paranormal romance book - claimed by Laxmi Hariharan
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paranormal romance book - claimed by Laxmi Hariharan
Claimed (Many Lives Book 4) by Laxmi Hariharan
Available from
Can You Love Again, When You Blame Yourself for the death of your Mate?


When feisty human Tara sets her sights on me, I can’t resist her.
I’ll do anything to protect her.
But, when the city of my birth is attacked, I discover my true purpose.
I must bring peace among Shifters, Vampires, and Immortals.
And the only way to do so, is to claim her.
Except, I have sworn never to take another for my mate.

Pick up this book in the Many Lives Series because you love a Protective Alpha Warrior who’d do anything to stay true to his love.

paranormal romance book - heart of frankenstein by Lexi Post
Heart of Frankenstein by Lexi Post
Available from
Can a monster find love?

In 1718, he was abandoned then betrayed, spurring his relentless desire for revenge against his creator, Victor Frankenstein. It is now the 21st Century, and despite his fervent wish for death, he still exists, tortured by his crimes, searching only for peace.

Angela Ellis would have frozen to death in the harsh Alaskan wilderness if not for the man who found her on an icy ledge. He calls her Angel, but has no name himself. He is kind, caring, handsome, and scarred both outside and inside. The more she learns about him, the more she wants to know…and the more she falls in love.

He is unworthy of love unless he can confess, but his secrets are buried deep and to reveal them would be to rip out his soul and lose his Angel. Unfortunately, he is given no say in the matter. Nature has a way of revealing all.

Discover the Desire collection at Lovehoney

paranormal romance book - maveriks ashes by sandra r neeley
Maverik’s Ashes by Sandra R Neeley
Available from
Maverik’s had enough.

He’s tired of hurting, tired of pretending that he’s got it all under control. The ashes of his past have stolen any hope of a future. A future that he hopes can be filled with the luscious little Lioness who has no problem reminding him of what an Ass he is each time he manages to place himself in her line of vision.

She’s perfect; soft, sweet and everything good in this world. She’s’ more curvaceous than any female has a right to be and he dreams of being wrapped around her. But he and his Wolf have been running scared and bitter for so long now that they’ve managed to turn her attraction to them into full-fledged hatred.

If he wants anything more than the pain and devastation that have become his constant companions, he’s got to go back to where it all started. To the life that was left in ashes the night it all fell down around him. He’s got to make peace with it, put it all to rest. He prays that once he does, his little Lioness will see him for who he truly is, the male he once was proud to be.

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