new paranormal romance book - envy's kindness
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new paranormal romance book - envy's kindness
Envy’s Kindness by R.A. Pollard
Available from
Sera Holt’s life has been a prison devoid of touch. After years of helping to catch the darkest of human society, her soul can no longer withstand the brutal nature within the hearts of man. Withdrawing from humanity, she lives alone until a demon barges his way into her protective cage forcing her back into the world.

Ze, Sin of Envy, didn’t want to be sent to find the reclusive Seer of Hindsight. He would rather be spending his time with a willing woman—or four. Then with the flash of a barrel and the glare from a pair of jade eyes he was thoroughly enthralled by a red-haired beauty. But she is being hunted, Michael and his Malakhim are closing in.

Together they must overcome not only Sera’s fear of physical contact, but now fate and the universe is playing a dirty game that threatens the future. Especially when old gods decide to meddle in their lives.

Enjoy this excerpt from Envy’s Kindness:
Blood, blood was everywhere. So many people, so much death. Sera could feel herself drowning in it—it sucked her down like quicksand, covering her face and eyes, and turning from red to black with sickness. The evil from all the murderers she had hunted spreading like gnarled fingers over her flesh. She was screaming, but when she opened her mouth, the blood and evil threatened to drown her, filling her lungs, pulling her down into the darkness.
So many people she’d failed to save. If she had only tried harder, if she had let the darkness in. Maybe, maybe she could’ve found those evil souls quicker, saved more lives. If she had just accepted that darkness, things might have been different.
“NO! Don’t ever think that, Sera.” A deep voice broke through her haze. The momentary clarity forced her head above the swamping blood.
Who was that? No one could be in her mind, she couldn’t be with anyone; no one could help her. She kicked desperately against the thick torrent dragging her down into oblivion, a sob ripping from her chest. It was too late for her. She had been holding back the black inside her heart, and now it was free, the blood cascading over the dam. She felt herself go under again, thick darkness rushing into her mouth.
As she sank down into the depths, a stray thought reached her. She didn’t get to see if his hair was soft. Suddenly a rumbling chuckle breached the black, and a hand snatched her from the brink of the abyss. His touch drove off the pain and suffering, forcing it back with his presence.
“I promise you, Sera, you’ll be able to find out for yourself. But first, time to return to me. You’re stronger than this. It’s nothing but shadows and dust, memories and echoes. Hold on to the physical, hold on to me.” That voice was compelling, commanding her to obey him. She found she wanted to, she wanted to come back. He was the light that was driving the darkness away.
Sera sucked in a huge breath of blessed air, the vision receding from her mind. Her eyes focused on the form of the man that pulled her up from the void and into the light.

new paranormal romance book - burned
Burned by J.K. Harper
Available from
Fate brought them together—but their love may be a double-edged sword

Fire dragon shifter Ash Connolly hides his scarred, disfigured body from the world. Burned in a terrible accident years ago, the reclusive billionaire sentenced himself to a life of solitude. Yet when he meets a beautiful, sword-wielding woman, he’s tempted to bare his soul in hopes that she will see the aching man beneath the grotesque, broken beast.

Tasked with repairing a priceless manuscript, geeky rare book conservator Teagan Lambert is dumbstruck by its mysterious, sexy owner. A thousand illicit cravings smolder in her dreams, but an extraordinary man like Ash would never notice a clumsy, inexperienced bookworm like her. Even so, she longs to reveal to him the fierce passion in her soul.

She is about to discover a dangerous hidden world filled with ancient magic, oracles of destiny, and a stunning dragon shifter man who tempts her lonely heart. But even as the blazing passion between them illuminates a destined shared story, a deadly enemy plots a final ending…

Enjoy this excerpt from Burned:
Before she could do more than take in those few immediate impressions, there was sudden movement from behind the screen. A man walked around it. No, he strode around it as if yanked by a cord, heading directly toward her. Eamon sucked in a quick breath, as if startled. Teagan, however, couldn’t take her eyes off the approaching Mr. Connolly. Oh, holy freaking moly. He wasn’t old. Maybe eccentric. But definitely not old.
His face. The left side of it was young, not much older than Teagan, and drop-dead gorgeous. Russety-brown hair shot through with darker streaks of molasses, strong, arresting features that begged to be on a billboard selling power and money and sex, thick eyebrows that were both expressive and strong at once. And his eyes. Vivid forest green, they were touched by odd flecks of brighter green that almost seemed to—glow? Brilliant, intense, his eyes fixed on her as he came toward her.
But then there was the right side of his face. A pitted landscape of shiny burn scars was etched into it, twisting the flesh. Although his right eye shone through as clearly as his left, it peered out from beneath the scant remains of the thick, dark eyebrow that obviously had once matched his left one. The pain of whatever had burned him must have been awful, Teagan thought in some far-off, hazy corner of her mind as she stared at him. It must have been a horrible, terrible thing that occurred.
The closer he got, she realized he was taller than she. That was nice. So was—oh. Wow. Wow.
Her gaze, which for some reason had decided to travel down his body, had snagged on the collar of his button-down shirt. The top two buttons were open. They revealed a tantalizing glimpse of his hard chest beneath it. A chest that was just so…manly. So defined. So wildly sexy.
Teagan’s lower lip very slightly parted from the upper one as a sudden, totally crazy image whipped through her mind.
The image of her licking him in that very spot. Tasting the dark, delicious salt of his sweat as she lightly touched her tongue to the hard planes of his body.
H-holy crap. What was wrong with her?
Making her jump because she’d forgotten he was there, Eamon said from the doorway, “I imagine you can both handle things from here. Call me if you need me, Mr. Connolly.” Something in his voice sounded almost—amused.
Without another word, Eamon withdrew, shutting the doors behind him. Leaving Teagan alone with the man stalking toward her like she was dinner. She felt the color flooding into her features, making her freckles pop out like beacons, as she gaped at his mesmerizing face.
A face, she abruptly realized with a deeply shocked jolt of recognition, she knew.
The mystery man from the other night. The one she hadn’t been able to get out of her mind ever since their encounter. “You!” she gasped. Then she just stared at him with dropped jaw.
“Well,” the definitely not-old Mr. Ash Connolly said in that rich baritone voice, a darkness edging it as his stunning green eyes fixed on her. “My sword-wielding attacker. Back to finish the job?”

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