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Festive Countdown Day 12 Featuring Shelley Munro & A.B. Bloom!


Welcome to Day 12 of Paranormal Romance Lovers’ Festive Countdown! Today we’re featuring authors Shelley Munro and A.B. Bloom!

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see what new goodies we have in store for you!

My Scarlet Woman cover

My Scarlet Woman by Shelley Munro

Price: .99 cents

Available: From today till December 31st

Prize: Middlemarch Shifters e-book Bundle!

How To Enter: Readers can enter the draw to win the Middlemarch Shifters e-book bundle by telling me what they want to find under their Christmas tree in the comments section of this post. I will come back the next day to announce the winner in the comments section of this post.

“One perfect night of passion…

Emily Scarlet’s husband left her for his secretary and died in a car accident—all on the same day. Now, six months later, Emily has emerged from her chrysalis of painful memories. And to prove she has what it takes to attract a man, she’s determined to experience one perfect night of passion.

Feline shapeshifter, Saber Mitchell has a problem with his four boisterous younger brothers. They’re out of control. It’s too late for him, but he hopes to get his brothers mated and settled, and the ball is the place to introduce them to marriageable women.

Unbridled sex is the last thing he plans on, but one glimpse of Emily Scarlet changes his mind. Sex with her is a necessity. They dance. They make love.

One thing is clear—a single night isn’t enough. Saber must have her for his mate, but Emily isn’t so easy to convince…or trust.”

Gravity cover

Gravity by A.B. Bloom

Price: .99 cents

Available: From today till December 31st

Prize: Signed Paperback Gravity, Swag and $5 Amazon Card (WORLDWIDE)!

How To Enter: Sign up for my newsletter to be entered! Click here to sign up.

“They are calling it the End of Days. The world is plunging into darkness, the days growing shorter and the nights longer. Meteor showers are falling to the earth and there are some who would take advantage of the growing darkness.

For sixteen-year-old Bronte Bell, her problems are closer to home. 
Since her birthday she’s become weaker, her bones breaking, her hair falling out and plagued with constant migraines. No one can explain why. Until a mysterious new boy arrives and tells her that everything is not as it seems. She is not what she seems.
Drawn into a war that divides the sky, Bronte is torn between her desire to save the world and her growing connection with Nick. But she will have to let go of reality as she knows it, if she is to accept her role in destiny before the Hunter, who has been tracking her since birth, finds and destroys any chance she has of making the choice which is her birthright to make.”

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29 Replies to “Festive Countdown Day 12 Featuring Shelley Munro & A.B. Bloom!

  1. All I want for Christmas is an Amazon gift card to buy more books. Well I guress a new Kindle Oasis would be the best. I drool over that baby.

  2. Hmmm… If I’m being practical I’d say a new mattress, if impractical then all the Disney blurays. If realistic the Bloody Mallory DVD.

  3. I would love to get a sewing machine. I love to sew. Although I’m not the best at it, I can make what I need to make. Thank you for the opportunity and for the fun entry question.

  4. Since my husbands health has deteriorated we dont travel to see the grandkids. If I could have anything it would be to see their little faces when they open their Christmas presents I sent.


    Thanks so much for your comments, and I hope you find everything you’ve wished for beneath your Christmas tree.
    Without further ado and with help from my dog Bella, the winner is…. JESSICA BRAUN.

    You’ve won a copy of the Middlemarch Shifters 1 bundle. Please email me at shelley munro AT gmail DOT com (no spaces) and we’ll sort out your prize.


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