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new paranormal romance book - saving his dragon by elianne adams
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Featured New Releases from Elianne Adams and Katie Salidas!


Here are this week’s Featured New Releases!

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new paranormal romance book - saving his dragon by elianne adams
Saving His Dragon by Elianne Adams
Available From
On the run. Alone. Tulia Mills knows it’s only a matter of time before the enemy catches up. She’s resigned herself to a life of captivity and cruelty, but that doesn’t mean her parents have to suffer along with her.

Austin Brighton’s mission is simple. Find Tulia, keep her safe, and bring her home. That’s it. Only, his dragon didn’t get that memo. Her scent calls to him, and he’s made his decision. She’s his, and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her.

Enjoy this excerpt from Saving His Dragon!
The room was silent. Surely, if he’d come back already, he would have turned the TV on. She waited a few more seconds just to be sure. Nope. Nothing. Wrapping a towel around her, she opened the door and peered into what she could see of the room before dashing out.

She made it around the corner before noticing two things. One, his shoes were sitting by the door, and two, she was heading straight for a collision with Austin, and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

“Woah,” he said as his arms shot out to steady her just as she crashed into his chest.

In an instant, her whole body heated from the inside out. His scent curled around her as the wave hit, making her breath catch in her throat. She took a quick step back, only to come closer again as the towel she’d wrapped around herself fell at her feet. Ignoring the fact that her now naked breasts brushed against his chest—as well as his corresponding moan—she reached down, snatched the towel from the floor, then covered her front with it.

Crap. Could she be any clumsier? She took a couple of steadying breaths before looking up at him. Austin’s face was pinker than normal, and his gaze flitted about, finally coming to rest behind her somewhere close to the ceiling.

His gaze was so intent on that spot that she peered over her shoulder to see what he was looking at. That’s when she noticed the mirror, and her very naked ass on full display.

“I didn’t look, I swear,” he said, his voice strangled and a little rough, his jaw tense. A muscle ticked in cheek.

“I’m so sorry,” she muttered as she tried to angle away from him without giving him more of a show.

“I, ah, I got you something. There’s a T-shirt on the bed. The vending machine was broken, so I went to the 24-hour supermarket across the road. It’s nothing fancy, but I thought you might like something new to sleep in.”

She glanced over, and sure enough, there was an over-sized black T-shirt on display. On the front, a pair of red lips and the question: Where’s my goodnight kiss?

new paranormal romance book - being alpha by Katie Salidas
Being Alpha by Katie Salidas
Available From
Newly minted Regional Alpha, Aeson Silverman hit the jackpot. Power, prestige, and wealth, he’s got everything a wolf-shifter could ask for.
Except love.
Despite devastatingly good looks and an impressive wit, he can’t seem to get Emma MacBride, the hottie doctor from an ally pack, to give him the time of day.
Unfortunately a bruised ego is only the beginning of Aeson’s troubles.
Someone has been poisoning the minds of other territorial Alphas, systematically pitting neighbor against neighbor. With Ace now the new head of the Long Teeth territory, the rising storm of dissension has scented weakness and found its way into his pack, threatening everyone including the woman he’s determined to make his mate.
With tempers on a hair trigger, every choice the young Alpha makes is under scrutiny, and the last thing Ace needs is the death of another high ranking wolf to happen on his watch. The fate of his love, pack, and leadership depend on how quickly he can sniff out and neutralize the enemy hiding under his very nose.

Enjoy this excerpt from Being Alpha!
Ace growled with frustration. “One minute we’re flirting and enjoying each other’s company, then the next you go all–”
“Don’t! Please.” She didn’t need to hear his next word. To everyone who knew her she was Emma the Hard Ass or Doc McBitchy.
“Look, I’m not trying to insult you. I genuinely like you. I think you’re insanely talented. You’re smart. And hot as hell.”
She turned away from him, hiding her face as she pretended to look in her medical bag for the hundredth time. Why was he so sweet on her?
Ace continued. “But you flip the switch from hot to cold faster than I can snap my fingers. What gives?”
She shrugged. Aloofness was just part of her, like the dimple on her cheek. Not always visible, but under the right circumstances it revealed itself, for better or worse. “Defense mechanism I guess. I deal with a lot of crap that would send most people crying home to their mamas.”
“I believe the doctor side of you does that. But that’s not all you are.”
“You don’t know that. You only just met me.”
“Well, I’d like to.” He spoke the words like an order, with all the power of his Alpha behind it. “I’m not going to bite. Don’t be afraid of me.”
“Why?” He’d hit the nail on the head. She was afraid. No one wants to willingly open themselves up to being hurt.
“Why does anyone want to get to know anyone else?” He scoffed as if the question were ridiculous, and nodded at the door before taking a step towards it.
“I’ll be gone in a few days,” she answered, following in his wake.
“And because of that, we shouldn’t even bother to interact with each other?”
“What if….” She could already feel it. The anxiety. Opening herself up to Brady had been hard enough, and the resulting heartbreak…excruciating. Every rational part of her mind screamed for her to avoid this conversation. No matter how well-intentioned, it would end in pain. Best to stop it before it started.
“We like each other?” Ace finished the sentence for her. “Great. I call that a win!”
“And then I go home.” Emma shot back at him, hoping the smack in the face of reality might set him straight.
“You know what’s awesome? They have these things now called phones. Video chat. Cars. And planes, too. Or even….wait for it… trains!” He gasped for effect. “I’ve always wanted to take a train across country. See? You’re only as far away as you want to be these days. Look. If you don’t like me, then say it. I’m not going to chase down a dead end. But I thought we had a little chemistry, and I’d like to see where it goes.”
“So not the right time for this.” Emma exhaled the words.
“There is never a right time. That much I know.” Ace threw a wink over his shoulder. “But if you’re willing to rip my heart out….”
She snorted. “No more blood tonight, please.

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