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Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Emma Alisyn


Hot Shifter Nights coverToday we have an interview with Emma Alisyn, author of such popular paranormal romance series as Yadeshi Brides, Clan Conroy Brides, and Mates of the Fae.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I got into this romance game about two years ago when I was going through a dry spell- of finding new authors, shame on your dirty mind.

I’ve read fantasy and paranormal romance since I was a kid (Mom had no idea, omg) and have always loved writing, so one stormy November night I kicked the four kids and the Hubby out of the house and began crafting a novel that has yet to see the light of day.

Cause that’s how Emma rolls.

Fortunately, the second novel eventually became what is now called Fae Spark, an urban fantasy romance about a human woman who is basically sold to a Fae nobleman as a baby maker- and gives him a run for his money.

I was raised in Wenatchee, WA so I’m a little grunge, I lived for 12 years on the Southside of Chicago where Mom is from, so I’m a little urban. My family mostly calls me a little bat-caca crazy. Let them try making two stubborn shifters make love instead of war in only 300 pages…


How many books have you written, and which one is your favorite?

My public catalog contains, off the top of my head, 11 stories ranging from long novellas to short novels.

I think Fae Spark is my fav. It’s set in Chicago, and I shamelessly gave the heroine my massively annoying curly hair in order to work out some of my frustration with the unceasing maintenance schedule…


Liam's Bride coverDo you ever get writer’s block? If so, how do you deal with it?

I only get writer’s block when I don’t know the characters. Then, I just stop and think about who they are, what they want, and then usually they’ll let me know what’s next.


What does your writing space look like?

I love my writing space. It’s big and usually in shades of green and brown. Lot’s of tables and people, and there is background music.

And anytime I tap this app on my phone, some of those people give me more coffee in cups with this awesome green Goddess on it. The best part is when I’m talking to myself, no one seems to care.


What is your favorite part about being an author? And your least favorite?

My favorite part is duo fold- writing the story and then sharing it with the readers. I’m an avid reader of the kinds of books I write and sometimes I wish I could just talk more about the books I love. But, only so many hours in the day.

My least fav part? Marketing.


Do you ever write scenes based on personal experience?

Hmm. That’s tough. Not directly. But many of my stories have elements in them that are drawn from my life as inspiration.

For example, in Norelle’s Bear, Norelle is still grieving, as an adult, over the loss of her father when she was a child. My veteran Dad died when I was eleven.

Tamar in Alphonso’s Baby deals with being a single mom. I’ve been there as well. I don’t think it’s possible to write a story that means anything to you as an author without drawing from bits of your life.


Mate for the Bear coverWhat advice would you give to an aspiring to be an author? Something you wish you had been told when you were starting out?

Focus. Pick a direction and stick with it for at least a year. Well, I was told that. But I didn’t listen.

Look, you can dabble in different areas all you want, but you’re just splitting your energy. Find what you love to read, figure out how to make it appeal to the widest number of people you can, and then write it.

Write every day, even if it’s just 500 words. It all adds up.

And then get the thing edited, and publish it. Don’t mess around forever trying to make it perfect. Ain’t gonna happen.


Who are your favorite go-to authors? What are you reading now?

Grace Draven, TS Joyce, Anne Bishop, Michelle Sagara West, N.K. Jemisin. I’ve been waiting forever for the next C.L. Wilson release. I just finished a book by Annalise Nixon and I’m about to dive into the new Karen Marie Moning while waiting for the Jemisin to come out in a few months.


What’s coming down the pike from you? Any new releases coming that we can look forward to?

Bear Queen is about to publish (if it already hasn’t by the time this interview is posted). In the works I have an alien warrior romance and a few shorter bear shifter romances that will also feature Fae.

My next BIG project will be a follow up to Fae Spark, and I have plots all ready to go for the next Clan Conroy Brides and Royal Bears.

Que coffee drip.


And now for the silly… wine, chocolate, or something else? What’s your guilty pleasure? Can you give us a short (ahem… sexy) paragraph that includes your guilty pleasure?

I am an unabashed cupcake aficionado. I mean, I never saw a cupcake I didn’t have to eat. It’s my duty- wasting food is a crime against humanity.


