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Grab Some Hot Paranormal Romance Deals During Our 2019 Hot Halloween Sale!


paranormal romance lovers 2019 hot halloween sale image

Sadly, this promotion has come to an end. The books listed below are still available but we can’t guarantee if they are still on sale. Thanks to EVERYONE who came by and picked up some great titles!

The only thing scary about this sale is how great the deals are!

Starting today, you can treat yourself to some great paranormal romance books and box sets priced under $2.99!

This special promotion runs from Monday, October 28th till Friday, November 1st!

All of the books listed below are priced between .99 cents and $2.99! So treat yourself this Halloween to some fantastic reads from some of your favorite authors!

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Please note Paranormal Romance Lovers is not responsible for any incorrect pricing during the entirety of this promotion. The pricing listed for each title was provided to Paranormal Romance Lovers by that title’s author. Paranormal Romance Lovers has no control over the pricing of any book listed below. If you have an issue with a title’s price, please contact the author. Thanks.

paranormal romance book bump in the night elianne adams

Bump in the Night (Deadly Whispers Book 1)
by Elianne Adams

Get It Today Only From Elianne Adams’ Store For .99 cents!
(Available Exclusively at Elianne Adams’ Store)

When Libbie McMaster gets guilted into going out on Halloween night, the last thing on her mind is finding her mate. Her self-imposed seclusion has served her well over the past nine months, keeping the ghosts, goblins, and bad memories at bay. But when she meets Jay, her whole world is turned upside down.

Available from:

Zane Adock and Cian Kane have been waiting for what feels like forever for Jamie to come home. But, every time he tries to talk to the little witch, she wants nothing to do with him. What’s worse? She doesn’t even remember them, and they’ll stop at nothing to get her memories back.

Unfortunately, there’s a killer in their midst. The ritualistic scenes remind Zane of a time when witches were being murdered without compunction, and Jamie was sent away. Now, Zane, Jamie, and Cian must work together to find the killer before he can find his next target—Jamie.

Available from:

Vampires and lycans have warred since the dawn of time.

Mating between a vampire and a lycan is forbidden.

A harem is unheard of.

Until now.

Meet Kane, Voss, Quin, and Jillian.

When a new enemy threatens both the Coven and Pack, will it tear Jillian’s world apart or unite the two races, ending an ancient war?

paranormal romance book xanterie corre deepe

Xanterie (Warriors of the Vinii Book 1)
by Corre Deepe

Get it on sale today for .99 cents!
(Regular Price: $2.99)

Available from:

After crash landing on Earth in his ship with his crew, Xan meets a girl he feels a mating need for.

He’s recently lost his love to an arranged mating so this makes him angry. He plans to take her anyway so he can have an heir since he’s a prince.

Edie doesn’t plan to go along with his plan. His feelings change, but can he convince her she’s the one?

Available from:

Razar needs a mate but on his planet there are nine males to one female. Humans look compatible but if they find out the secrets of his kind they will refuse to send them mates.

Lista needs money for her mother’s operation or she will die. Her sister has volunteered her to be a bride for an alien. If she wins the mating game she will keep the money and return home.

Can she outwit him or will he claim her heart before it’s game over?

paranormal romance book wilde alpha crystal dawn

Wilde Alpha: A Wilde Pack Romance
by Crystal Dawn

Get it today for $2.99!

Available from:

Joey is hiding out in Wilde. She has no intention of any involvements, she just wants to relax and finish the one project she has brought along to work on.

Naqi is the local alpha. He loves females, but he has no interest in being tied to one. The female visiting his territory is interesting, but once he’s helped her through her unexpected heat, he’ll have this crazy obsession out of his system.

When you’re a white wolf, nothing ever seems to work as expected. When you want a white wolf, a world of trouble seems to come along with them.

Available from:

Elodie cheated on me, and all I felt was relief.

I’d changed myself for Elodie. The man I’d been before, the risk-taker, the confident vampire king, was buried. Could I get myself back, or was I broken forever?

He wanted to kill me.

The man who pulled a knife on me, who I had trusted, was crazy. But I wasn’t going to die because of that. No. Way.

When it was all over, another man approached me. Could I trust him? Or would I have to fight for my life all over again?

paranormal romance book return of the dragons rinelle grey

Return of the Dragons Books 1-3 (Return of the Dragons Box Sets Book 1)
by Rinelle Grey

Get it on sale today for $2.99!
(Regular Price: $7.99)
Available in Kindle Unlimited

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Available from:

Are you ready to wake a dragon prince?

Discover love, adventure, and hot dragon shifters in the Australian outback. This three book bundle of paranormal, dragon shifter romances features dragon princes who’ve been asleep for three hundred years, forbidden love, and fated mates.

