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Interview with Paranormal Romance Author DJ Shaw!


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This interview is part of our Paranormal Romance Author series of interviews where we interview some of today’s top paranormal romance authors! Be sure to check out our past Paranormal Romance Author interviews to learn more about various authors working in this growing genre!

Today’s interview iswith new paranormal romance author, DJ Shaw! DJ is an award-winning author who writes in multiple genres including paranormal romance. In this interview, DJ talks about how she got into writing, her upcoming books, what authors inspire her, and much more!

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Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

I am a mother of five children, 1 boy and 4 girls (son 14, daughter 12, daughter 9, and twin daughters 7) and have been married for 11 years, very happily I’ve been writing since I was 10 (no I will not tell you my age lol) but have only been a published author for about 7 years. I love writing!

Can you describe your style of writing for anyone who might not be familiar with your work?

I write in multiple genres: horror, paranormal romance, thriller, suspense, dystopian and young adult. I am also trying my hand at steampunk and scifi with a little historical romance on the side 😉

Phegru's Revenge coverCan you tell us a little about what you’re currently working on?

I don’t have a new release just yet but my first ever novel should be out before the end of the year (At least that is what I am striving for).

I am in the middle of rewrites for my novel Wiccan Lies (which had been published last year and I took down because I felt it needed more work) and rewrites on a few of my short stories/novellas. I hope to have more out before 2018 (well I would LOVE to have more work out by this summer).

What was your inspiration for this book?

When I started writing Wiccan Lies it was my way of explaining what Wicca is with a fictional flair, but I lost my vision along the way and when it was originally published I noticed that I had lost that vision. That is the main reason I took it down. Now interwoven in the fiction is fact based on the Wiccan religion.

Are you planning on attending any writer conventions in the next year?

I would love too! But as a mother of five and a caregiver as my day job it is hard to find the time off to do so :-/ How about a reader’s convention? I do attend any reader’s conventions in my local area (Albuquerque, New Mexico) but am hoping to expand my reach from my home town. And soon.

Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just see where an idea takes you?

I prefer to see where the idea takes me. Don’t get me wrong I have worked off of an outline of a story plot before but as I was writing off the outline it came across more as a dissertation than a story lol

Not all scenes are created equal. What scenes do you find easiest to write, and which make you groan?

The easiest to write is the romantic or even the horror-filled scenes and the ones that make me groan would be the dialogue. I know that may sound weird but I have struggled with dialogue in the past and feel that I might fall back in the hole again so when dialogue comes up I keep my fingers crossed and always, ALWAYS, end up rewriting it at least twice!

Who is your favorite author, and what is it about their work that really strikes you?

I have a few favorite authors; Stephen King, Dean Kontz, R.L. Stine, Christopher Pike, L.J. Smith, Charlaine Harris, Kim Harrison, Laurell K Hamilton, Adrian Phoenix, Alexandra Ivy and Karen Marie Moning.

What strikes me about their work is how different they all write. But let’s start with Stephen King- I love all of his books and he is my favorite go to author if I want to get a little horror thrill. Dean Kontz is much the same but I feel his horror is a bit more suspenseful. R.L. Stine has always been one of my favorite young adult horror authors. I was reading his Fear Street series long before he wrote the Goosebumps and Haunting Hour series. I just love the way he writes about the angst of teens and adds that horror spin.

Christopher Pike has also been one of my favorite young adult authors and I still read his books today. L.J. Smith’s The Vampire Diaries series was always my go to book when I didn’t have anything else to read. My paper backs of the first four books ever written were so worn I was almost afraid to read them.

Charlaine Harris, what can I say about her? Her version of vampires and shifters just makes me want to read so much more. Kim Harrison’s Hollows series has always been one of my favorite series because of the way she writes about Rachel Morgan and Ivy. I can’t help but be pulled into each and every one of her books I don’t care how many times I have read them. Laurell K Hamilton gave a whole new meaning of Faerie Princess when she wrote about Merry Gentry and Anita Blake is such a kick ass vampire hunter! Adrian Phoenix is actually a new to me author in some ways. She has about three separate series out and I recently found out that two of them are a crossover. I love her spin on vampires as well.

And Alexandra Ivy! She is such an amazing paranormal romance author that I can never wait until her next book comes out. Karen Marie Moning is also a new to me author but I love her Fae series ;-)What makes you love them? The way the spin their worlds! They suck me in right from the beginning and I have such a hard time putting down their books when I am reading them. No matter how many times I have read them.