Can you share a short excerpt from your newest release, or a sneak peek at something that’s coming soon?

Excerpt from draft of Bear Queen

Malvin’s hand lashed out, grasping her wrist. “I don’t think you’re a female who responds to subtlety,” he said, tugging her towards him.

“What are you doing, Dacus?”

“I’m no dandy, and I’m not bride hunting.” His voice deepened, rough. “Not any longer. You made a mistake, Izobelle of Casakraine. You tipped your cap for me- in public. If you won’t be my bride, I won’t have one.”

The words hung between them, as close to a declaration as a King could make. “You need-”

“I know what I need. And I know what I want. What I’m willing to give up.”

She allowed him to reel her in. There was no harm in it, truly. She could halt it at any time. No young girl, Izobelle had years of experience and self-control on which to draw. He wouldn’t be able to sweep her away unless she chose.

“You don’t have the luxury of giving up duty for pleasure,” she said. “Any more than I do.”

His head lowered, eyes trained on hers. “The law of mating is above any other.”

“We aren’t fully mated.”

“Not yet. And I’ll figure something out. I always do.” His mouth quirked. “With me mum at my side-”

She gasped, balling her first to swing at his jaw. He caught her easily, sweeping her up into the steel cage of his arms with a maniacal laugh.

“Your mum, you piece of- you. I’m still young enough to bear cubs!  And I’m not that much older than you.”

“Oh, so now the song changes. At first, you are my elder and therefore to be obeyed. How females change their minds so quickly.”

“I don’t have time to play games with you.”

“What I want- what I feel- is no game.” Frustration shone through his eyes for a split second. “Maybe I let you talk too much. Maybe I should just make you feel.”

He seized her lips, nipping with sharp teeth to vent a bit of both their frustration. Izobelle opened her mouth, wanting more, needing more. A moment to pretend they were nothing more than a courting couple- didn’t she deserve even a moment?

But it wasn’t the right time. It could never be the right time. She was a Queen; her daughter was on her way home after an attack Izobelle knew would be a source of many headaches coming in the next few days. But for a moment all she could think about was Malvin’s lips on her own. The brief moment where they could just be a male and a female. A slow burn of suppressed desire. But she wasn’t Andrei, or Mia- certainly not Hannah. She didn’t have the luxury to throw away duty for the sake of her heart.

Izobelle stepped back right after the first touch of his lips on hers. His jaw tightened. Izobelle waited for them to quash the Bear’s instinct to snatch and claim. He was also a ruler; he knew as well as she where their responsibilities lay.

“I have to respond to this,” Izobelle said after several moments.

Malvin took a deep breath, expression hardening. “You can’t run from us forever.”

Her brow rose. “Oh? You won’t be here forever.”

“Don’t you want a true mate, Izo?”

She returned to her desk. “What I want is a peaceful reign, and happy, living children. My first grandchild will be born soon.”

“Marry me.”

Izobelle sat, disguising the sudden trembling of her knees with the motion. “Now you’re just being ridiculous. That’s what happens to young males when a beautiful older female plays big girl games.”

“The political fallout from this incident is going to be massive. Your Assembly will press you to respond with military action. If we marry, we can avoid that.”

“And what, I come play house with you in Talogren? Or is it just my money you need?”

He strode forward, leaning on the desk. “I’d spank you for that comment, female, if I didn’t think your son was watching. I might still do it, but it would only lead to things best kept in a bedroom.”

Her gaze turned frosty. “This conversation is taking an undignified turn-”

“Have you forgotten, Izobelle?”


“Have you forgotten what it’s like to have a male’s hands on your skin?”

She stared for a split second and then laughed. “Oh, cub, you’re amusing. Do you think I’m celibate?”

“What I think is that you’re always in control. That you pick males lesser than you so they aren’t a threat to your mind, or your heart. I think your husband taught you not to trust.”

She stiffened, rising. “Andrei would have done better to muzzle you than cuff you.”

He smiled. “Ah, so I’ve struck a nerve, yes. You don’t trust me- I don’t ask you to. Just consider my proposal. It’s a business arrangement. You understand business.”

Izobelle itched to slap him. “Business implies mutually beneficial. What would I get out of marrying you?”

“What do you want? Let the negotiations begin.”



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