Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Anna Lowe


anna lowe graphicToday we have an interview with popular paranormal romance author, Anna Lowe, whose credits include the following titles:

Once Upon a Desert Moon: Three Book Collection – Volume 1 (The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch)
Desert Wolf: Complete Collection: 4 Twin Moon Ranch Short Stories (The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch)
Damnation: Reckless Desires (Blue Moon Saloon Book 1)
Temptation: Reckless Desires (Blue Moon Saloon Book 2)
Gambling on Her Dragon (Charmed in Vegas Book 2)
Uncharted (Serendipity Adventure Romance Book 1)
Entangled (Serendipity Adventure Romance Book 2)

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Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Hi! I’m originally from New York state but I always wished I came from Alaska or Montana – in other words, a country girl at heart. Some of my favorite things are dogs, sports, and travel, and I often let these inspire my stories – especially in terms of setting, which is a strong element in all my books, such as the powerful Arizona backdrop to my Twin Moon series and the tropical island settings of my travel and adventure romances.

Can you describe your style of writing for anyone who might not be familiar with your work?

Well, I love putting the “hero” back into heroine, so you can always count on a story with a woman who can stand on her own two feet instead of waiting around for the hero to save the day. Setting is also a strong element of all my stories — I love letting setting ignite a passionate romance. Think sunset over the red rocks of Arizona on a cool spring night, or skinny dipping in a tropical lagoon. Oftentimes, I’ll let places act as characters.

Take, for example, the bar of Blue Moon Saloon. It’s practically a character in itself, as is Serendipity, the sailboat at the center of my adventure romances. I also enjoy putting humor into my stories, especially to lighten up darker moments when they’re needed. And I love fast-paced stories that keep the pages turning, all of them populated with characters it’s easy to love in spite of their faults.

Adrift by Anna LoweDo you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just see where an idea takes you?

I’m a total type A plotter, but once I have an outline in place, I’m pretty flexible if a new idea strikes me (and they usually do) – or better yet, when my readers come up with great ideas!

I’ve had several fantastic suggestions pop up on my facebook page where I often post about my latest works or ask for advice if I find myself stuck. That’s one of the best parts of being a writer – interacting with the people who read the stories I write. It makes the world of my imagination that much more real.

Not all scenes are created equal. What scenes do you find easiest to write, and which make you groan?

I’m a fan of action movies (think Raiders of the Lost Ark or Romancing the Stone), so action sequences tend to flow for me. And love scenes – once I get an idea of where and how (because beds can get boring, don’t you think?), those tend to fly, too!

The scenes that are hardest for me to write or at least to conceptualize in the early stages of creating a story are those that bridge pivotal scenes. Those are the ones that in your imagination start as just “and then they somehow get to the top of the mesa where they howl at the moon…”

That’s the hard part – figuring out how they got here, and how to keep those transitional scenes as engrossing as the rest. Often, they end up being a good place for revealing secrets that have been hinted at all along — which really sparks them up.

How long on average does it take you to write a book?

It all depends how busy life keeps me. When the day job isn’t too busy and the kiddos are happily occupied (and thank goodness they’re old enough now that they usually are), I can write a book in a month. (I prefer the pacing and length of novellas or short novellas, so I’m talking about stories of about 40-50,000 words).

I LOVE when I have a block of free time, like a week off when I can start the day with a long walk, write for a few hours, then go for a swim or bike ride, and dig right back into writing. (I’m one of those “need to move” people.) Of course, there are times when things don’t go exactly as planned, but I guess that’s what keeps life from getting boring, right?

Are you planning on attending any writer conventions in the next year? How about a read-er’s convention? If so, where are you going?

Unfortunately, that’s not in the cards right now, but I love interacting with fans on social media, so look me up on facebook and don’t be shy to drop me a line by email.

It’s the next best thing — and that much easier a place to interact if you’re a little shy.

Give us an insight into your main character of your current work in progress. What does he/she do that is so special? What makes him/her someone we’re going to love?

