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paranormal romance book - princess lyrian by rinelle grey
Five Questions With

Five Questions With… Paranormal Romance Writer Rinelle Grey!


paranormal romance book - princess lyrian by rinelle greyFive Questions With … is a new feature at Paranormal Romance Lovers’ where we send five questions to a writer who has a new release coming up or has just released their newest book. We end each interview with a bonus question to help shine the light on the author as a person. All five preceding questions pertain to their new release so that you- the potential customer- can learn more about it and possibly purchase it after reading their interview!

Today’s interview is with Rinelle Grey, author of a new release entitled Princess Lyrian: Dragon Breeze Compilation (Return of the Dragons Book 7). Here’s the book’s synopsis:
It’s been a year since he’s seen her—a year since Lyrian broke his heart.

When his uncle dies and leaves him a house in Australia, Brad doesn’t realize his whole life is about to change. He expects to take a week off from his demanding job as a cardiac surgeon. Maybe spend some time with the beautiful Lyrian again. But what he finds is more than he ever bargained for. He could never have guessed he’d end up with an instant family.

But their child is not the only secret Lyrian is harbouring. She’s a dragon princess on a mission. She must find her brothers and sisters so her infant daughter won’t grow up without a clan.

And an enemy dragon clan, and the police, are out to stop her. Can Lyrian count on Brad to help her? Or is he just a distraction?

Prince Lyrian is a compilation of the Dragon Breeze Serial. It contains the following parts:
Dragon Secrets
Dragon Chases
Dragon Sacrifice
Dragon Compromise

Now on to the interview with Rinelle Grey…


Question 1: Tell us more about your new release, Princess Lyrian.

Princess Lyrian is the 7th book in my Return of the Dragons series, though like all the others, it can be read as a stand alone, especially since you don’t meet the characters in the other books until near the very end. Its an opposites attract story – Lyrian is a free spirit, optimistic and following where life leads her, while Brad has his whole life planned out. It’s also a second chance romance/secret baby book, the first book with a baby in my series. Poor Brad has quite a bit to come to terms with, finding out he’s a father, and that his baby daughter is a dragon princess, but I think he does admirably.

It was initially written as a 4 part serial, but now that it’s finished, I’ve combined all the parts into one, so it’s a full, stand alone story.


Question 2: For readers who are either new to your work or have yet to try it, why should they read Princess Lyrian?

Princess Lyrian is actually a great introduction to the series, even though it’s a far way into it, because Princess Lyrian is separated from the dragon clan, and has no idea where they are. She’s coming into the story late too!

For anyone whose read my work before, this story is both an introduction to a completely new couple for you to fall in love with, and contains some big revelations for the overarching plot of Return of the Dragons. And the waking of a dragon a lot of my readers have been looking forward to meeting!


Question 3: Who is your favorite character in Princess Lyrian and why?

My favourite character would have to be Lyrian herself. I loved writing her positive attitude, and helping her hold onto that, even though fate throws her an awful lot of curve balls in this one. It was fun watching her grow into her position as a princess, and a mother, without losing her happy go lucky nature.

Her mate, Brad, was more of a challenge for me. His love of order, routine, and certainty is as foreign to me as it is to Lyrian, but I do love a challenge, and ended up being pretty fond of him too!


Question 4: What were some of the inspirations you drew from when you were putting Princess Lyrian together?

The inspiration for this story was actually a scene my sister told me, about a guy who was broken down on the side of the road, and a young woman stops to help him. He knows nothing about cars, but she fixes the car for him, and when he asks how she knows so much, she tells him she has four brothers, and since none of them know anything about cars, she figured she’d better learn. I loved the image of a girl who knew more about cars than her brothers, combined with the poor guy being a little intimidated by the fact that she has four brothers, so he’d better be careful around her!

For this story, I also drew on some of the (fuzzy) memories of my own motherhood, and a fair bit of attachment parenting. I figured dragons wouldn’t have cots, or bottles, although Lyrian did adapt to diapers (or nappies, as we call them here in Australia). Princess Lyrian does cope a little better than I did though!


Question 5: Where do you see the story in Princess Lyrian going?

Since this one is part of a series, it’s linked closely with the other books in the series. One (Kytrima), actually runs concurrently with the story, and the next (Ostrian) has a bit of overlap with the end. I really don’t like to make things simple for myself, with a straightforward, chronological order. My plan is to try to be more chronological going forwards, but I’m not sure I’d count on it! That said, I still have at least 3 more books in this series, as Lyrian has two more brothers and one more sister to wake yet!


The Final Question is a different question we will pose to each author interviewed. It is used to give the reader a glimpse at the person behind the book.

Your question is: What is your favorite television show currently available to watch (regardless if it is streaming, on cable, etc.)?

Ohh, great question. And oh so hard to answer! My favourite current show would have to be The Expanse. I’m hanging out until the new episodes are available here in Australia (we’re always so far behind!) It kept me guessing every episode, and I loved the character development. Most of the shows I watch are sci-fi, actually, now that I think about it, and I think that could be because they put people in situations that are utterly foreign to us (fighting robots, aliens, flying through space, artificial intelligence, etc), and these have so much potential for creating new and interesting conflicts for our characters, and new ways to keep people in love apart, and throw them together! I also love that most sci-fi has a very positive outlook, and people can make a real difference to the problems facing us.

I really do wish we had more shows with fantasy and magic, particularly dragons, but as I found when I was trying to make covers for my books, there aren’t too many dragons that cooperate with getting their picture taken, so that does make video a little hard!


Many thanks to Rinelle for taking the time to participate in our Five Questions With… series!


Princess Lyrian: Dragon Breeze Compilation (Return of the Dragons Book 7) in now available at Amazon. Get your copy today!


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