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Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Devi Ansevi


Author Devi Ansevi

This interview is part of our Paranormal Romance Author series of interviews where we interview some of today’s top paranormal romance authors! Be sure to check out our past Paranormal Romance Author interviews to learn more about various authors working in this growing genre!

This week’s interview is with Devi Ansevi, author of some of the sexiest paranormal romance stories on the market! Her novellas have appeared in the successful Lust series (which she also edits and publishes), a paranormal erotic anthology of books which focuses on one theme in each release. She has also tackled other genres, giving each her own erotic spin to each.

We talked to Devi about how she became a writer, her successful Lust anthology which will be continuing in 2017. We also talk about her intentions of continuing both of her series, The Mortal Realm series and The Gryphon’s Fated Mate series in 2017. She talks about all of this and much more. Enjoy!

For those who are new to you and your work, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hello from a transplanted Southerner, loving life in the Pacific Northwest!

In my day job, I teach business classes at a university. Nights, I write steamy romance.

I love writing paranormal romance, contemporary new-adult romance, historical fiction, and more. From vampires to shifters, witches to governesses, and Southerners to Oregonians, I’m a fan of quirky characters.

I came back to writing fiction about a year and a half ago, after a multi-year hiatus. Now the writing bug has me in its grip, and I can’t stay away from the keyboard! Aside from writing short stories, novellas and novels, I’ve also taken on the role of editor and publisher for the Lust paranormal erotic anthology. We’ve published five volumes, with the sixth volume due out this month.

Other than writing, teaching, and a bit of cat-wrangling, you’ll most often find me on the road with my honey, exploring the wild places in Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. We have a supernatural knack for hitting sharp rocks at the perfect tire-popping angle, so the spare is always aired, and my guy can beat an Indy crew at changing a flat.

Cover for paranormal romance book lust on the wingGrowing up, did you always envision yourself as being or becoming an author?

I’ve always spun stories in my head, but never thought I’d be an author. Growing up in a poor, single-parent household, I saw a college degree as my path out of poverty, but once I had the degree and the career, the writing bug bit and I started writing down all those stories.

What was your first published piece of work? Did you consider going the traditional publishing route with it or were you determined to do the publishing yourself?

First ever published piece was an angsty poem in my high school’s literary magazine. It would have scared any self-respecting publisher away!

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program offers the freedom to publish the stories I want to write, which is erotic romance across multiple genres. I’m happy to remain an indie author for now.

You have quite a number of titles under your belt already. What’s interesting is how you work in different genres which are still considered romantic fiction. Is there a particular genre you tend to like over the others or does the idea dictate the genre you decide to put it in?

I love the freedom of crossing genres and experimenting with new story ideas! Paranormal romance spans an amazing spectrum, from gods and goddesses to demons and shapeshifters, vampires to witches. I like to choose a sub-genre, and then think about what type of characters I’d find most interesting as a reader. And then, I imagine how to get them in trouble!

Blood and Chaos promoThat’s how I came up with the concept for Blood & Chaos, in the anthology Lust in Tooth and Claw. Max is a Dom who was involved in the D/s club scene, until a sub turned him into a vampire. He’s been celibate ever since, because he’s afraid he’ll lose control of his blood lust and kill someone. Then he meets Clara. She’s an utter chaos magnet, and somehow, she’s managed to not only survive two vampire attacks, but stake both of her attackers. Add in a supernatural version of Fantasy Football, where the gods draft unwitting humans to their teams, and it’s a recipe for blood and chaos.

You have been involved in a series of paranormal romance anthologies such as Lust in Winter, Lust in Tooth & Claw, and Lust By The Sea. These anthologies feature only three to four authors including yourself. Can you tell us more about these anthologies and how they originated?

Publishing the Lust anthology has been an unbelievably amazing experience! I’ve learned so much about writing, editing, publishing, cover design, writing blurbs, and beta reading. For each volume, a small group of authors collaborate on everything from start to finish. We agree on a theme, but otherwise, we have the freedom to write what we like.

Each volume is a wonderful sample of writing styles. In the forthcoming volume, Lust in Spring, readers will be treated to Ina Morata’s The Greenwood Goddess, about five men captured on Beltane and forced to tell erotic tales to win their freedom; Emma Jaye’s Incubus Spring, about a college student torn between his stockbroker boyfriend and a sexy-as-sin adult toy store owner who happens to be an incubus; Byron Cane’s The Witch of Olympus Hollow, in which a young woman is trapped into a lifetime of servitude as the Guardian of her family’s land, which includes serving twin Earth deities; and JD Carabella’s Milady’s Command, in which the newly divorced Juliet meets the man of her dreams, the one who can give her exactly what she needs, if only she has the courage to grasp her destiny.

Check out our website for more info about all the volumes in the anthology.

These anthologies feature novellas of yours. Do you have any plans to expand on any of your novellas into a full-length novel or possible series?

