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Interview with Author Elle Thorne!


Elle graphic 4Today we welcome author Elle Thorne! I’m a huge fan of her work and am thrilled to have had the opportunity to speak with her more about her stories. If you’re not familiar with her work, you can check out her Shifters Forever series, her After Dark series, as well as a bunch of other great works.



Hi Elle, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Hey there! Let’s see, first thanks for having me. I’ve always been a writer, though in the early days all I did was read. Reading and writing are my escapes. I’ve had a fairly diverse life, and enjoyed a variety of experiences while I worked on books, ideas, plots, and the craft of writing. That’s boring crap isn’t it? So here’s my background as it relates to non-writing. I’ve been in the military. I’ve owned a restaurant, I’ve sold memberships to a resort I didn’t know was never going to be built. I’ve been a marine operator. I’ve eaten at Rocky Mountain Oysters at a calf fry. I used to speak three languages. I think now I’m down to two and a half. Bored yet? Yeah, me too. Let’s move on.

Can you describe your style of writing for anyone who might not be familiar with your work? My style of writing?

Lean. I try not to use a bunch of words that deliver fluff. I keep my stories on point, my setting description minimal and let my readers use their imagination to help me fill in the blanks.

Book trailers are always fun to watch. Did you create your own, or hire it out?

Book trailers. I have two. One of my author friends, the awesome Emma Storm made a book cover featuring a boxed collection of shifter novels that will be coming out on September 1st. This trailer alone has convinced me I must have more trailers! As for the other trailer, one of my cover artists, Jennifer of J. M Rising Horse Creations was playing with the software one day and she made it. So I enjoy it. I guess I’d hire out because any time I spend oin creating trailers is time I don’t spend on writing. And writing is where my heart is.

Have you found the series trailer to be a useful promotional tool? How have you used it to your advantage?

See I couldn’t speak to that. I don’t promo much. I’m laid back.

Are you planning on attending any writer conventions in the next year? How about a reader’s convention?

I’m hoping to go to Vegas for the Romantic Times convention and to Ottawa for the Romancing the Capital.

Do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just see where an idea takes you?

I like to plot, but I find that I keep a fluid plot so I can follow the current where it lead me when the characters develop their own personalities.

Not all scenes are created equal. What scenes do you find easiest to write, and which make you groan?

Elle graphic 1Good question! Sexual tension are my favorites. First chaptes are my favorites, so are last chapters. I’m a sucker for a happy ending, by damn. I groan when I have to write a love scene and I’m soooo not in the mood. Like when girl-cramps take hold. How could I possibly write sex when all I want is chocolate and a heating pad!

And now for the silly… If you had to choose between living in one of your imaginary worlds, which one would you choose, and why? Who would be your hero?

The world I’d live in is the Shifters Forever world. Where in that specifically? In Sanctuary, the shifter retreat that’s attached to the After Dark night club. Yeah, I di that place.

What’s in the works for you right now? When can we expect to see it released to the world?

I’m currently split between three different spin offs in the Shifters Forever Series. The first book of Only After Dark just came out. It takes us to New Orleans, for a bit of elemental magic, bayou heat, and sultry heroines. The first book of the Shifters Forever After series is slated to be released in a month. This book will feature hot polar bears and curvy ladies in some hellacious predicaments in New York. And of course, we’re smack dab in the middle of the Never After Dark series which brings us the white tiger shifters in Europe—specifically Monaco this time!

Can you share an excerpt of your upcoming book, or recently released one?

Elle graphic 3Surely! From the freshly released, with ink still wet on the pages, here’s a touch of Lezare Arceneaux the white tiger shifter who controls the New Orleans territory. I’ll keep it clean(ish).

…his hand dropped on her ass with a sharp tap.

That was her undoing. A crunching and stretching sound yielded to her shifting. Within seconds she was in her white tigress form, snarling and turning to face Lézare.

She stepped back. He’d shifted along with her. He was a huge white tiger, majestic, deep-chested and broad-shouldered. His eyes flashed a deep dark brown, a golden glow in their depths.

He snarled back and pushed on her to establish a sync, the way that shifters communicated, creating a link that allowed them to speak within their minds.

We weren’ done, chère.

She cocked her head, studied his tiger. My tigress was done.

He laughed in their synched link, a soft laugh, sexy and at the same time challenging. He stalked closer, though they were already in crowded quarters.

She swatted at him with her claws extended, semi-playful. She didn’t intend to hurt him, and she wasn’t sure she could anyway. His tiger was massive.

I like the fire in you. He put his head against her withers, just above her shoulders and opened his tiger’s mouth, gripping her neck. Shift back so I can make love to you, or I’ll mount you in your tigress form. And chère, I want to do so much more to you than that.

Natalya didn’t think she could have fallen more in love Lézare that she had, but she was wrong. His words, his actions, everything he was sent her to the next level. She shifted quickly, still in her clothing, and faced him. He was still in his tiger form, an incredible feline. She reached her hand out, buried her fingers in his fur and leaned close, letting that luxurious fur touch her face. Seconds later he’d shifted into his human form.

“Chère, I want you.” He picked her up, sat her on the seat…

Last but not least, where can our readers find all you great work?

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