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Author Erzabet Bishop

Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Erzabet Bishop


Author Erzabet BishopWe recently spoke with popular paranormal romance author, Erzabet Bishop. Erzabet is the author of 60+ stories including the Alphas Unleashed series as well as contributions to some of best-selling paranormal romance box sets, some which are listed below:

Paws and Claws (Alphas Unleashed Book 1)
Take Me! (Alphas Unleashed Book 2)
A Wicked Affair
Vampire Bites: Vampire Paranormal Romance Boxed Set

In this interview, we ask Erzabet about her work, where she draws inspiration from, what her fans and readers can expect from her in the near future, and more!

If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment for Erzabet, please feel free to do so. We love author/reader interaction here!

Tell us a little about yourself.

Hello everyone. I’m Erzabet Bishop and I write erotic romance of all kinds. I live in Texas with my husband and a menagerie of furry children. I write under three pen names and have a penchant for chocolate and bookstores.

How many books do you have out? Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently if you had to start over again?

I have dozens of books out now (60+), primarily novellas. If I had it all to do over again I would have pursued my dream of writing teen books sooner-but I think sometimes you need to learn your way through life’s winding paths to find what’s right for you.

Every writer has their own road to travel and I think sometimes it’s what you learn along the way that counts.

Other than famous authors and industry professionals, who inspires you to write?

My husband and furry kids. They are my support system. They are also the reason I push myself to keep going when I’m tired after the day job and want to just curl up and sleep. Lol. And I do but then I get right back up and keep going.

Taming The Beast cover
It happens to us all. Any tips on how to get through writer’s block?

Funny you should mention that as I’m actively going through a bit of it right now.

It happens especially when life is jam packed with a million things going on. Naps help. But so does looking at my template for story beats. Who meets who when, the conflict and love and so forth. When a grab a stack of sticky notes and head to my foam board, I usually have it figured out in minutes. I also use a legal pad to scratch out ideas.

What book/books are you reading right now? Who are your go to authors?

I am reading Can’t Touch This by Tess Hunter. It’s hilarious and I can’t stop laughing. Oh man…my list of authors would take pages. But I tend to gravitate toward Patricia Briggs, Laurel K. Hamilton and other urban fantasy types.

How big of a role does social media play in marketing these days?

A huge one. I spend just as much time on social media and marketing as I do with writing and sometimes that can be a challenge.

And now for the silly… given the opportunity to be a lead character in any fairy tale, which fairy tale would you jump into? What would you change in the story to make the story yours?

Oh…Beauty and the Beast for sure. I have a new version of it coming out October 1st called Taming the Beast. In my world it would have to be sexy beasts, witches with attitude and pixies with moxy. Oh…and hunky gargoyles. Yep. Love it.

Do you have anything specific that you’d like to say to your readers, or to new readers just finding you?

I would say—HI! Thank you for taking the time to read my books and leave reviews. It means the world. And to new readers- I hope you find a bit of enchantment within the pages of my books and find some book boyfriends to love. I always love to hear from fans. Please pop over to my FB page and say hello.

What’s in the works for you right now? When can we expect to see it released to the world?

comininhotnewflatThis fall will be a busy season. Here are the next few books in my lineup:
Coming in Hot (Waking Up Wolf) September 19th
A Wicked Affair (Map of Bones-A Curseworker Short) September 20th
Taming the Beast (Westmore Wolves #4) October 1st
A Wicked Halloween (Malediction) October 4th
Glitter Lust (Sigil Fire series #3/ LGBT) November 16th (approx.)

We’d love to see an excerpt of you work. Do you have one you could share?

