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Five Questions With… Paranormal Romance Author K. O. Newman


paranormal romance book reclaiming psyche k o newmanFive Questions With… is a new feature at Paranormal Romance Lovers where we send five questions to a paranormal romance fiction author who has a new release coming up or has just released their newest book. We end each interview with a bonus question to help shine the light on the author as a person.

All five preceding questions pertain to their new release so that you- the potential customer- can learn more about it and possibly purchase it after reading their interview!

Today’s interview is with K. O. Newman, author of the new release Reclaiming Psyche, Book 1 of the Gods and Monsters series.

Here’s the book’s synopsis:
There was a spark. And then he was gone, and she’s left with a little more than she bargained for…

I had it all handled. I had a great job, with my slightly crazy best friend, and I was doing my damnedest to raise my little girl all by myself, with maybe a little help from my friends. Didn’t matter that I hadn’t really known Hannah’s dad. What mattered was that I loved my daughter with everything I had.

I was a former Special Forces Operative, who now was dealing with the fact that Gods, who had once been myth, were real. And I was supposedly one of them. I certainly didn’t feel anything like a god. Most days I barely felt like a functioning adult. Fighting for the right side was never a hard choice, but superpowers where a whole nother animal that I wasn’t ready to deal with.

When Paige and her best friend Aimee move back to the states for a job with the illustrious Oracles, gods who had come back to earth, she is faced with a man she never thought she would see again.

Now on to the interview with K.O. …

Question 1 – Tell us more about your new release, Reclaiming Psyche.

Reclaiming Psyche is the first in a series of book about the ancient gods who are returning to earth, and the women and men that love them. We start the journey with Paige, a college student stuck in the wilds of Montana with her college professor and best friend Aimee. While studying phenomena, she takes a break at a local bar, and meets Nik. They have a wild night, then Nik is gone, and Paige finds herself pregnant with a baby she’s not quite prepared for. When Aimee moves them to New York for a new job with the Oracle organization, Paige comes face to face with Nik. What’s the first thing she does? Punches him right in the face. From there, things can only get better, right?

Question 2 – For readers who are either new to your work or have yet to try it, why should they read Reclaiming Psyche?

If you’re new to reading my books, welcome! I hope you enjoy my snarky but sweet heroine, and my earnest and loving hero. Reclaiming Psyche is a fun, fast read, with a little bit of fantasy/paranormal mixed in with my romance. Paige is a sweet and loving mother and friend, trying to figure out how her daughter’s father is going to fit in her life. Nik is devoted and loyal, and more than happy as his new role as father, even if it comes with a few bumps. Add in Hannah, their four year old daughter, and Bailey their overzealous and a little smelly golden retriever, the couple thinks they are ready to take on anything.

paranormal romance author k.o. newman
Author K. O. Newman
Question 3 – Who is your favorite character in Reclaiming Psyche and why?

I don’t want to be predictable, but I have to say that Paige is my favorite character. She’s fun and smart, and just a little feisty, not to mention that her relationship with Hannah is based pretty strongly on my relationship with my own child. I think I love Paige so much because she rolls with the punches, so to speak. Anything life throws at her, she just rolls up her sleeves, and says, let’s do this, even when those things scare her a little bit.

Question 4 – What were some of the inspirations when you were putting Reclaiming Psyche together?

I get inspiration from everything, from a conversation with a friend, which happened more than once with Reclaiming Psyche, to my long drive to work, to something that I read recently. With this book I sent chapter by chapter to my closest friend, and took a lot of her feedback into consideration. Many of the conversations that the characters have, come from these talks, especially the talks between Paige and Aimee, and Paige and Baal.

I also have an hour commute to work every day, so I have two hours in the car, five days a week, where I tool around with different ideas. If I make myself laugh or cry, when I’m playing with an idea, I write it down and find a place to use it.

Lastly, I pull inspiration from whatever I’m reading. I read a lot of Greek and Roman myths as a kid, and have always been fascinated with the pantheons of gods. I love their stories, and I wanted to do something that incorporated the gods that I have come to love.

Lately I’ve been reading a lot of romance. I say that I fell down the Kindle Unlimited rabbit hole, I started by reading a book that looked fun, and just spiraled from there. All that romance lead to this book. Before I wrote Reclaiming Psyche, I never thought that I would write a romance novel, but after, I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Question 5 – Where do you see the story in Reclaiming Psyche going?

Reclaiming Psyche is the first book in a series about the ancient gods that are returning to earth. Why are they come back, what is bringing them here, and for what purpose? Nik, who is the living embodiment of the god Eros struggles with these ideas, and it is a question that we will start to answer in the coming books.

The Final Question – What is your favorite television show currently available to watch?

I have to say that I watch very little television. I really prefer to read, but if I had to choose a show, I would say The Magicians, currently running in their fourth season on SyFy.

I love the way that they mix magic and mundane, and the rules and limitations that are put on the magic in their world. I enjoy the mystical realms as well as the contemporary settings that keep the characters on their toes. It doesn’t hurt that it’s an adaptation of the book The Magicians by Lev Grossman. It’s almost a Chronicles of Narnia for adults, and that kind of fantasy really draws me in.

Many thanks to K.O. for taking the time to participate in our Five Questions With… series!

Reclaiming Psyche: Gods and Monsters Book 1 in now available at Amazon!

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