Contains the following stories:
– Waking the Dragon Prince
– Lure of the Dragon Shifter
– Sleeping Dragon Prince

Escape to Dragon Island: A Complete Dragon Shifter Romance Collection
by Rinelle Grey

Get it on sale today for .99 cents!
(Regular Price: $7.99)
Available in Kindle Unlimited

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Available from:

Escape to Dragon Island to enjoy some sun, sand, and dragon shifter romance (and maybe a mermaid or two).

When an idyllic tropical island resort is left in the charge of three dragon shifters and their human half-brother, things are about to heat up.

These four happily ever after shifter romance reads are a complete set.

This set includes: Dragon Tides, Dragon Waves, Dragon Hopes, and Mermaid Dreams.

paranormal romance book call of the dragon elianne adams

Call of the Dragon – A Dragon Shifter Romance (Return to Avalore Book 1)
by Elianne Adams

Get it today for .99 cents!

Available from:

It starts here! The first book in the best-selling series, Return to Avalore!

“For all who enjoy fairy tails and dragon lore AND sexy men who can make heated love, Call of the Dragon is a must read. It has such a great back story and when the dragons are released it is primal!”

Rhia Atkinson has grown up knowing one truth: the vicious creatures that killed her mother are also after her.

For thirty years she’s been on the run. Constantly looking over her shoulder, fearing the day when they finally caught up with her. Alone and afraid, she isn’t sure how much longer she can go on or if she even wants to.

Dragon shifter Drake Sperwell—second in command of the Coalition—has one mission: find the long-lost queen of Avalore and ensure her safe return home. With the fate of their people hanging in the balance, he cannot fail. He will not.

He finally locates her in a human city far from the Avalorian realm, but he’s not the only one. The beasts are on the hunt and they will stop at nothing to destroy her.

Available from:

Welcome to Forget-Me-Not, Oregon, a magical place filled with magical people, a place that’s most special just around Halloween, when the boundary between worlds thins and all things are possible.

In Halloween Magic, three women, an air witch, an earth witch, and a human, follow their hearts to find their happily-ever-afters with three special men. All it takes is a hope, a wish, and a little bit of magic.

Halloween Magic is the first of a series of anthologies, each containing three stories about a special town where ordinary and extraordinary people live their unique lives in harmony.

Available from:

Some scars run deep. Others are made more apparent for all to see.

Scarred and cursed with horns, Grace has made peace with living a life alone. When a handsome contractor shows up at her door to make repairs on her manor, she’s taken back at the attraction she feels for him. Resigned to be cloaked in his presence, Grace can’t afford to let anyone see her scars or into her fragile heart. But Adam has a way of breaking down all her walls. His charming smile, carefree attitude and caring nature, not to mention his muscular physique leave Grace lusting after something she’s convinced herself she can’t have. But this contractor is keeping secrets of his own. Will the mysteries that surround them be revealed or will they both be left in the darkness alone?

Available from:

For months Ariana Chauvenski has been dealing with strange, realistic dreams of a vampire she believes is her true life mate, Bryce of Aragon, who exists in a time a thousand years removed from her own.

While the dreams are deliciously intimate, they’ve left her bereft. Ariana researches her dream lover and finds out he was a real Hungarian lord. Desperate for answers she goes to his family castle in Hungary and passes through a time portal to eleven ninety-two where she meets Bryce.

When a feral vampire abducts her, creating a world with Bryce may never come to pass.

paranormal romance book poseidon demelza carlton

Poseidon: An Alien Scifi Romance (Colony: Aqua series Book 2)
by Demelza Carlton

Get it on sale today for .99 cents!
(Regular Price: $3.99)
Available in Kindle Unlimited

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Available from:

Accused of a murder he didn’t commit, can Sven prove his innocence…and win the heart of the hot detective?

paranormal romance book sex and the supernatural s a price

Sex and the Supernatural (The Nightshade Society Book 1)
by S. A. Price

Get it today for .99 cents!

Available from:

Two nights before Halloween, Tara Gavin is called in to save some stupid amateur ghost hunters from a house that has long been on the society’s black list, and gets trapped inside.

Trapped with a sexy man with horns who is not supposed to be there.

Halloween just got way more interesting.

Available from:

Ruby’s got a bit of research to do on the wildlife in New Mexico to complete her dissertation. She’s determined to prove an ancient fabled species exists.

Jaime — a dark, brooding loner — only wants her to leave him and his town in peace. To his dismay, he ends up begrudgingly protecting the fiery, sarcastic, red-head from both herself and the species she insists is real.

Jaime’s survived all his life by putting up a wall against everyone he meets. So has Ruby. Turns out they are both much more than they seem. Will they survive each other?

paranormal romance book hexes and vexes laura greenwood

Hexes and Vexes (The Witch and The Detective Book 1)
by Laura Greenwood

Pre-Order it on sale today for .99 cents!
(Regular Price: $2.99)

Available from:

Amethyst is taken by surprise when a handsome detective turns up at her wandshop asking for help to solve a murder.

If she isn’t careful, it won’t just be the killer that gets caught and her heart will be on the line.

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