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This week’s interview is with author Bella Rose who is releasing her debut book, Transfixed: Fated Choices – Book 1 this week!

In this interview, Bella talks to us about what inspired her to become a writer along with telling us about her debut novel and what we can expect from her this year.


How about you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi, I’m Bella- Obviously. I live in the hills to the north of England but thankfully it isn’t really like Hills Have Eyes. I am a stay at home mum of 4 children and am just now, getting to know who I really am, rather than who society tried to make me.

How did you begin writing? Have you always wanted to be an author?

I have always said that one day I would write a book and I have always loved the written word. When I was younger I got my fix working at WHSmith in Stansted Airport and loved it whenever we managed to get someone come through and sign their books. That was well over 12 years ago now and all those ‘Signed By’ Books are still some of my most treasured.

I jumped in with both feet though when Kate Sparkes set a challenge to join her for NaNoWriMo last year. I just thought ‘Let’s do it’ and apparently this story had been waiting far too long to be written.

As I’m sure you’re discovering, writing is a solitary endeavour. Some authors are fortunate to have a community behind them that supports and encourages them. Do you have people in your back pocket who help you, or have mentored you along the way?

I do actually! I am pretty good friends with Kate Sparkes who wrote the Bound Trilogy and Krista Walsh whose current series is The Invisible Entente Series that starts with Death at Peony House. I would actually not be here if it wasn’t for the 2 of them opening some shutters for me, so that I could see into the world I wanted to be a part of and when I knocked, they also opened the door and invited me in even though I was scared and shy and I felt really daft chasing a dream.

Here I am about to release my first book. A story that has been tapping at my brain since back in the days when I worked in a bookstore!

Speaking of your first book, you’re getting ready to release Transfixed this week. It’s the first in your Fated Choices series. What is this first book and the series about?

Its about Fate as the series title would suggest, the choices we make and the path we follow through life. My main characters Luc and Jenna have made, throughout their lives a series of random decisions that have brought them, inexplicably, to a preordained meeting. That meeting in turn, will eventually trigger ‘The Storm’.

The second book of the series, Transformed, comes out this July. What can you tell us about it?

During Transfixed Luc and Jenna meet and get to know each other. Transformed will focus on the ways in which that meeting will change them. They will become more truly who they have always been destined to be, and we’ll travel that path with them.

Do you have any current plans to continue expanding on the Fated Choices series?

Yes is the short answer.

I have a much larger story in mind and there will likely be spin off stories to cover some of the deeper histories. Hardly anyone is who they appear to be initially and I am looking forward to digging into the events that have shaped them all. Jenna and Luc especially have been through literal lifetimes to become who they need to be.

The two covers are visually striking. Were they your idea?

No, as much as I’d like to take credit for the visuals, I am creative, not artisitic.

The matching covers for Transfixed and Transformed were advertised for sale as premade eCovers and I fell in love with them. That particular designer has since disappeared but I have made friends with some fabulous people since then, including the wonderful lady who put together the artwork for the back of the two books and all of my teasers.

Can you tell us about any other projects you have planned for 2017 in addition to Transfixed and Transformed?

I have a few projects lined up but I think, after Transformed my next project is likely to be a non-fiction work currently entitled Through My Eyes.

I am still concepting the idea at the moment but very basically it will look at life as a female autistic adult. Autism in girls and women is still a hugely misunderstood and largely overlooked area, I am hoping that by sharing my experiences and those of my daughter, maybe we can open some doors and turn some lights on.

And finally, can you share an excerpt from Transfixed?

Dear Reader,
I hear things! Things I have no business hearing and it has defined the course of my life. Sometimes I believe that I was chosen for this life to serve some purpose and achieve some good. Other times I KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt, that I was cursed into this existence for reasons that I cannot fathom.

My earliest memories are lost to the haze and an all-consuming rage. I have no clear recollections, only a vague sense of danger and a deep insatiable need, but even then, my ‘talent’ makes it impossible to truly know if these are my memories or somebody else’s.
Just to explain when I say I hear things, I don’t mean that I hear actual sounds with my ears, I am referring to thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, it’s like overhearing somebody have a conversation with themselves when they think no one is around. More often it is a vague sense of intention or emotion. Sometimes I see flashes of colour, or smell something that triggers a mental response. Other times, it is exactly like watching a horror movie, those thoughts I get loud and clear, sometimes it’s almost three-dimensional. I suppose that’s a good thing, it makes my choices easier.
I see the Darkness so clearly that I am able to shy from the Light.

I suppose that’s where this whole thing starts, well not really because, as I said most of my earliest memories are lost to the haze of time. But, I guess, this particular chapter of my existence, really starts with hearing things. The night was like any other, I heard and I followed. I took what was mine to take and saved what was in danger of ending. But Light crossed my path that night and my journey skewed off into the mist, and for the first time in literally forever, I had no clue where to step next. I just knew that every step was somehow vital to my continued existence. So it was, that with some trepidation, I set one foot in front of the other, to face what seemed to be, a saga of almost ‘Fated Choices.’


Many thanks to Bella for taking the time to talk to us! You can learn more about Bella and follow her on social media via the links below:
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