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Festive Countdown Day 20 Featuring Jane Hinchey & Marie Mason


Welcome to Day 20 of Paranormal Romance Lovers’ Festive Countdown! Today we’re featuring authors Jane Hinchey & Marie Mason!

Be sure to check back tomorrow to see what new goodies we have in store for you!

First Blade cover

First Blade (Awakening Book 1) by Jane Hinchey

Price: .99 cents

Available: From today till December 31st

She’s a psychic with a bad attitude. He’s an angel/vampire hybrid who fights demons on the side. Put them together and all hell breaks loose!

Season of the Wolf cover

Season of the Wolf by Marie Mason

Price: .99 cents

Available: From today till December 31st

Prize: Winter throw, hot chocolate, $5 Gift card, socks, paperback books (various authors) and some more goodies! (US ONLY)!

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“The curvy woman stepping off the red, two-engine plane wasn’t just a Christmas guest, she was his fated mate…

Wolf shifter, Jason Dupree had returned to his hometown of Winter, Montana, to take the position as head enforcer of his pack and sheriff for the small mountain town. Snow was not his favorite thing. When his sister asks him to pickup her Christmas visitor while the white stuff is falling, he is not a happy wolf. The woman is working on her Ph.D, in of all things, the sexual habits of wolf shifters. In ordinary circumstances, Jason would have been delighted to help her with her research. But, he’s suffered injuries that almost proved fatal, even for a wolf.

Priscilla Johnson had never had a satisfying sexual encounter and didn’t believe in the instant attraction wolf shifters purported to feel for their chosen mate. Ever since an unexplained encounter with a pack of wolves when she was younger, she’d felt drawn to the beautiful animal. When she discovered that shifters do exist, and that they, too, mated for life, she had the perfect subject for her doctoral thesis.

Caught in a snow storm, Jason must use all his shifter strength to keep them both alive. While taking refuge in a small cabin, he must convince the disbelieving woman that fated mates do exist and that she now belongs to him-heart, body, and soul.

What better way convince her than to let her experience the sexual appetite of a wolf shifter when he finds his true mate.”

* Please note Paranormal Romance Lovers is not responsible for any prizes or drawings being offered / held by the participating authors. Address all concerns and/or questions to that particular author. Thank you.

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