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This week, we have the highly-talented Monica La Porta, author of the popular The Fifth Moon’s Tales and The Immortals series in addition to contributing to various series by some of today’s top paranormal romance authors. Her most recent release, Bound by Water, is part of the popular Zodiac Shifters series. Earlier this year, she was part of the fan-favorite Blood Courtesans series of books (created by author Michelle Fox) with her entry, Desired.

In this interview, Monica discusses her early work, a dystopian series, to her most current release, Bound By Water as part of the multi-author Zodiac Shifters and her other paranormal romance work in between. We also touch on how her belief in non-violence influences her work and much more!


Despite having a large back catalogue, there might be some readers who might not be too familiar with your work. Can you tell us more about yourself?

Hi! My name is Monica La Porta and I write paranormal, fantasy, dystopian, and science fiction romance under my name. As a reader, I prefer love stories, so when I started my career as a writer, my storyteller compass led me straight to pen epic tales about star-crossed lovers.

I have been writing all my life, but I published my first book in 2012, and I can’t think of a better work for me because I’m a shy person with a vivid imagination. When I was a kid, my favorite pastime was to create worlds where my friends and I had the most daring adventures. A few decades later, I’m still dreaming with my eyes open.

Like we just mentioned, your back catalogue is fairly large. It isn’t all paranormal romance titles either. What other genres have you written in?

I started my author journey with a dystopian series, The Ginecean Chronicles, set in the alternate land of Ginecea where women rule with an iron fist and men are slaves. The Priest, the first book in The Ginecean Chronicles, was my debut title, but not the first novel I wrote— in fact, there were seven before it.

I am particularly fond of this series because it explores the concepts of universal love and freedom, and exemplifies what happens when basic human rights are denied.

I also wrote a science fiction romance series, Worlds Apart, based on a chance encounter I had when I was 18 and vacationing in Greece. My young mind concocted a whole novel around a single moment of my life, and that story simmered for a long time until I decided to write it down, and it became the ultimate interracial tale between a girl from Earth and an alien from a distant galaxy.

Then there’s my hybrid series, The Fifth Moon’s Tales, a mix of paranormal romance, space opera, and steampunk all wrapped in one steamy trilogy.

Do you have a preference as to what genre you like to write in or does the story help dictate the genre you set it in?

I don’t have a preferred genre because I am all about world building, be it in space, on earth, in the past, present, future or anywhere in between. There’s a contemporary story that I’ve been working on for some time, and it will eventually see the light of day. There is also a Regency series I’m dying to write, and in the meantime, I’ve been studying everything there is to know about that fascinating period in history.

What was the first paranormal romance title that you wrote?

The first paranormal romance title I wrote is The Lost Centurion, the first book in The Immortals, a series set in modern-day Rome. Ancient centurions, vampires, shifters, angels, and demons all live among the mortals, without them suspecting the real identities of their paranormal neighbors. Marcus is a Roman centurion who has been granted immortality but only exists day to day to exact vengeance on the vampire who killed his wife. His life suddenly changes when he saves Diana, a newly-turned vampire. Torn between his attraction for the enemy and his mission, Marcus must soon reevaluate his priorities.

Cover for paranormal romance book bound by waterYour most recent release is Bound by Water which is part of the Zodiac Shifters which features various paranormal romance authors. For those who aren’t familiar with the Zodiac Shifters series, can you tell us more about it and how you got involved in it?

The Zodiac Shifters is one of Melissa Snark’s projects. She asked in a few author groups I am part of if we were interested in writing paranormal stories based on a specific zodiac sign. Every novel in the Zodiac Shifters is a standalone, and every author has complete freedom to create their universes or use one of their pre-existing worlds.

I immediately jumped on the wagon, signing up for Pisces because that’s my astrological sign and I love stories with an aquatic context. Due to several other projects I’m involved in, I almost dropped off from the Zodiac Shifters, but I’m so glad that I could finish my story in time.

Bound by Water is a merman shifter novel set in my Immortals world, and it tells the story of a painter and an art thief who met one night under the full moon. It takes only one passionate kiss to intertwine their fates and throw them into a mad dash to save their lives from a werewolf biker gang hot on their heels.

Do you find it more intimidating as a writer to play in another author’s sandbox with their characters than with your own characters?

I haven’t yet participated in a full Kindle World kind of project where authors got to play with other writers’ characters, but I was part of the Blood Courtesans, a series created by Michelle Fox. With the Blood Courtesans, we guest-authors wrote our stories in the universe created by Michelle Fox but used our own characters. The series’ central idea is that vampires came out and blood is a currency.

My Blood Courtesans’ novel, Desired, is set in Rome and narrates the story of Stella, a destitute princess who falls from riches to rags and is forced to make the terrible decision to sell herself to a vampire to save what little is left of her legacy.

You are also going to be part of another new multi-author Shifter series, A Wolf’s Hunger, which is being curated by NY Times Bestselling Author A K Michael. Like yourself, it involves some prominent paranormal romance authors like Desiree A. Cox and Julia Mills, just to name a few. First, congratulations! Secondly, can you tell us how this came together for you?

I’m very excited to be part of this project, and it all come together because I am a great fan of Mrs. Michaels’ work, and she was gracious enough to invite me. A Wolf’s Hunger is a multi-author series, where everyone writes a story set in the world created by A K Michaels, using their own characters and settings. The unifying concept is that a mysterious and seemingly-unstoppable Hunger plagues the werewolves, and it turns out that is the sign that their soulmate is near.

My novel, Ax, is about a lonely alpha werewolf who has left his pack behind but is forced to face his inner demons and his past when his adoptive father dies. Back to his former pack, Ax learns that his brother’s fiancée is his soulmate. The terrible discovery overturns not only his life but also his brother’s and his fiancée’s. Ax takes place in my beloved Washington State, and it is one of my few paranormal romances set outside of Italy.

Do you have any idea when we can expect your contribution to be released?

Yes! Ax: A Wolf’s Hunger Alpha Shifter Romance will be released on May 2nd, and it’s currently up for preorders from the following:

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU

On your Amazon Author page, you state your feelings against violence in any form or shape. Has this stance influenced your writing? If so, in what way?

My pacifist stance influences everything I write. I strive to make my heroines and heroes the best human beings they can be, despite, but also thanks to, their flaws. At the end of their journeys, my characters have usually gone through hell and back, but they have also grown and reached their full potentials. I believe in love, one that is pure and transcends societal barriers. In my stories, Amor Vincit Omnia. Love conquers all.

Besides A Wolf’s Hunger, what else can readers and your fans be expecting from you in 2017?

I am writing The Fifth Moon’s Dragon, Dragon’s story from the Fifth Moon’s Tales, my science fiction/paranormal/steampunk hybrid series. The Fifth Moon’s Dragon will be part of a boxed set coming out in August—but preorders for this set will be up in a few weeks.

Later in the year, I will be part of a Kindle World, but I can’t disclose which one yet. I can only say that the genre is paranormal…

Finally, it is my firm intention to finish Just a Little Love Story, that contemporary novel I mentioned (which I’m currently publishing on Wattpad.) And, if I could only become a faster writer overnight, there is this duke begging for his tale to be told, but I might use a pen name for the Regency stories. That’s all for now, I guess.
Thank you so much for having me! I had a blast answering your questions!

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