And now for the silly… If you had to choose between living in one of your imaginary worlds, which one would you choose, and why?

I wouldn’t mind living in MacKenzie Spayde’s world, if only because of all the magic that fills it 😉 Who would be your hero? My hero would be Damon as he is such an amazing guy! He is a romantic at heart and always puts his woman first. And let’s not forget, oh wait! I can’t tell you that yet hehehe

What’s in the works for you right now?

Wiccan Lies rewrites are in the works for me as well as rewrites on my Dystopian Young Adult short story, Apocalyptic Records. I have lots of works in progress as well but I am concentrating on these rewrites for now so I can be sure to get these pieces out. When can we expect to see it released to the world? Apocalyptic Records should be out by the end of summer and Wiccan Lies I am hoping to have out by Halloween

Blood Lust coverCan you share an excerpt of your upcoming book or recently released one?

Absolutely! I’ll share an excerpt from Blood Lust, Book #1 in The Pink Rhinestone Tiara Series which is available now!

Catrigowyn stood in the middle of the clearing, holding her breath. She wasn’t sure, exactly, what she was waiting for but she waited.
The man chuckled, even that was gravelly, and answered, “The moonlight does not agree with me the way it does with you and I fear that you might be frightened once you see me.”
She was already shaking her head before he had finished and replied, “I believe we have gotten the frightening me out of the way, so please just step out of the shadows.”
She saw the shadow of him shrug and straighten to his full height. He took a slow step out of the shadows. He seemed to want to drag out revealing himself, like it was just a game to him.
She gasped as soon as all of him was exposed. He had pale skin that the moonlight made almost translucent and shaggy deep black hair that fell just below the collar of the blood-red shirt he was wearing. His pants looked like the type a pirate would wear. He didn’t step any closer than the line of trees he’d crossed, but he wore a smirk, like he found something amusing.
Catriogwyn took an involuntary step back. His smirk turned into a full-fledged grin. She had apparently been wrong about not being frightened any more. He appeared to be enjoying her fear.
“Here I am, little one, in all my glory. Are you still so brave?”
She just gave a small shake of her head and turned to run, only to be stopped by a long-fingered hand with almost translucent pale skin wrapped around her wrist.


He could feel her pulse jumping underneath her skin on the wrist he held, could smell her fear as it permeated the air, and he could feel himself losing the tight hold he had on his control. He pulled her into him, gently stroking the pulse that was beating on her wrist like a bird desperately trying to escape its cage.
She gave a soft whimper as he dropped her wrist and wrapped both arms around her body. He leaned down, watching the frantic pulse in her throat.
“I have been walking in these woods for the last three nights, trying to find the source of this wondrous smell. When I smelled it again tonight, I decided to wait in those shadows for it to find me. I never dreamed such an intoxicating smell could come from a human.”
He felt her trembling as he talked. The trembling doubled as he ran his tongue up her neck.
“What are you going to do to me?”
She’d whispered it, her voice tinged with the fear he could smell on her.
“I am going to give you a beautiful gift. I shall make you immortal!”
With that, his fangs descended and he bit into her neck. He took a long pull, and then lifted his head.
“You are not merely human! You are half Succubus! Oh, my, my, my. Miroslav has been a very busy demon indeed!”
He laughed and returned to his feeding.


Catriogwyn couldn’t break his hold on her. She wiggled and squirmed trying to get him to let her go. She whimpered when he licked her neck. She was trembling in her fear. She wasn’t sure what he was going to do to her and she prayed that she would get out of the situation she was in alive. She was kicking herself in the ass, she’d been warned by Aidan not to travel too far into the woods. That strange things had been happening.
But she’d been so preoccupied with her thoughts that she hadn’t paid any attention to where she’d been heading and had wound up in the middle of the woods. Then the man bit her and all thoughts had frozen. She stiffened in his arms and when he lifted his head, she felt drops of her blood drip onto her collar bone.
His gravelly voice so close to her ear caused her to jump as he said, “You are not merely human! You are half Succubus! Oh, my, my, my. Miroslav has been a very busy demon indeed!”
He bit her again and her last thought as she lost consciousness from the combination of shock and fear was, A Succubus? I’m part demon?!

©Blood Lust (The Pink Rhinestone Tiara Series) Book #1 by DJ Shaw

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Many thanks to DJ for giving us a bit of her time for this interview! Feel free to post any comments or questions your may have for DJ in the Comments below!

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