Hot and Hidden


Welcome to Hot & Hidden: Find your Next Book Boyfriend (or girlfriend) Event!

We’ve partnered with seventeen of your favorite PNR authors to bring you this fun (and stress free) event! We’ve outlined what you need to do to participate below. It’ll be quick and easy, and in the end, you could win a Kindle Fire HD and some free books! Who doesn’t love that?

Here’s what you’ll need to do…

Step 1: Join the PNR Lovers Newsletter (that’s how the winner – maybe you – will be announced). You can sign-up for the Paranormal Romance Lovers’ newsletter by going to this page.

Step 2: Click on this link to get the form you’ll need to enter your answers.

Step 3: Go find the sexy graphic we have hidden at each author’s website. See that guy with the glasses in the graphic below? He’ll be on each graphic so it should be easy to spot! Once you find the graphic with him on it, enter the word you find on the graphic into the form you opened in Step 2. Check out the graphic below for an example of what you’re looking for!

In this example, the secret word is “Snookums”.

Step 4: Now that you know what you are looking for, here is the list of the seventeen authors whose website or Facebook page you have to visit. They are listed in the same sequence as in the form you opened in Step 2.

Elianne Adams
Samantha MacLeod
ML Rodriguez
D.D. Miers
Annie Nicholas
Rachel Leigh Smith
Kharma Kelley
Tami Lund
Paige Tyler
C.E. Black
Kathleen Grieve
Decadent Kane
Rinelle Grey
Ophelia Bell
Mary Abshire
Crystal Dawn
Tabitha Conall

Step 4: That was just part of the contest! If you want to do just the secret word- that’s okay, no worries. But if you want more chances to win, find the title of the book that character lives in, and you get a second ballot from that author! P.S.- There’s a spot for that on the form as well.

Step 5: Once you’ve visited each author’s website and entered your answers on the form, hit submit, and you’re done!

Step 6: This contest begins May 1st and ends at midnight Eastern time on May 7th. Our winner will be announced on May 15th via the PNR Lovers weekly newsletter.

Here’s a short FAQ if you should encounter any trouble:

What happens if I can’t find the graphic or the author’s website is down?

No problem, like we mentioned above, we want this event to be stress free. Just come back to PNR Lovers and go to the next author in line. Make sure you skip the spot on the form for the author in question, and continue on. You can leave the spot for the author you couldn’t find the graphic for blank. You will still get credited for all your correct answers both before and after.

If the above doesn’t address your problem, then send your question to us here at Paranormal Romance Lovers and we’ll try to help.

Important information:

Paranormal Romance Lovers will do its best to notify the winner, but if the prize is not claimed by May 29th, the winner will forfeit their prize, and another winner will be drawn.

Paranormal Romance Lovers is not responsible for, nor will be held accountable for issues arising from website down times, or issues with the Google Forms used to collect the submitted answers. If you experience problems inputting your answers, please try again a little later.