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Sorceress Awakening cover

Interview with Battle of the Beast Winner: Lisa Blackwood


Sorceress Awakening cover

This past October, Paranormal Romance Lovers ran a month-long contest entitled Battle of the Beasts. Each week, fans voted on their favorite character from a paranormal romance book by the book’s author.

The first three weeks of the contest featured week-long battles for fan’s favorite vampire, werewolf, and beastly creatures with the last week’s contest being between the previous three week’s winners. In the end, author Lisa Blackwood’s Gregory character from Sorceress Awakening.

Today, we have an interview with Battle of the Beast’s winning author, Lisa Blackwood, where she talks about all things related to Sorceress Awakening, what other genre she plans on tackling next, what projects she has in the pipeline, and much more!

So how does it feel having your character Gregory from Sorceress Awakening being such a fan favorite?

I’m happy everyone seems to like my gargoyle, Gregory. He was equal parts fun and demanding to write, with many layers to his personality. It wasn’t always easy finding that balance between loving protector and alpha predator.

For those who haven’t read Sorceress Awakening, what is its premise and why do you think readers feel so drawn to Gregory?

In Sorceress Awakening, the reader meets Lillian, a twenty-year-old who thinks she’s human. When she was a child, a near drowning ‘accident’ stole her memories. After that she was raised as a human knowing nothing of her magical heritage. Like other modern day humans, she is unaware that there is still magic in the world, and that ignorance nearly kills her when creatures of darkness come hunting for her. Helps comes in the form of a stone gargoyle who has been sleeping in her garden for the last twelve years.

Gregory is less than pleased to find vampires and other fae hunting his lady and he’s the type that will move heaven and earth to protect those he loves.

I think that is part of Gregory’s appeal. He is noble, fiercely loyal, self-sacrificing, loving, oh … and completely flummoxed by humans and our modern way of life.

Sorceress Awakening is the first book of your popular Gargoyle and Sorceress Tales series. Can you give readers a taste of what the series is about?

It’s an Urban Fantasy series with a well-developed romantic subplot. And while each installment functions mostly as a standalone story with its own villain, there is an over-reaching story arc that makes it best if the series is read in order. It the mythology of this series there are three Realms (Spirit, Magic, and Mortal.) Most of this story takes place in the Mortal Realm—modern day earth, with a few glimpse of the magic realm. Gregory was forced to bring Lillian to the Mortal Realm to protect her from a very powerful enemy—a demi-goddess called the Lady of Battles.
The Lady of Battle wishes to enslave Lillian and Gregory and have them lead her armies to conquer all the Realms, including earth. The main story involves them trying to avoid that fate and ultimately finding a way to overthrow a demi-goddesses.

What inspired you to write this series?

This series wasn’t planned. It just sort of happened. I was brainstorming for another series when this character just appeared in my mind’s eye, so to speak. It was like shadows parted and the gargoyle came stomping onto the stages, an eight-foot-tall monster with wings, horns and a tail. It was a bit freaky as I’ve never had a character just arrive fully formed and ready for action. At first I was thinking, ‘hello new villain’ but he quickly proved the opposite. And he wouldn’t go away until I wrote his story. (That became the prequel short story called Sorceress Found.) That short story morphed into a series and next year a spin-off series.

What does the future hold for the series?

I’m working on book four now and hope to have it up for pre-order later this month. And early next year, starting mid-march I plan to launch the new series which feature two secondary characters from the first series.

Which of your past releases would you recommend new readers try?

Sorceress Found and Sorceress Awakening are both 99c at the moment and either would work as a good entry point to the series.

If you had to pick a favorite book of yours, which would it be and why?

My favorite is always the next work in progression. Lol.

Are there any other genres you would like to tackle in the future?

I’m actually venturing into Sci-fi Romance (Space Opera with romantic subplot) next year with a co-author. I think this series has the potential to be really fun as well as popular.

What inspired you to start writing?

I’m not really sure. I just always have. I first invented the characters in Betrayal’s Price when I was 13-years-old. Lol. That early book shares almost no resemblance to the actual published book, but the roots of the story were there.

What is your favorite type of shape-shifter to write about and why?

That’s a tough question. Guess I have to go with gargoyle, right? Lol. But all my heroes are shape shifters, so, really, I like them all.

What are you working on now?

I’m actually working on three projects: Sorceress Triumphant, Death’s Queen, and Sworn to Shadows (The gargoyle spin-off series.)

Would you like to share some kind of teaser (a cover or a snippet from a chapter) for one of your future releases?

Here’s the cover art for Sworn to Shadows!


Where can fans learn more about you and your books?

You can find out more about me and my books here:

Author website:

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