Sure! Here is an excerpt from Malediction from A Wicked Halloween

Alistair spotted the gorgeous brunette across the room and, when she approached the refreshment table, he followed. For a millisecond he’d taken her for the scrawny woman in the red dress, but on closer inspection he was pleased to note the differences. Same dress, but the way this woman wore it, he was tempted to peel it from her, inch by scrumptious inch.
His pack mate had poured a few bottles of something into the punch and, while it was entertaining to watch some of the guests succumb to the antics of the season, he didn’t quite feel the same about the sexy female in front of him. This woman would be far more interesting sober, he had a hunch and his predictions usually turned out to be spot on. The markings on her arms intrigued him and he wondered if they covered more of her body. Like tendrils of smoke curling around her flesh, they spiraled around her skin in an unending pattern, giving him the urge to trace every single one and see where it led.
He should be home at Briarwood, but his duties as Beta brought him here to make sure Jessup didn’t get too out of hand. So far the pup had been a bit mischievous, but nothing that would make him worry. Whatever concerns he had melted when he gazed at the beauty in front of him, his animal taking control.
a wicked halloween coverSerious gray eyes winked at him from behind an elegant lacy black mask and he had the urge to peek beneath it to see what she was hiding. Full lips bowed below the mask, and her mass of dark hair was wound into an up-do that he longed to plunge his fingers into while he explored her mouth with his.
Jesus, Alastair. Get a grip.
His wolf perked up when she’d come into view and his instinct to bed her followed in quick succession. He shook it off with a frown. One night stands were not his style, especially with women he didn’t know. He had other concerns and, as soon as he made sure Jessup wasn’t going to fuck up and intoxicate half of the wealthier citizens of Salem, he was out of here. Duncan was still missing and he’d left Laurel in charge in his stead.
But, her eyes. Fuck. They fairly glowed with a power that socked him in the gut as they watched him from behind the mask. When she wet her lips and took her bottom lip between her teeth, he almost lost the battle with himself not to let his beast take over and drag her into the nearest coat closet.
“Are you here with someone?” He cleared his throat, aware of the growl threading through his voice.
“No. Are you?”
“Just a couple of friends. What do you think? Want to end up in a compromising situation with a stranger?” He grinned and, seeing Jessup approach, steered her away from the refreshment table. Alistair wanted her to himself, at least for a little while.
“Seven deadly sins? How about a dance? With my footwork, that could lead towards all kinds of infractions.”
“Hmm.” He swung her into his arms and into the crowd, relishing the sensation of his hand on her lower back. The plunging view offered by her bodice made his body stand at attention and the wolf beneath his skin whined with want. “So, which deadly sin could you possibly have that would sink a guy faster than lust? That dress…”
“These shoes.”
“Oh, but those… those are not a sin. Not at all. In fact, I could look at them all night long.”
“You could, could you?” The woman laughed, deep and sensual. Her eyes snapped with amusement. “Then you try wearing them.”
“Maybe I will.” He wanted her, and the closer they got, the more obvious it was going to become. He weaved her around the dance floor, her movements matching his. Her perfume and the spicy scent of her hair were making it hard to concentrate. At the look in her eyes, he dragged her back hard against him, his animal wild in his blood.
“Do you want to get out of here?”
“Let’s get some air.” Alistair led her out onto the balcony, the twinkle lights flickered making the grounds outside the hotel look enchanted. He had to clear his head.
“Who are you?” Alistair brushed a strand of hair away from her face.
“I’m just a girl who needs an escape from reality. How about you?”
“Same here.”
“Just a girl, huh?” The mystery woman smiled.
He gathered her into his arms, letting her feel the full force of his arousal. “I don’t know. I’m not feeling much like a girl right now.”
“No. I didn’t think you were.” She leaned into his embrace, her lips curving up in an inviting smile.
“What’s your name?”
“Bridget. Yours?”
“Well, Alistair. It’s nice to meet you. I have one question.”
“What’s that?”
“How long is it going to take for you to kiss me?”
“Time me.” Alistair’s mouth covered hers hungrily and he forced her mouth open with his thrusting tongue. She gasped, trembling within his embrace and he pulled her deeper into the shadows, away from prying eyes.

How can we find you? Do you have a newsletter link you can share, a Facebook author page or other links to social media?

Sure! Here’s is where you can find me online and via social media:

Twitter: @erzabetbishop.
Google +:
The Romance Reviews:
Facebook “like” page:
Amazon author page:
Street team:
Review Blog:
Author Database:

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  1. Thanks for having me on the page today! Some new news! Glitterlust will be delayed and I will be shopping around for a new publisher. On the awesome front, my single title Hedging Her Bets is live on Amazon for pre-order! Check it out on the Paranormal Autumn Giveaway page.


    Erzabet Bishop

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