Absolutely! I’m writing two series. The Mortal Realm series already has three novellas, which can be read in any order. Blood and Chaos is in Lust in Tooth and Claw, Sugar and Ice is in Lust in Winter, and Fur and Fury is in Lust in Lace.

The Gryphon’s Fated Mate series has one novella published so far, with one coming out later this year. Captive Mate is in Lust on the Wing. It’s a contemporary menage romance in which a woman discovers she’s the mate for two shapeshifters. The next in the series will be out soon.

Your back list includes audio books. What has your experience been like with that and do you have any plans on doing an audio book based on your paranormal romance work?

Jim Loftin at Wordwooze Publishing is producing audiobooks for my backlist, including the Lust anthology. He is fantastic to work with, and has created a process that makes it easy for independent authors to get their books into audio format.

What does 2017 hold for you in regards to your writing?

In addition to three novellas for the Lust anthology, I’m working on a new series of twisted fairy tales, and the next novel in my Soulmate series.

Fur and Fury promoCan you share with us an excerpt from any of your past or upcoming paranormal romance work?

I’d love to! This is an excerpt from Fur and Fury, a novella published in January 2017, in the Lust in Lace anthology.

Summary: It’s Full Moon and the shift is about to hit the fan. Liz is Pack Enforcer. Benton is a bounty hunter. They’ve been ordered to retrieve a Pack runaway, but their stormy history means that spending Valentine’s Weekend together will be anything but sweet romance.


Liz pulled a quad shot, stirred in the hot milk, added vanilla syrup, and set the cup on the counter. “Vanilla quad for Alan.” She reached for the next cup. There wasn’t one. Knocked out of the zone, she looked around.

The rush had finally died down after a busy morning. Two hours in, and the cups already needed restocking. She grabbed a sleeve from under the counter and ripped open the plastic, careful not to pull too hard. So close to Full Moon, it was easy to misjudge her strength, then she’d have to chase after a hundred plastic lids. Not to mention, she hated throwing away unused inventory.

Time for her midmorning check-in with the Pack’s Alpha. Giving her employee a heads up that she was taking a break, Liz headed upstairs to her apartment, dialing on her way. “This is Liz. Anything going on?”

The few days before Full Moon were about the only time her enforcement duties heated up. Mostly it was young pups. First couple years after puberty, a lot of wolves couldn’t handle the hormones and did stupid shit. She’d been Enforcer for less than a year, and four out of five times she got called out, it involved a male under twenty.

“Might want to pay a visit to Landon.” Her Alpha’s weary tone made Liz grin.

“Duncan’s boy? The high schooler?”

“Yeah. He’s on the Varsity wrestling team. His opponent has complained that Landon put in yellow contacts and scared him into losing his grip during a match last night.”

“Idiot. Shouldn’t be on the mat if he can’t handle himself.” Liz frowned. “Rough him up? Or scare him?” She was still feeling her way into the role, and while she didn’t have problems giving an ass whipping when someone needed it, the last Enforcer had been the ‘gut him first, ask questions later’ type. Not her style.

“Use your best judgment. He has another match tonight.”

“Got it. I’ll go see him now.” If Landon was doing it on purpose, probably meant smacking him around. Otherwise, she’d put the fear of Liz in him.

“One more thing. Benton’s back, with Olga.”

Liz stiffened, her heartbeat picking up the pace. “The girl who disappeared last year?”

“Yeah. Shit’s already hitting the fan. Danny called ten minutes ago, breathing fire. Wants me to have you keep Olga away from John. And he wants an apology from Pack members who accused the Lamperts of killing the girl when she vanished. I could wish Benton waited until Tuesday to show up.”

She grinned. Only time you saw a tired werewolf was the day after the Full Moon. Hours of running and rutting did take it out of you.

“Going on air in a minute. Gotta go.”

“Bye, Barker.” The Pack’s Alpha, Barker Perry—his real name, thanks to a dad with a sick sense of humor—was an on-air news anchor for a local TV station. He’d also been Alpha for twenty years, and he’d done a damn fine job. You couldn’t pay her enough to do it. Ride herd on a bunch of whiny, hormonal wolves? Gouge my eyes out.

But then, Barker was the right wolf for the job; and being his Enforcer suited her to the ground.
She finished up in the bathroom, splashed cold water on her face and carefully avoided thinking about Benton. In his parents’ house, three blocks away, maybe taking a shower right this minute. Water pouring over the thickly muscled shoulders, drops beading on his back, running over his tight ass cheeks—

She glared at herself in the mirror. Damn it. Quit thinking about him. Yeah, he got her hot. He’d known how to work her. Knew how to run away afterward, too. Why couldn’t her wolf fall for someone who wanted to stick around?


Read more of Fur and Fury in the Lust in Lace anthology, available on Amazon, and free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

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