new paranormal romance book - nathaniel
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Featured New Release from Carole Mortimer – Nathaniel (Dragon Hearts 1)


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new paranormal romance book - nathaniel
Nathaniel (Dragon Hearts 1)
by Carole Mortimer
Available from

Warriors from the mists of time?

Dragons from myth and legend?

Or both?

While on holiday in Wales, journalist Chloe discovers a castle that isn’t on any of the maps she has with her. The locals, she discovers, call it Pendragon Castle, and talk of helicoptors landing at night, along with the roar of wild animals.

Sensing there’s a story here, Chloe explores farther, only to be challenged by the dark and taciturn Nathaniel: well over six feet tall, handsome as sin, with shouders wide enough to fill a doorway, and eyes the color of the clearest emerald.

One look into those unearthly glowing green eyes and Chloe knows she’s in serious trouble.

Enjoy this excerpt from Nathanial:
She was back.
Despite his warnings, his rudeness, the woman from two days ago was back on his mountain.
Nathaniel didn’t know whether to be intrigued or angry with the redhead’s bloody-minded persistence.
One thing he did know, he had to get to her before Deryk did.
Once again, Nathaniel’s superior vision allowed him to observe her from the vantage point of one of the turrets long before she reached the castle.
Her hair was secured at her nape today, muting the red color and revealing the slenderness of her throat and her vulnerable nape. She was wearing a blue t-shirt, the same color as her eyes, with black fitted jeans, and carrying a backpack on her slender shoulders.
Nathaniel’s eyes were drawn to the backpack as it bounced against her back just above her delicious ass. Round and heart-shaped, it would fit nicely in his hands as he plunged his cock inside her and—
What the hell was he doing?
Yes, his human form would allow him to fuck this woman, as he had fucked hundreds before her, but his dragon was too unstable where this woman was concerned for Nathaniel to dare take the risk. When dragons mated they bit their mate on the back of the neck. Hard enough to break the skin and allow an exchange of the woman’s blood for the aphrodisiac in the dragon’s saliva. A human woman was likely to scream hysterically if she was bitten or die from the brute force of the lovemaking she would be unable to resist.
Nathaniel needed to stay away from this woman, at the same time as he couldn’t let his brother find her on the property. If Deryk was drawn to her as much as Nathaniel was, then his brother would simply take, and to hell with the consequences.

“I thought I told you to go and never to come back.”
“Jesus!” Chloe spun round so fast she almost fell over. One of her hands pressed against the palpitations in her chest. “How do you do that?” she snapped.
“Do what?”
Mr. Muscle was wearing a dark navy blue t-shirt today, along with faded jeans. The wrap-around sunglasses were once again hiding his eyes, although the sun really wasn’t that bright today. This was Wales, for goodness’ sake, not the Riviera.
“Keep creeping up on me in that way,” she accused, hands down at her sides as she glared at him.
He tilted his head to one side. “This is my property, I’m at liberty to do anything on it, even creep, if I want to. Whereas you…”
“Yeah, yeah, go away and don’t come back.” She gave him what she hoped was an engaging grin. “Don’t get me wrong, this is lovely area, but there isn’t a lot to do other than hike during the day, and the nightlife is non-existent. You’re the first really interesting person I’ve met since I got here.”
He studied her stony-faced for several seconds before speaking again. “Are you flirting with me?”
Chloe chuckled. “Well if you don’t know then I can’t be doing it right.”
“You aren’t from around here, are you?”
She laughed. “Did the London accent give me away?”
“The fact you’re flirting with me gave you away.”
Chloe felt her unease returning as there had been no answering smile on his face during any of this conversation. She moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue. “Why is that?”
“The local women know better.”
“Is that a dare or a promise?” she came back pertly.

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