paranormal romance book - tiger haven by ariel marie
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paranormal romance book - tiger haven by ariel marie
Tiger Haven by Ariel Marie
Available from
Biologist Dr. Charlee Black is on a mission to save the animals. When she discovers Amur tigers are being hunted by poachers in Russia, she travels to a national park within the country to study them, and to prevent the tigers from going extinct.

Weston Rogavac is a billionaire tiger shifter with royal bloodlines, and a sworn duty to ensure the survival of his kin. When he and Charlee meet en route to the sanctuary, sparks fly, and both of them are swept up in a sexy and steamy romance they can’t untangle from.

But love isn’t enough to stop what’s coming. The Russian mafia has a special interest in selling tiger skin and bones on the black market, and have put a hit out on Charlee to stop her conservation work. Weston is her only hope of survival, but as the hitmen grow closer Charlee is shocked to find she has ties to the mob and is attached to a past she cannot escape.

Will Weston be able to protect her? Or will Charlee lose her tiger shifter lover and her life?

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paranormal romance book - stone guard by emma alisyn
Stone Guard: Gargoyle Shifter Paranormal Romance (Warriors of Stone Book 2) by Emma Alisyn
Available from
A single mom becomes a fighter to survive her lover’s war-like world. A royal warrior sworn to protect the gargoyle Prince wavers in his duty when the woman he loves is threatened.

If he can’t protect them both, one of them may die—the choice between love or duty may cause him to lose everything.

Sir Nikolau has been watching Bea for weeks. Only his declaration to claim her as his mate has put her in danger, and now she’s come to the attention of the enemies who threaten the gargoyle court. They can use Bea as a pawn, and Niko won’t let that happen.

She’ll have to accept his protection, his presence in her home, even if she doesn’t like it. But he plans to ensure she does, and that he wins the fight to claim the right to be her husband.

Bea has never battled anything scarier than a spreadsheet full of formulas. Suddenly entangled in the gargoyle court, she must learn to be a warrior in order to protect herself, her daughter, and to be a worthy mate for the man she’s coming to love.

But will the danger to her life be too much for their fragile new relationship to handle?

If you love stern, broody alpha males with wings, who fight hard and love even harder, you’ll enjoy Stone Guard. Book 2 in the Warriors of Stone series, it is a steamy paranormal shifter romance with a HEA. Read now because this is a world and a fiercely real romance with a strong, curvy woman you don’t want to miss. You’ll be instantly immersed in futuristic tech, shifter magic and heady passion.

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paranormal romance book - the shifter's secret son by t. s. ryder
The Shifter’s Secret Son by T. S. Ryder
Available from
He needs a queen. She wants revenge. Let the game begin . . .

Julia is on a mission: Seduce the crown prince and then rip out his heart. Why, do you ask? He unknowingly impregnated her best friend Cynthia and destroyed her life. After Cynthia dies and with the baby now in her care, Julia swears to seek revenge.

But his highness, with his stormy eyes and smoky scent, makes her knees buckle and turns her into a drooling puddle. That wasn’t the plan.

Benjamin is prince playboy. The giant Dragon warrior is under stress though. He’s supposed to get married, because a Dragon king without a mate is nothing. Unfortunately, he doesn’t do forever. He needs some pant-dropping to distract him. Who’s that new servant girl?

But what begins as an innocent flirt soon spirals way out of control.

Between a pushy queen trying to claim him and an assassin waiting to strike, Benjamin and Julia are slowly falling for each other. She’s the one making his flames scorch his throat.

As feelings deepen, Julia has to ask herself whether Benjamin is really the monster she thought he was.

Has she bitten off more than she can chew?

Will he love her when he discovers her secret?

When he discovers he has . . . a son?

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