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Five Questions With… Paranormal Romance Writer TK Lawyer!


paranormal romance book orion tk lawyerFive Questions With… is a new feature at Paranormal Romance Lovers where we send five questions to a paranormal romance fiction author who has a new release coming up or has just released their newest book. We end each interview with a bonus question to help shine the light on the author as a person.

All five preceding questions pertain to their new release so that you- the potential customer- can learn more about it and possibly purchase it after reading their interview!

Today’s interview is with TK Lawyer, author of the upcoming release Orion: Book Five of The Guardian League. Here’s the book’s synopsis:

Why did life have to be so difficult at times?

Zoe never imagined she would find herself having to choose between two men—or should she say angels. As exciting as that sounds, the need to make a decision is tearing her apart. Does she choose the irresistible one who ignites her body with his passionate kisses, or the wild, untamed one?

Orion found his fated mate the second he saw her in the reflecting pool. He knows that Zoe wants him—but, he isn’t the only one that she wants.

Now on to the interview with TK…

Question 1 – Tell us more about your new release, Orion, the fifth book in your The Guardian League series.

Orion is a Guardian Angel who dedicates part of his time to the prestigious, voluntary organization called The Guardian League. The Guardian league’s mission is to assist with tragedies around the world, as well as, assisting fellow angels in crisis. While in the middle of an examination to increase his knowledge and rank in the Guardian League, he is introduced to a female who he soon recognizes as his intended mate. The problem is she is dating another.

Orion must find a way to intertwine their worlds so she can know him; however, in doing so, she learns of her other Guardian, Mercury. Both vie for her attention, love and commitment. She loves both of them in different ways. Which one will she choose?

Question 2 – For readers who are either new to your work or have yet to try it, why should they read Orion?

Orion is an amazing book. I know all authors say this about their work but before I wrote Orion, Aeron, the fourth Guardian Angel in the series, was my favorite. Aeron was my favorite for more than three years and, yes, his book remains incredible but Orion somehow called to my heart and took first place.

That is one of the reasons I would love for you to read Orion. So, you too can be entertained by his book. My books are well known for their unique quality. I write about taboo subjects that, for some readers are a bit controversial. My books also seem to stir up a lot of emotion in my readers. If you take a look at the Amazon reviews for my other books you will see that some have even cried while reading my books, which is a very humbling honor for me.

But I must warn you, my books are scorching hot erotic and meant for readers 18+. Most all of my books host curvy girls as the female protagonists and these women are very real with genuine emotions.

Question 3 – Who is your favorite character in Orion and why?

Orion. Not only is Orion this incredible, powerful Guardian Angel, he is steadfast, loyal and adventurous, too. He is committed to Zoe regardless of her doubt, and takes her traveling around the world to places she can only dream about. He does all of this solely to see her smile, because her happiness is his own.

Like other angels, he doesn’t realize the difference between loving someone and being in love with that someone but now that he has met his match, he learns the depth and satisfaction one feels when they are truly in love. There is no going back for him.

Question 4 – What were some of the inspirations when you were putting Orion together?

I love traveling but I hadn’t really written much about traveling in any of my books. Since angels can be anywhere in a heartbeat, I figured why not and had Orion taking Zoe to many fine places that she never thought she’d visit. One of my co-workers loves Paris and I had a lot of fun researching areas in Paris Zoe could travel to.

Every one of my Guardian Angels has a different look and I wanted Orion to have his own, signature attire when he is working for the Guardian League. After viewing a video sung by a famous group, I saw a man dressed as an incredibly gorgeous Trojan Warrior and that’s how I came up with Orion’s costume. I then started researching the customary dress during that time period and even the common length for his plume adorning his helmet.

The rivalry between two angels was just something I wanted to explore after the writing the previous four books. Each book in the guardian league series has a unique subject so when I started thinking about a different plot line for Orion I figured it would be fun to write about two Guardian Angels in love with their shared charge.

Question 5 – Where do you see the story in your The Guardian League going?

Orion’s book completes the series. It has been a thrilling experience for me to write every tale as each one weaves a different story of how each angel met their mate. In the series I have touched on subjects not found in other books and it has been really fun seeing how each angel handled normal situations only humans deal with.
For instance, in one of my books I addressed the subject of passion parties. It was so much fun weaving that scene and how the angel handled his mate attending one when he had no idea what the party entailed. This same angel loves strong and hot things and, as a result, drinks coffee.

Orion’s book addresses the subject of two Guardian Angels vying for one woman and is just as fun and enjoyable as the other books in this unique series.

The Final Question – Which author or book inspired you to become an author yourself?

Actually, I was bored with my day job and that is why I started jotting down notes that magically turned into novels. I needed something to feed the passion inside me and my lackluster day job was not cutting it.
However, I will give credit to author Felicity Heaton for opening my eyes to possibilities when it came to angels. I never pictured angels as intimate beings but once I read her book, “Her Dark Angel,” oh boy- let me tell you- that was one HOT book and it made me think about the subject.

I figured why not write about these loving, impossibly gorgeous beings in intimate relationships with humans because frankly I don’t know of one human that wouldn’t jump at the chance of forever with a loyal, powerful, protector. So, I thank her for opening my creative juices so I could write the stories in the Guardian League.

Many thanks to TK for taking the time to participate in our Five Questions With… series!

Orion: Book Five: The Guardian League in now available for pre-order at Amazon. It is scheduled for release on February 11, 2019. Be sure to pre-order your copy today!

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