I love heroes who have to overcome a dark and tragic past to find love and hope again. The hero of my upcoming book, Salvation, is Todd, who nearly died defending his best friend’s mate. He’s fiercely loyal, all heart, and SUCH a sweetheart inside (not that he lets it show often. After all, he’s a bear!). Thanks to his sacrifice, that heroine and her man got their happily ever after.

Todd was assumed dead and when he comes back – well, let’s just say things get complicated. Gut-wrenchingly, heart-achingly complicated. So it’s a good thing Anna Boone comes along with her soft touch and understanding eyes. She and Todd actually met on an earlier occasion – but he was in bear form and on the brink of death while she was distraught over the loss of a loved one at the time, so it didn’t come to much. But when they get their second chance – boy, do the sparks fly!

This story, like a lot of my books, got its inspiration from a real-life story. I post “behind the scenes” looks at all my stories in the Bonus Materials section of my website, so feel free to stop by and find out where my ideas and characters come from!

And now for the silly… If you had to choose between living in one of your imaginary worlds, which one would you choose, and why? Who would be your hero?

Oh, man! It would be hard to choose between being a wolf shifter on Twin Moon Ranch and being one of the sailor heroines who get to explore the tropics on a sailboat in the Serendipity Adventure Romance series.

But since I really did get to sail the tropics on a sailboat and live many of the adventures (and mishaps!) that inspired those works, I guess I’d choose being a wolf in the end. But choosing a hero would be hard. Dark and broody Ty of Desert Moon? Upbeat and funny Cody from Desert Blood? One of the amazing bear brothers (Simon and Soren) of the Blue Moon Saloon series? Or maybe I’d choose to be Kaya, the dragon shifter in Gambling on Her Dragon who gets to spend her days with hunky Trey, the wolf shifter who has a little of all of the above. Yikes! So many men, so little time…

What’s in the works for you right now? When can we expect to see it released to the world?

I’m about to release two new books, actually. Salvation is Book 4 in the Blue Moon Saloon series (but it also reads as a stand-alone), and I can’t wait for you to meet Todd and Anna. Emotionally, it’s one of my most ambitious books, and I’m proud to say I pulled it off. Whew!

Also coming soon is Adrift, Book 4 in the Serendipity Adventure Romance series, which takes place in the sunny Caribbean. Too bad Meredith Whitman finds herself on the run from the Russian Mafia – but a good thing her hero refuses to leave her side.

Salvation_BMS4_500x750Can you share an excerpt of your upcoming book, or recently released one?

Here’s an excerpt from Salvation. It’s a really fun scene when Todd and An-na are snuggled close for the first time, looking at constellations like Ursa Major, the Great Bear.

She found the nose again, followed the line of stars along its back and—
“Oh! I see it! It’s like a polar bear!
“Grizzly,” he growled.
She squinted again. “How can you tell?”
“Definitely a grizzly,” he said vaguely.
“Cool. I can see the bear.”
“Like I said. Easy.”
“You make it easy,” she said. A little like falling in love with him. Far, far too easy.
They lay in silence, looking at the stars. She found Taurus and Cassiopeia again, just for practice, then turned back to the bear and contemplated what Todd had said.
“Does he ever find her?” she asked.
“Find who?”
“His mate. Does the bear in the constellation find her?”
She’d expected him to laugh, but Todd fell silent. Gravely silent. He didn’t answer for a long time.
“I’m not sure.” His voice was a whisper.
She listened to the crickets chirp for a minute, wondering why his voice was so sad.
“How does he know it’s his mate?” she ventured. Was that part of the myth, too?
Todd took a deep breath. “He knows the second he sees her. That’s the easy part.”
Huh. “What’s the hard part?” It seemed easy to her. Boy bear sees girl bear. Grunts. Growls. They get together, make adorable cubs, and—
“Making sure he’s worthy of her.”

Last- but not least- where can our readers find all your great work and where can they find you online?

The easiest place to find everything in one place is my website (, which has freebies, links to all my book (ebooks, paperback, and audio), and some really great bonus content. To stay on top of news and special sales, sign up for my newsletter. I just sent two otherwise un-published bonus scenes to all my friends there – free, of course, as a thank you for their ongoing support.

Here’s the sign up link:

And here’s where you can find me on social media:


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