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Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Jane Hinchey


Author Jane HincheyToday we have an interview with Australian-based author Jane Hinchey, a new writer whose work includes Alien Romance: RETURNED: An Alien Warrior Romance: (Acarnania Warriors Book 1).

In this interview, you’ll learn more about Jane including what inspired her to become a writer, what her ambitious writing plans have in store for fans, her thoughts on writing, and much more!

Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

I’m an Aussie Author who writes sexy, sassy, badass, paranormal romances. I was born in the UK, raised in Australia – we’re what you call ‘ten pound poms’. I was two when we left England for the sunny shores of Adelaide, South Australia. For the first five years we lived in a place in outback South Australia called Nunjikompita. Tiny place. Population six. Okay, that’s an exaggeration…more like one hundred. And we had no television. Hence my love of reading and making up stories. I currently live in the City of Churches (aka Adelaide) with my man.

I love cats. It doesn’t mean I want a cat figurine for every birthday/Christmas (this means you, Mum). I have two cats, Maxx the asshole cat, and Morgan, the not very bright cat. I also have a turtle, he’s very quiet and doesn’t like to be cuddled.

I have a grown up daughter and son, and both have provided me with super gorgeous grand kids – and yes, I do look too young to be a grandmother, thank you! Both my kids have some awesome tattoos, and I insisted they have at least one ‘mum’ tattoo – they both obliged. I also have a tattoo…but it’s secret.

Can you describe your style of writing for anyone who might not be familiar with your work?

I write strong, gritty, heroines who can be a little rough around the edges. I like to have a ton of action, that can (and most often) includes violence, bad language, and sex. Definitely 18+. I span genres between paranormal romance, urban fantasy and science fiction romance – this came about because I simply write the stories that appear in my mind and they often don’t fall into a neat genre of their own.

Returned coverTell us a little about your latest release. What was your inspiration for this book?

My latest release is Returned: An Alien Warrior Romance. This is the story of Sierra Walker, a police officer who is abducted from Earth by some nefarious aliens. She’s rescued by the ever so handsome and sexy Alrik, a soldier from another alien race. It’s Alrik’s mission to return her to Earth, but when he does so, they discover something is amiss. Earth has changed drastically from when she left. We explore what has happened in her absence, the attraction between the alien warrior and the human girl and the challenge of creating a new life in a changed world.

It’s got a sci-fi/dystopian type vibe, and of course, romance!
Inspiration for this one came from a dream! It usually works that way with me, or sometimes just daydreaming and an idea will pop in. I do have a story coming up, an offshoot from First Blade, which was inspired by a Luke Bryan song, but usually my ideas tend to come from nowhere in particular.

Are you planning on attending any writer conventions in the next year? How about a reader’s convention?

Unfortunately, no, my travel plans for the next twelve months are zilch. I’m Australian based and we do have a handful of events I’d like to attend, but they’re not on my radar until 2018/19, I want to dedicate the next twelve months to serious writing time.

I also want to visit the USA and check out some events, so that’s been in the back of my mind percolating away for a while now, in fact, if you could recommend any ‘must visit’ conventions, let me know, I need to start compiling a wish list and planning an epic road/air trip!

Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just see where an idea takes you?

I’m a hybrid between a plotter and panster. I’ve found if I don’t have a very basic outline of what I want to happen, I spend way too much time staring at a blinking cursor with no idea what to write. When an idea hits me, I jot down dot points of what I want to happen…often there are gaps, but it’s a rough outline and with that I find I’ve got enough to keep the writing flowing.

When I’m in the middle of writing I often find things just evolve, stuff happens I wasn’t anticipating and can take off in a different direction – I usually let it, just to see what happens. Usually it turns out okay but sometimes you can write yourself into a corner and that can be tricky to get out off!

Not all scenes are created equal. What scenes do you find easiest to write, and which make you groan?

I love writing opening scenes, these feel the easiest for me and I know they can be tough because they’re so important in convincing my readers to continue on and read the rest of the book. Conversely, I find endings the most difficult to write and most of the time when I’m writing I really don’t know how the book is going to end. Talk about challenging.

Who is your favorite author, and what is it about their work that really strikes you? What makes you love them?

Darynda Jones. Sigh. I seriously fangirl over that woman! She writes a series based on the character Charley Davidson who’s a private investigator and the grim reaper. What a combination.

I love her writing style, Charley is totally loveable, a coffee addict, makes mistakes, can be vulnerable but also tough as nails. Exactly the type of heroine I like to create in my own stories. And her man, Rhys, phew, she portrays his so well – brooding, sizzling, pure yum! I want to be Darynda Jones when I grow up!

And now for the silly… If you had to choose between living in one of your imaginary worlds, which one would you choose, and why? Who would be your hero?

I would totally live in Redmeadows. It’s a town/city I created in First Blade and have used it in variations in all of my books! It’s a combination of my home town Adelaide, New Orleans, and Portland. You can drive out of town for a beautiful country escape, but in the town itself there’s so much going on, and the more I write about it, the more it evolves.

The funny thing is, the name Redmeadows was always a placeholder, I meant to spend some time creating a really fanciful name, but then it kind of slipped through the cracks and First Blade was published with Redmeadows. It stuck.

