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Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Marie Cole


Author Marie ColeThis week, we have an interview with Marie Cole, author of the Lake Valley Shifters series which includes Little Panther, Mercenary’s Mate, Alpha’s Deja Vu,

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Tell us a little about yourself.

Hello! I’m Marie Cole. I live in Tennessee with my husband and our three cats. When I’m not writing, I enjoy playing games, knitting, and cooking.

You currently have three books out. Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently if you had to start over again?

First off, I’d probably do a better job editing them before I sent them to Etopia! Haha! There are quite a few mistakes that make me cringe in the first two books. I’d also work a bit harder on some of the fight and racy scenes.

Other than famous authors and industry professionals, who inspires you to write?

My husband, definitely. He’s a constant support system for me! I also have quite a few friends that help me out a lot. My best friend is really helpful for inspiration, too. He’s always there for me to bounce ideas off of.

What is it about shifters that have drawn you to writing about them?

Well, I read A LOT of shifter books for a few years before I started writing them. And there were a lot of really good ones that I loved so much (Dana Marie Bell has so many that I love!) and I just got inspired one day and Little Panther was born. It also gave me a chance to work in a genre I wasn’t really familiar with and it’s been a fun thing for me to try out!

Alpha's DejaVu coverWhich of your own books is your favorite? And why?

Definitely Alpha’s Deja Vu! The writing is much better to me and the characters were the most challenging, but fun to work with. Xavier also became one of my favorite characters to write and I love his dynamic with Liam and Tara.

And now for the silly… If you could be stranded somewhere with your favorite book boyfriend, who would be with you, and where would you be? What would you take with you? (no electronics allowed)

Oh Gosh. I’d probably want to be with Bunny from Dana Marie Bell’s Bear Necessities and I’d take a journal and a pen. We’d probably be in England somewhere!

What’s in the works for you right now? When can we expect to see it released to the world?

Right now, I’m working on the fourth book in the Lake Valley Shifter series, Clever Silence. It’s staring a familiar face, Gabriel, and a new character that I’m already enjoying! I’m not sure when it’s coming out yet (I haven’t even finished writing it, oops) but it should be in the coming months!

Mercenary's Mate coverWe’d love to see an excerpt of you work. Do you have one you could share?

Of course! Here’s an excerpt from Clever Silence:

Someone was knocking at his damn door. At eight in the fucking morning. Hired guns didn’t get up before noon. It was a law. Or it should be as far as Gabriel was concerned.
He grunted as he pulled on a pair of jeans, not bothering with a shirt. Not like it mattered in the end. He stomped to the front door and nearly ripped the heavy wood off the hinges. His anger instantly fizzled when he saw his small mate standing in front of him.
Shin grinned and rocked back and forth on his heels. “Yeah? I told you I’d come find you if you didn’t call me.” He ducked under Gabriel’s arm that had been clenched on the door frame and just walked right into the home like he belonged there.
Gabriel supposed he did in a way.
By the time he’d shut the door, his little fox was already moving from room to room. He wanted to smile. He was sure if Shin was shifted, he’d be bumping his head against everything to mark it. As it was, he was simply exploring what would hopefully become his new den.
Gabriel leaned against a wall and watched the fox skitter around the home excitedly. “Enjoying yourself?”
Shin jumped a bit, like he forgot Gabriel was there for a moment. “Y-Yeah.” He faced Gabriel with a grin on his face. “You have a nice place. It’s really big, though. You got a family I need to know about? A secret wife and kids?”
Gabriel snorted and crossed his arms. “No.”
“Then why the huge place? You’re just one guy. And yeah you’re built like a fucking tank, but I wouldn’t think-”
Before his mate could finish speaking, Gabriel was across the room in a few long strides. He placed a finger over the man’s mouth. “Do you ever stop talking?”
Shin raised an eyebrow. “Do you ever start?”
Gabriel almost laughed. “I deserve that.”
“Hell yeah, you do.” He sniffed and backed away with a pout on his lips. “You were supposed to call.”
“It’s been a day.”
“A day’s worth of time you could’ve called.” At Gabriel’s snort, Shin’s eyes narrowed. “Are you laughing at me?”
Gabriel frowned. “I don’t laugh.”
“Why am I not surprised?” Shin sighed and plopped onto Gabriel’s couch, making himself comfortable. He even threw his feet up on the small coffee table in front of him. “But really, what’s with all this space? Does your family visit a lot?”
Shin’s eyes softened. “Sorry. Am I pressing a sensitive topic?”
Gabriel shrugged. “Parents died a few years back. Didn’t have any siblings.”
“What about the rest of your pack? I though wolves were all about that?”
Gabriel tilted his head. “Most are. I never was.”
Shin’s eyes narrowed, flashing yellow with his fox. “Were they cruel to you?”
Gabriel snorted. “Hell no. Don’t think they’d know how to be.”
“Then, why don’t you-”
“Do you ever stop asking questions?”
Shin growled and shot off the couch. “Listen, wolf. You may be my mate, but I don’t know you from Adam, all right?” He crossed his arms. “For all I know, you’re some dick alpha with a god complex and mate or not, I’m not putting up with that shit.”
Shin’s voice wavered on the last few words and Gabriel felt something in him crack. “Are you okay?”
“Don’t worry about it.”
Gabriel blinked. “You’re my mate. Of course I’m going to-”
“Until there’s a bite mark on my shoulder, I’m not your mate. I have the potential to be, yes, but I’m not yet.”
Gabriel wanted to argue, but he knew Shin was right. And something in Shin’s words made him think the fox had been hurt before. He’d have to get his mate to trust him before anything could happen.
So, he simply nodded and replied, “You’re right.”

We want to thank Marie for taking time out of her busy schedule to do this interview!

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