal romance author Carina Wilder is having a special .99 cent promotion for her hit series: The Dragon Hunter! For those unfamiliar with The Dragon Hunter series, here’s a synopsis: Neko is a skilled Hunter who’s always kept to herself. But when she’s hired to take down the most gorgeous, alluring man she’s ever met, her life becomes more interesting than she ever bargained for. Lumen is a powerful, gorgeous Dragon shifter, one of the legendary Kindred. As Alpha of the Dragons’ Guild, he has responsibilities to his own kind and isn’t looking for a mate. That is, until he meets the beautiful, dangerous Hunter who’s been hired to take his life. To complicate matters, he can’t stop thinking about her and his inner Dragon is pretty sure they’re meant to be together. Will unrelenting desire win out over duty? The Dragon Hunter Boxed Set is on sale for a very limited time so be sure to grab your copy today!

Carina Wilder’s Dragon Hunter Box Set On Sale For .99 cents! Limited-Time Only!

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Today is the launch of a new feature here on Paranormal Romance Lovers- Spotlight Series! Spotlight Series is a way for paranormal romance fans to learn about or discover new paranormal romance series. Our first entry is from Elianne Adams for her Return To Avalore series! On our Spotlight Series page, you will find links to different paranormal romance series of books. Each link will take you to a page dedicated to that series of books. Each page will have a summary of the series, some will have extra information provided by the author, and book covers for each title written for the series so far. Be sure to check the Spotlight Series page often as we will be adding new series in the very near future!

New Feature On Paranormal Romance Lovers: Spotlight Series

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In the upcoming weeks, we will be revealing a new version of Paranormal Romance Lovers! The new version will cater to both fans of paranormal romance fiction as well as the authors. Here are some of the new features to watch out for: Interviews We will continue with one of our most-popular features of the site by increasing the number of interviews posted each month. If you are an paranormal romance author interested in being interviewed, feel free to contact us via our Contact page. Articles Authors will be able to contribute articles to Paranormal Romance Lovers! If you are an author interested in contributing an article (your article could be on your new release, advice for writers, etc.) to Paranormal Romance Lovers, head over to our Contact page and get in touch with us! Editor / Designer Directory Editors, cover artists, and web site designers will have the opportunity to list their services for free in this directory. We aim for this service to be beneficial for authors as well as those who list their services with us. If you are either an editor, cover artist, or web site designer and wish to learn more about the FREE directory, please get in touch with us through our Contact page for more information. Reviews In the near future, we will begin posting reviews of all your favorite paranormal romance fiction!   We will begin all of these roll outs starting with a new site redesign which will go live this […]

New Version of Paranormal Romance Lovers is Coming!