Cyber Monday Book Blast 7


Cyber Monday Book Blast graphic

**** Please note the Cyber Monday deals for the books listed below are over! You can still use the links below to check out individual books on Amazon! ****

Where else can you can get the hottest deals then here at Paranormal Romance Lovers!

For one day only, you can get these great paranormal romance titles for the low price of .99 cents each! Even Wal-Mart can’t beat that!

Dragons Like It Hot cover
Fall In Love cover
Love Bites cover

Burn cover
Reckless Beginnings cover

bearly enough cover
this is me cover
Phoenix Rising cover

cloaked cover
a wolf's protection cover
Bearlicious Cowboy cover

taurus cover
Bitten cover
Feral by Laxmi Hariharan cover

violet chaser
Camael's Battle cover
Something To Dream On cover

Forgotten Visions cover
Cursed cover
First Blade cover

Dragon Reborn cover
My Scarlet Woman cover
Code Black cover

Celebrate Me cover
Desert Blood cover

Temptation cover
The Dragon and the Vampire cover
Secret Baby Lion cover

In Pursuit cover
Bearly Furgotten cover
Alpha's Mercy cover

Dragon's Echoes cover
Bear Enchantment cover
Bear's Touch cover

A Demon's Desire cover
Knights of Stone cover
Chasing Payne cover

Gambling on Trouble cover
Cauldron Bubble cover
How To Love An Alpha cover

Darkest Communion cover
Grizzly Bell Rock cover
Running Bear cover

Primal Attraction cover
Lust in Winter cover
Primal Bear cover


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7 thoughts on “Cyber Monday Book Blast

  • patricia wright

    i would love to get them but my paperwhite is full big time. plus i can only get free books since i cant afford too many and i would love all of them. wish i can win all of them and read them.

  • Hunterland Ganier

    I use the kindle reader on my pc and side move book files from it to my paperwhite, so I get all the free books by downloading to my kindle pc and move them about as I like. I got 9 new books this evening and they were all free.

    Plus I’ve found that if I view a book that is still expensive, then I click on the author’s name and it shows a list of his/her books and I often find new free ones that way.