new paranormal romance book - selenium night
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new paranormal romance book - selenium night
Selenium Night by Kharma Kelley
Available from

ShadowShifters – Half human, half wolf creatures that love as fiercely as they fight.

Aidan Bloodlocke never dreamed he was a Shifter, much less an Alpha. When a pack takes him in, his entire world changes, and loyalties are developed. Then disaster strikes, and he’s on a ruthless mission for revenge.

Veterinarian Maddie Ardelle moved to Bridgepoint, Maine, to start a normal, peaceful life on her own, only to find herself caught in the crossfire of violent, feuding ShadowShifters. That’s when Maddie and Aidan’s worlds collide, and with an attraction so fierce, both are helpless to resist.

As Aidan struggles to fight for both love and duty, he uncovers a betrayal so heinous, it puts the lives of his entire pack and the brave woman he desires at unthinkable risk. The stakes are high, and both must decide if Maddie ultimately can live in his violent world of teeth and claw.

Enjoy this excerpt from Selenium Night!

His body froze as he heard a car coming and muttered a curse as he instantly saw it was a police car. Sinking back between the shadows of the brick building they were next to, he pulled Maddie with him. He looped his arm across her waist, pressing her back against him.
“What the—” Maddie breathed.
“Shhh. The cops were called in.”
“Good.” She started to wiggle from him. “I have a bone to pick with that owner.”
He pulled her back into the shadows against him. “No you don’t. Chances are we’re the bad guys, not him.”
“I didn’t do anything!” Maddie lowered her voice.
“Shh—” Aidan warned as they watched the lone cop ease out of his cruiser and paused to look around suspiciously, spotting his light in different patches of darkness. When he shined his light inches from Maddie, she scooted a step back in haste. Aidan quietly hissed as her heel dug into his shoe. Instantly, she raised her foot, sucking in a breath as if it pained her more than it pained him.
It really didn’t.
Maddie looked up and mouthed “sorry” as the cop continued to walk into the bar. Embarrassed, she glanced down at Aidan’s well toned arm encircled her like the most exquisite belt. He was holding her so close, his grip loose, but firm enough to feel the fierce, sinewy body he possessed. The feel of his heart beating against her back. The steady pace reflected the calm and patience that seem to resonate from her unorthodox rescuer. How could he be so reserved hiding from police, or taking on a bunch of muscle-bound Neanderthals? Maddie could barely take it, and she didn’t participate in any of it.
So this is how is felt to break rules and get into trouble. For as long as she could remember, Maddie was a very self-disciplined girl. When her friends were out partying and flirting with all the hot guys, she stayed home and studied for her next assignment. She was too scared to sneak out of the house as a teenager and sneak alcohol with her girlfriends. Even in college where everyone was free from their parent’s wrath, Maddie rarely went out. Of course she wasn’t without a few mild youthful transgressions, but mostly she lived vicariously through her reckless friends. Her philosophy of bad luck also kept her out of a lot: she firmly believed was that if anyone’s luck would run out doing something bad, it would be her. It even seemed to be the case now: Any other girl could’ve walked into that bar and been okay…
She, on the other hand, triggered a fight and got herself kicked out.
Maddie briefly looked up at the man holding her in the darkness, his eyes fixed on the bar across the street.
She didn’t know why she didn’t pay attention before, but his face was an oddly enchanting blend of boyish features and rugged good looks.
As if there were two men at war with each other in his body. He was so compelling she lightly smacked her hand to keep herself for reaching out and caressing that gorgeous face of his. And when he inadvertently locked eyes with her, she suddenly couldn’t remember why she hated him so much.

new paranormal romance book - the shifter's secret twins
The Shifter’s Secret Twins by T.S. Ryder
Available From
What do you do when your one-night stand turns out to be your shifter doctor?

Single mom Lana Flores needs a distraction. So when she meets a hot and bossy guy twice her age at a ball, she doesn’t think twice. Shame she’ll never seen him again.

Until she meets her doctor.

Simon Wolfe is a world-renowned doctor leading a breakthrough study using shifter blood. Plus he’s a shifter himself. An incredibly gorgeous one. In the bedroom, he is king. The only women he doesn’t sleep with are his patients. That would be so unprofessional.

Until Lana.

She’s way too young for him. Not to mention his patient. But she makes his Wolf howl.

She needs his help though. And not only because he’s the best doctor. Her twins, cute little girls, have starting shifting into wolf pups. Maybe the doctor can help trace the sperm donor?

But Lana and Simon are in for a surprise. And before they know it, all bets are off…

Enjoy this excerpt from The Shifter’s Secret Twins!
Why some men always went after young women rather than those with more experience, he’d never know. He himself didn’t discriminate. Old, young, middle-aged. They all brought something different and exciting to the bedroom. But then again, considering his own salt-and-pepper hair combined with his approaching fiftieth birthday, perhaps he was the older, more experienced one now.
Vickie beamed at him when she approached. “Simon, I want you to meet my dear cousin’s two granddaughters, Lana and Kari.”
“Pleased to meet you.” Simon’s nostrils flared as he inhaled their scents. The dark-haired one smelled of a happy marriage – at least, there was the strong scent of a man on her.
The blonde, Lana, scented of baby shampoos and toddler spit-up. His eyes heated as they trailed down her body. She wore a stunning white dress with green embroidery upon its deep v-neckline and matching skirt insert. It clung to her in all the right places, her breasts high and perky. Her skin was alabaster in every sense of the word, and his mouth watered as he imagined tasting it. Her makeup was done in a natural palette with only a faint glimmer on her cheeks and eyelids. Her lips were full and pink. Simon was reminded of bubblegum.
This woman was a natural beauty. He would put her in her early to mid-twenties. Normally too young for his tastes, but the scent of motherhood surrounding her made her more appealing. In his experience, mothers were always more eager in the bed, cutting loose in a way they refused to allow themselves in their daily lives.
He glanced at Clint, but Vickie had taken him and the brunette away and was chatting animatedly with him while he checked out Lana. Her green eyes latched onto his face. It was clear she knew exactly what he was doing, but from the small smile on her bubblegum lips, she didn’t seem to mind. He grinned at her.
“Lana. I haven’t seen you at one of these before.” Seriously? Simon could have hit himself. What a tired line. He quickly made to recover. “But then, I’m certain a lovely lady such as yourself must be fighting men off with a stick, so it’s no wonder I’ve never met you.”
She flushed and giggled, a pleasant sound that had him grateful that his tuxedo jacket was just a little long – great for hiding his arousal. She twirled a strand of loose hair around her fingers.
“Oh, I don’t usually come to these. They’re a bit boring. I’d rather just write a check for how much the dress, shoes, and jewelry would cost and donate it directly.”
A woman after his own heart. “So why come tonight?”
“Once in a while, I like to get out for some fun.”
She swept her tongue over her lower lip. His pants suddenly felt far too tight. Simon grinned at her. The little minx knew exactly what she was doing.

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