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Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Kris Hack


Author Kris HackParanormal Romance Lovers recently had the pleasure of interviewing Kris Hack, author of the popular The Ascent Series:
The Ascension of Laney (Ascent Series Book 1)
The Fall of Kass (Ascent Series Book 2)
The Resurrection of Ryan (Ascent Series Book 3)

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Tell us about yourself.

I am a Paranormal Romance author and book fanatic. I have two dogs, a chiweenie and Lab/Golden retriever mix, they’re my babies and provide me with hours of entertainment. I’m married to my dream man and we live in Texas out in the country. The bugs and critters are my least favorite part of living in the middle of nowhere.


The Ascension of Laney coverCan you tell us a couple of random fun facts about you that we wouldn’t otherwise know?

I have three obsessions: Ice Cream (particularly Blue Bell), Music, and Audio Books.

Ice Cream for dinner is something that happens far too often on nights when the hubby works.

Music can determine my mood and as a used to be musician myself, it’s like the rhythm lives in my bones (though I can’t dance, weird right?).

I have recently found audio books, in the last few months and I have seriously spent way too much money on them but I just can’t stop! I love being read to and I never thought that would be the case.


What advice would you give a novice writer to get them off on the right track when publishing romance?

Don’t give up, no matter what, keep writing and when you’re done, hire an editor.


Are you a goals oriented kind of author? If so, what kind of goals have you set for yourself for the next year? The next five?

I’m huge on goals. My goal for this summer is to finish book four in my series and a secret project I’ve been working on.

My goals after that is to write a contemporary series about first responders and then of course, another paranormal series (because c’mon they are the best!).


The Fall of Kass coverHow do you develop your plots and characters? Do you use any set formula, or character maps?

This might make me sound like a crazy person but, I don’t develop them, they develop themselves. The characters present themselves to me along with the plot.

I can try to plan things (and I do, I outline every single book I write) but they never go as planned. Someone always kills someone unexpected or limbs are chopped off among other things.


Tell us a bit about your writing day. How much time do you spend researching, writing and promoting? What has to happen for you to feel you’ve had a successful writing day?

Oh geez. Here we go with the crazy again… I am a student and I work as a Pharmacy Tech so sadly, I do not get to write everyday (those ten hour shifts can be exhausting).

My work schedule is different every week so I try to write on days that I have class. If I can write between 2000 and 5000 words, it’s been a good day.

In the beginning, I researched more than I wrote but now that I’ve published and have the stress of providing books in a timely manner, I decided to put more time into writing and less into research, though I still read about writing and promotions a lot.


What, in your opinion, is going to go out of favor in the romance reader world over the next year? What do you think will be the next “big thing”?

Hmmmm, that’s a tough one. Don’t hate me but, I think the “vampire romance” thing has been a tad overdone. I’d like to see something different in the genre, something unexpected.

The next big thing? Probably Dragon Shifters, I’ve been seeing those covers all over the place and though I haven’t read one (one of my summer reading goals) I can see the potential there. Don’t tell my characters but shifters are my fave so…


The Resurrection of Ryan coverAnd now for the silly… given the choice, which of your characters would you become, and why?

Laney, hands down. Her powers are the shit! Not to mention, her boyfriend is pretty awesome too, though not without his flaws.

She’s one of those people (because I legit talk about them like they are real) who can take care of herself and doesn’t need to be saved but also doesn’t mind a man who would like to save her, though he rarely gets the chance.


What’s coming down the pike for Kris Hack? When can we expect to see the next book released to the world?

I am hoping to release The Explosion of Lucas in fall/winter 2016 and have at least one more planned in the series and either a sixth or a spin off, I haven’t decided which one I’ll do yet.

I’m also working on a Fantasy YA with another author but it’s on the down low right now, we hope to release in the fall as well.


Can you share an excerpt of your upcoming book, or recently released one?

I sure can, this is an unedited excerpt from The Explosion of Lucas (Ascent #4) © Kris Hack 2016.

The girl is asleep on the mattress lying on the floor of the cell. I toss the paper sack and it lands on her stomach. She darts up and looks around, the sack falling to the floor. She picks it up and glances inside. Her stomach growls but she sets it beside her, not touching it. I roll my eyes and hers narrow.

“Did you poison it?”

I guess I can’t fault her for thinking that.

“No.” I respond but she looks doubtful.

“Why wouldn’t you poison it?”

“Because we don’t have any poison,” I pause “and we’re not in the business of killing anything that isn’t a demon.”

She laughs out loud and my gut clenches. She has a nice laugh and her smile lights up her whole face. She stops when she notices I’m staring, her smile falling but not going away completely, she stands from the bed, coming closer to the metal bars holding her captive. She raises her arms above her head in a stretch and yawns. My eyes fall to the thin line of bare skin, her shirt reveals as it rises. Her arms and face are tanned as if she spends a lot of time in the sun but that thin piece of skin is pale from lack of exposure.

Her hands clasp around the bars right in front of my chest and my eyes move to meet hers. She smiles but it’s not like the one before. This one, I’m sure has gotten many men in trouble.

“I could use a shower.” She purs.

I swallow and nod, her sultry smile immediately making me hard. Chloe’s been kind of distant lately and my body has been screaming for a release.

“I feel dirty being in here for so long without one.”

“Dirty.” I stutter out, watching as her mouth moves. What was she saying?

Suddenly I’m pulled into the bars and her hands dance along the skin of my one arm. I try to back up, uncomfortable now that my disability has been pointed out but her fingers on her other hand are holding my belt loop tightly. I’m sure I could pull away and break her grasp if I wanted to. But I don’t want to. No one has looked at me like this for a long time and I like it. I’ve missed it and at the moment hatred fills me for Chloe for ever making me feel like less of a man because of my arm.

“All you have to do is put your key in the lock, right over there.” She lets go of my arm and points to the door as she whispers in a sultry voice. “And let me out. All I’ll do is shower.”

Her finger traces down my chest and I find myself handing over the keys to her cell. Her finger pulls at the top of my jeans for a moment before she releases it with a pop. She saunters over to the cell door, places the key in the lock and turns. The door swings open and I find myself walking inside. She has me in a trance and I’d probably do anything she asked if she just kept touching me.

Her hands roam over my body, every single inch of it above my belt. She shoves my shoulders gently and I fall back on the mattress. She smiles, walking backward as she plays with the top of her jeans. Running her hands back and forth, a finger beneath the hem. She lets out a sound that is almost a moan and I briefly close my eyes.

A lock clicks and it’s as if a bucket of water is dumped over my head. My eyes pop open and I turn to see her standing outside of the cell, the keys swinging on her finger. She points to the paper bag with the food inside.

“In case you get hungry.” She smiles. “There’s no telling how long you’ll be stuck in there.”

Whistling, she walks up the stairs and out of the basement. What the fuck was that? She’s like a fucking siren but I know for a fact that those don’t exist.


Our thanks goes out to Kris for the great interview! And be sure to check out her website and follow her on social media:




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