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annie circleToday I’m interviewing someone who is not only an amazing author, but also someone who has been an inspiration and great mentor to me personally. Without her, I never would have hit publish on my first book, much less with any of the subsequent books, so it’s with great pleasure that I welcome author Annie Nicholas.

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Tell us about yourself. When you’re not writing all the awesome words, what are you doing?

I was just reading the other questions and I have realized my life is chaos. LOL
Let’s see, I’m a mom of two very active boys (teen and pre-teen), on my days off from my evil day job I work as their taxi/cook/life counselor/referee. I’m also a wife to the most random and loving husband who co-pilots my other roles. At the evil day job, I am a nurse.

koishiBefore a book is published, it goes through rigorous rounds of edits. What does your editing process look like? How has it changed from when you first started out?

When I first started writing, I wrote my first draft in longhand then typed it into my computer. Over the years, I converted to typing my books directly into the computer but after a few books I found something was missing from them. Some piece of my soul, maybe? Blood, sweat, and tears that comes from longhand writing? So I’m back to writing my first draft in longhand. It might take me longer to write the book, but the stories are much, much better. Besides that, I do at least two rounds of edits on my own, read the book out loud, then send it to an editor for two more rounds. I know I’m done when I hate the book. LOL

How much of a hands on approach do you take in creating your covers? Do you do them yourself, or hire them out? If you hire them out, how much input do you have in the creative process?

For the majority of my covers, I’ve had very little input since they came publishers. I find the less restraints I place on my artists the better my covers appear. I have spent the last year learning how to make covers. Mostly so I can make own teasers and banners. I’ve taken this skill though and am making my own covers for my up-coming series Vanguard Elite. Soon to be revealed! But mostly, I hire artists.

Balancing a work life, a family life, and being an author can be like juggling with knives. How do you make it work? Is your family supportive of your writing career? Do you see yourself writing full time at some point in the future?
Juggling with knives is a great description. My family is very supportive, but need a physical reminder like a locked door as a reminder not to disturb me for every single minor emergency that occurs. Even then, I sometimes daydream of weekend writer retreats…
I make it work by creating myself a little office on my front porch. Staking a claim to the area and not allowing anyone else to infringe. We’ll see how long that last. This is the third office I’ve created. The other two were lost in hostel takeovers. AKA xbox system and fish tank.
I would love to be a full time writer but part of me knows I’d miss working with patients. I’d probably continue working as a nurse in some capacity.

41qBkChgPRL._UY250_Which of your stories did you enjoy writing the most? Why? Which caused you to bang your head against your keyboard?

My favorite books to write are the Lake City Stories. I love writing Pia. Her inner thoughts are so close to mine, except I have to have more filters in real life. LOL Each of those books were written in a month, which is very unusual for me.
The hardest book I’ve written was Release, third book in the Angler series. That one tore my soul apart. I couldn’t write for months after it. Anyone who read that book understands what I mean.

And now for the silly…if you had to choose, who would you say is your all-time favorite book boyfriend, and why? This can be from your own work, or someone else’s.

Dmitri, from Nalini Singh’s Archangel series. *drops mike* I love a dangerous man. It’s like she went into my head to pull out all my favorite things in a man. Now I have to go read his book again.

Do you have anything specific that you’d like to say to your readers?

…no…uh…what the? You know how to put a girl on the spot. Umm, new Angler books planned for 2016.

ScentOfSalvation72lgWhat’s in the works for you right now? When can we expect to see it released to the world?

I haven’t released any new books this year due to some medical issues. That doesn’t mean I stopped writing so starting in November I’ll most likely have a new book release every two months for a year. That’s if I don’t crash and burn off the promo train.

Vanguard Elite- three novellas (spin-off of Vanguards series)
Destined Mates- three novels (brand new series)
Angler- book four and five

Can you share an excerpt of your upcoming book, or recently released one?

Sure, but you’ll have to forgive any mistakes. Hasn’t been to the editor’s yet.

Bootcamp of Misfit Wolves

Regular people died in military boot camp. How many would perish in a wolf shifter camp run by a vampire? Clare curled her legs under her butt and settled deeper into the couch as she watched the quiet omega across the room. Head held low, eyes downcast, she jumped whenever someone entered the room. Without a hunter to watch her back, the female wouldn’t survive the next few weeks. Who would send such a weak wolf to a place like this?
The manor was full of shifters from different packs. Double occupancy rooms, some tripled. The packs didn’t trust each other to allow their best fighters to leave their territories, but were curious enough to send their misfits. Each one was here to learn what the vampire had to offer. So far Clare had broken up three challenges and she’d only arrived yesterday.
Stupid fights as well. No electricity didn’t mix well with non-hunter wolves. The lack of video games and internet alone would break most of them. She pulled one male off the other over the last bowl of Fruit Loops. The lack of a hot meal might be the catalyst that would send Clare home with her tail between her legs. Wolves needed meat and one could only eat so many sandwiches. Wouldn’t that make her alpha father happy? He’d been against her attending from day one. Barefoot and pregnant had been her only future until this godsend of a training nightmare allowed her to escape.
The creepy vampire didn’t charge much to create werewolf fighters. She bet most of the alphas didn’t read the clause about him keeping the top five for himself. So be it. She’d be the best dang hunter of the group by the end, all five foot zero of her, if it meant freedom from her pack.

theomegasWhere can we find you and your books?

Free Book Dowloads:


Thank you so much for putting the juggling knives aside and speaking with me today. If anyone is unfamiliar with Annie’s work, I highly recommend her books. Give them a try, you won’t regret it. And just to make it super easy for you, here are a couple of free reads that you can sink your teeth into!













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