What’s in the works for you right now? When can we expect to see it released to the world?

I feel like I can’t write fast enough at the moment!

I’m currently writing the second book in the Awakened Series (follow on from First Blade) and this is set for release in November/December 2016. I’m also working on the first book in my Hells Gate series with a release date of early 2017.

I’ve got a spin off book from First Blade that’s almost finished, it may squeeze into 2016, it’s Rhys’s story (he’s the werewolf in First Blade) and I also have a standalone that I’m playing with, a phoenix shifter that’s been a tad neglected of late, so that’ll be a 2017 release for sure.

I also want to continue on the story from Returned, but that’ll be a late 2017, possibly 2018 endeavour – it all depends on how fast I can write!

Because I’m turning First Blade into a series, there’s going to be a small re-write and sprucing up of First Blade, including a new cover – either prior to or at the same time that the second book is released. I’m keeping the title secret for now (sorry, not sorry) but I’m really excited with where the storyline is going and I know my readers love Georgia and Zak so I can’t wait to share more of them.

Can you share an excerpt of your upcoming book, or recently released one?

Sure. This is an excerpt from the follow up book to First Blade – please note, it’s raw, it hasn’t been through the editing process yet!

She stood in the shadowy woods, arms laden with logs for the fire. Wind ruffled through the trees, making them creak and moan. A gust rippled over her skin and she shivered. Darkness slithered all around her and anxiety made her shoulders tight. Something was coming for her. The wind growled and echoed around her and dread weighed heavily as she slowly turned, searching for the threat.
He was coming for her. She had to run.
A deep, menacing laugh echoed around her. She whipped around again, breath caught in her throat. There! In the shadows, mist surrounding him, the silhouette of a man.
“Who’s there?” He moved silently toward her, his feet making no sound. She frowned as he drew closer, heart hammering painfully in her chest, fear holding her in place. She peered into the mist, trying to make out his features. As he neared she felt it, an energy, familiar but different, emanating from him.
“Zak?” She dropped the wood and moved toward him. The closer she got the more his features were revealed, his dark hair, brooding eyes, strong jaw. Every time she laid eyes on him her heart skipped a beat. She still couldn’t believe this handsome warrior was hers. Her heart rate picked up, her skin prickled and a warmth coursed through her. She ran the last few feet and flung herself into his arms. He staggered slightly but regained his balance fast, his hands burning where they rested on her hips, steadying them both. She pressed flush against him, resting her cheek against his chest, his familiar warmth seeping through her, comforting. He’d found her. They were safe.
Something was wrong. His hands remained at her hips, unmoving, while she had her arms wrapped around his waist in a tight embrace. Loosening her grip, she eased back, peering up into his face. He’d been gazing over her head but now glanced down at her. His beautiful brown eyes lacked the heat she was accustomed to. Instead they were cold, hard. Indifferent.
“Zak?” Confused she let go, stepping back. “What’s wrong?”
Those dark eyes that could melt her with a look, flashed. With anger? She couldn’t tell. Something within her recoiled and she backed up another step.
“Do I know you?” He cocked his head to the side, eyeing her up and down, his once cold gaze now hot as he leisurely examined her body. Heat flared between them, his pull so magnetic it was all she could do not to fling herself back into his arms. His words held her in place.
“What? Are you messing with me?” How could he joke at a time like this?
“Your greeting leads me to believe we know each other.” His lip curled in a slow, lazy grin.
“Your telling me you don’t know who I am?” Disbelief clouded her voice. How could he not know her?
“You’re upset.” He deducted with a wry shake of his head, “that’s unfortunate. And not my intention.” He moved closer. Cautiously, as if he didn’t want to startle her, he raised a hand and tucked her hair behind her ear. She frowned at him. That wasn’t something he did. His signature move was to rub his thumb along her lower lip. She could feel her lip tingle now in anticipation. What the hell was going on?
“What is your intention?” She demanded, a flare of anger shooting through her. Why was he jerking her around like this?
“This.” Before she could protest his mouth covered hers. Her anger faded in an instant, replaced by instant lust. Her body heated, melted. Fire burned through her veins. She felt a pulling, from deep within, almost as if he were trying to suck out her soul. Again something felt off. She tried to pull away, to break the kiss but he held firm, both hands coming up to clasp her head in place.
Her desire left in an icy blast. She tried again to pull away but he held firm, and kept pulling the energy from her. Was he stealing her life force? He was doing something, she felt dizzy, weak. She mumbled pleading words into his mouth but he ignored her. With the last bit of strength she had left she clutched his jacket and rammed her knee into his groin. That did it. He dropped his hold on her and staggered back, holding his hands to himself and cursing.
Not waiting to see what he would do, she turned and ran.

Last but not least, where can our readers find all you great work? Do you have a newsletter they can subscribe to?

Absolutely! In fact, readers can subscribe to my newsletter AND grab a free copy of First Blade from my website right now. You can sign up here:

Website URL:
Facebook URL:
Twitter URL:

Many thanks to Jane for taking the time for our interview. And be sure to check out her newest book, Alien Romance: RETURNED: An Alien Warrior Romance: (Acarnania Warriors Book 1) available now on Amazon!

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